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Poaching is an unlawful practice in which an animal is hunted illegally mainly for commercial reasons. Those who practice illegal hunting are known as poachers. Poaching is considered to be an illegal practice due to a number of reasons like the poacher is not a licensed hunter, the animal either belongs to the category of endangered species or dwells in a restricted land, the poacher does not have a legal right to hunt the animal, the means adopted by the poacher do not conform to the prescribed norms laid down by the concerned authorities and the animal is tagged beforehand for research purposes. Poaching has become a serious concern in India in the past few decades. Due to illegal wildlife trade, various species of birds and animals are on the verge of total extinction. The country loses on its natural wealth and property and at the same time, ecological balance receives major setbacks. Many countries including India have taken up intensive campaigning against poaching and illegal hunting. Stern legal provisions have been made to curb down the practice of poaching. Visit the websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to increase your awareness about poaching in India.

projecttiger (projecttiger.nic.in)

This website hosted by Project Tiger harps on the rise of poaching practices in India and voices for the cardinal need of wildlife conservation. Also know about the unlawful trading of wildlife body parts and derivatives. Get to know tiger and leopard poaching statistics, the reasons behind the growing confrontation between man and animal, etc.

cities expressindia (cities.expressindia.com)

Tree poaching is another major issue in India. Take a peep into this web portal to read up the online news article on sandalwood poaching. Four poachers who attempted to poach sandalwood trees in Pune were taken into police custody for further interrogation. In case you feel like commenting on the article, be the first one to do so. You can also let the editor of Pune Newsline know your thoughts and suggestions.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

The famous Gir Wildlife Sanctuary came under major threat when eight Asiatic lions were killed by poachers. The issue gave rise to a surging controversy and the Gujarat Government was compelled to look into the matter seriously. Subsequently the Government decided to employ additional guards and security personnels to ensure safety of wild animals. Read up the report and come up with your valuable comments and views.

indlawnews (www.indlawnews.com)

This e-report focuses on the honorable Supreme Court's verdict issued against the rise of elephant poaching in the states of Uttaranchal and Himachal Pradesh. The notice was sent to the state authority in the wake of a Public Interest Litigation filed by the Himalayan Chipko Foundation (HCF). According to the petitioner's plea, round about 125 elephants were killed by poachers since the state of Uttaranchal came into existence. Get the complete report by clicking on the following link.

sify (sify.com/movies/)

Bollywood often appears on the front page for non-filmy reasons! Popular actor Salman Khan's involvement in the Blackbuck poaching incident was one such instance where the entire nation voiced their opinion in no uncertain manner. Skim this online report to know about the court verdict on the case and much more. You can also post your own comments on the story. Check out the following link.

hindustantimes (www.hindustantimes.com)

India being the cradle for more than 50% of world's tiger population, tiger poaching has assumed a great significance in this country. Get to know the disturbing facts and figures as far as poaching of this beautiful animal is concerned. Also note that the government has set up special task forces to keep vigil on several reserved forests which are prone to this act of cowardice.

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