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Necessity of Sex Education

The necessity of sex education has gained a considerable importance in this age of growing concern of AIDS and other major sexually transmitted diseases. Sex education is involved with a special branch of education that addresses different aspects of human sexual activities and behavior. Unlike other modes of education, sex education is imparted to students by adopting innovative means like campaigning, public awareness programs and so on. Although the necessity of sex education at school level has not been overlooked in many countries, it still remains a highly contentious issue especially in India. Those who do not find any necessity of sex education at school level argue that it is very hard to figure out the exact age when such education should be introduced and how much should be taught regarding safe sex, sexual principles and masturbation. Conservative attitude towards sex is another reason why sex education is yet to be officially introduced in India. But the fact remains that sex education can provide the panacea for disturbing issues like teenage pregnancy and other issues related to human sexuality. Now if you are still undecided on whether sexual education is necessary in Indian context or not, take some time in searching the most authentic websites on the necessity of sex education, sex education in India, journals on sex education, books on sex education, etc. Bone up extensive information about sex education from the websites on sex education enumerated below.

phatchicks indiatimes (phatchicks.indiatimes.com)

Have you ever questioned your conscience regarding the necessity of sex education? Do you belong to that category of people who still consider sex as a forbidden truth? It is a painful fact that more often or not any talk about sex in India is reckoned as a taboo. Hence children tend to grow curious about sexual behavior and sexual activities and inevitably they find themselves in undesirable situations often leading to physical and psychological traumas. This web portal portrays the opinions of young students and other people from various social domains about the practical utilities of sex education. Check out the link given below to explore more.

healthlibrary (www.healthlibrary.com)

Adolescence is a highly-sensitive phase of life when it comes to sexual issues. This web portal hosted by the Health Library addresses all those parents who are worried about the psychological and sexual health of their kids. The noticeable mental and physical changes adolescent children undergo are discussed here. The treatise also throws some light on how adolescent issues like teenage sex, sex plays, addictions, insecurity complexes, etc. Know how you can communicate with your beloved son or daughter more directly about matters of sex. You need to check out the link provided below to go through this edifying article penned down by Dr Vithal Prabhu.

health indiatimes (health.indiatimes.com)

This Indiatimes portal comes up with an article on the necessity of sex education among adolescents to keep HIV under control. Adolescent period is a sensitive time when it comes to developing HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Hence it goes without saying that they must be strategically taught about the nuances of sex education and utilities of sex education. Also know about the issues that affect the sexual behavior of adolescent children, the impact of social and cultural surroundings, the role of media, etc. Feel free to comment on the article in case you want to give your feedback. Take a peep into the link given below.

ngu (www.ngu.ac.in)

Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University offers sex education under their learner development program. If you are aspiring to take up teaching profession, this course is sure to come handy simply because sex education may well be introduced in not so distant future. The course content includes a very important facet of teaching sex education how far a teacher can reveal to his or her students. The curriculum also includes adolescent complexities and their possible solutions.

acorn.nationalinterest (acorn.nationalinterest.in)

Find where Indian women do actually stand as far as leading a respectable life is concerned. This informal community portal chips in with user comments on various social curses like eve-teasing, sexual harassments, molestation and other defamatory acts done on women. You can share your own opinion as well. Do check out recent posts and comments as well.

gii (www.gii.in)

This treatise showcases the necessity of sex education with respect to sex education and abortion, sex education for kids, the ideal time of imparting such education, the reason behind imparting sex education, the role of media about sex education, the most scientific teaching methodology and the contents of discussion befitting for the kids. Feel free to post your comments about the article. Click on the following link.

indiaparenting (www.indiaparenting.com)

A number of topics under sex education has been elaborated here in this web portal. The topics incorporate of Body Talk, female periodic cycle, contraception, sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and a number of other associated clauses. Accompanied by a brief description, each of these topics has several sub-topics in Hyperlinks. Also glance through fertility issues, preconception and adoption. If you have any question pertaining to sex education, don't shy away from asking it to the experts.

timesnow (timesnow.tv)

The uncompromising and relentless Times Now presents a report based on a survey conducted among the students, parents, teachers and children. How far is sex education needed in the school level? This was the question which was put before the people and the response was candid and spontaneous. Read up the harrowing experience of a survivor of sexual abuse. Know about the interesting methods of teaching adopted by Modern School, New Delhi.

sify (sify.com)

As an aftermath of the MMS scandal in New Delhi, the necessity of sex education became apparent especially for the young and free mixing teenagers accustomed to lead an urbanized life. The view of some of the eminent psychiatrists has been showcased here in this online report from Sify news portal. Read up the report to gain insight on core teenage issues regarding sex.

globalvisionpub (www.globalvisionpub.com)

Want to have some well-articulated books on sex education? Find a series of books on sexual psychology, sexual behavior, the relationship of sex with society, etc. Bone up sufficient information about each of these books by checking out subsequent links. Download the order form to place your orders before the Global Vision Publishing House.

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