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Mental Disorder

Any illness that has significant psychological or behavioral manifestations which are again associated with either pain or stress may be termed as mental disorder. The symptoms of mental disorder greatly vary depending upon the specific disorder. Like other diseases mental disorder can be treated too. The good news is that those who have mental disorder, even serious ones, can lead a productive life with proper treatment. www.bestindiansites.com has found you top sites that deal with mental disorders. Take a look.

Health (Health.indiamart.com)

Do you know someone who needs to wash his hands every time he touches an object or who needs to change his clothes every time he visits the toilet? Is there anyone you know who keep on checking their lock before he leaves the house? If you do, then sadly you know someone who might be suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). This mental disorder is common in one out of ever 10 persons. Mental disorders involve a lot of irrational and inappropriate habits. If you want to know all the details of this mental disorder caller Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, then visit the site. Find out what you can do to help a person suffering from this illness. Take a look now.

Medindia (www.medindia.net)

Mental disorders may be of several types. This site throws light on the several aspects of mental disorders. Someone might be suffering from depression or maybe schizophrenia. There might be another person suffering from an anxiety disorder or an obsessive compulsive disorder. Children often suffer from certain mental disorders during their pre-school or early school days. This disorder is named Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Learn about all of these mental disorders one at a time from this site. Click on the link for more information.

Doctorndtv (www.doctorndtv.com)

Having a good mental health means being devoid of mental illness or mental disorders. Mental disorders cover a whole range beginning from depression or anxiety to emotional problems. Stress can give you diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, arthiritis, cancer, obesity and a whole lot of diseases. The site elaborates on a lot of mental disorders. Go through the site to find out what a bipolar disorder is and how this metal disorder affects an individual. If you are looking for a cure for stress, then visit this site. Learn from here whether there is a cure for stress or not. For more information on mental disorder visit the site.

Acmiindia (www.acmiindia.org)

What is mental illness? What are the effects of mental disorder? Yes, you will learn all this and more from the site. Take a look. According to the Government of India, a person suffering from “mental illness means a person who is in need of treatment by reason of any mental disorder other than mental retardation”. See how World Health Organisation has classified mental disorder. Learn about the different types of mental disorders. See which are commonly known mental disorders all from this site. If you need more information on mental disorder, visit the site.


The World Health Organisation reports that people worldwide are suffering from mental disorder while a lot are committing suicide. Go through the article in this site to find out the prevalence of mental disorders. Mental disorders have been well depicted in many movies too. A glance through the review will tell you of the cinemas that have used mental disorders effectively. A special place of mention goes for ‘A Beautiful Mind’. Take a look at the site and find out for yourself.

A2zpsychology (www.a2zpsychology.com)

Mental disorders have their own terminology. A person with delusion is one who has a false belief on the something in spite of evidence that proves it untrue. A compulsive person is one who has an irresistible impulse to perform a certain action. Again neurosis is a mild mental disorder. You will find these and many more terms associated with mental disorder in this site. Now you can learn about all the terminology associated with mental disorder. Each term is explained here. This will help you better understand it. In case you did not know the meaning of a certain term, you could try and look it up here. Take a look now.

infochangeindia (www.infochangeindia.org)

Mental disorders are rapidly increasing worldwide. By 2020 depression will become the main cause of disability and the second leading health problem, says a study by the World Health Organisation. There has been a health alarm sent out by health experts that mental disorders are dramatically increasing worldwide. In India, the number of clinical depression and anxiety is rising even more steeply than anywhere else. There have been talks of whether poverty could have triggered this mental state. Poverty, disability and gender can be factors effecting mental disorders. View the article to know more on the subject.

hindu (www.hindu.com)

Studies are showing increasing mental disorders in children and the reasons are not yet apparent. This is a real cause of alarm among all. Researchers conclude that one possibility could be the modern living style and the environment. They say it could be the diet or the vaccines used today which is contributing to this increase in all the mental health problems. Read through the article in this site and find out interesting facts about mental disorders in children. Know what might be the prevalent factors that are contributing to this state of mind. Take a look now.

boloji (www.boloji.com)

Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depressive psychosis. It is a serious mental disorder. It is characterized by cyclic mood swings where the patient finds themselves tossing between extreme moods. During a manic phase, there is hyper-excitability, extreme elation, excessive motor activity, boundless energy, rapid flight of ideas, inflated self esteem, lack of need of sleep, engaging in hazardous activities and the like. This site will tell you all about this mental disorder in details. Learn about the misconceptions that are associated with bipolar disorder. The manic phase may often be accompanied by irritability, over spending, poor judgement, substance abuse and the like. This is often also confused with schizophrenia. Read this article to get a better understanding of the mental disorder. Take a look.

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