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Population Explosion

Population explosion or overpopulation denotes a situation in which the number of people living in a country rapidly exceeds its carrying or sustaining capabilities. It is not just the quantity of people but the ratio of it in connection with the natural or artificial resources at hand. Population explosion can occur due to a number of reasons such as a step-up of birth rates, down slope of mortality rates with the advent of modern medical sciences, a simultaneous increase in immigration and decrease in emigration and so on. Although India occupies
only 2.4% of the world's total land area, Indian demography comprises of nearly 1.12 billion people, which is roughly one-sixth of the world's population and second largest in the world next to China. Visit the websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to gain in-depth knowledge of the demographics of India, population statistics, census, etc.

rrtd (rrtd.nic.in)

Want to know about the ways and means to decrease the rate of population growth? Population stabilization assumes a very critical place in the government agenda. Read up the article to know about the basic reasons behind population explosion in India. Factors such as urbanization, life expectancy at the time of birth, decrease of infant mortality rate, advancement of education and medical sciences, gender justice and empowerment, integrated family planning, maternal mortality, child survival and safe motherhood, etc. have contributed a great deal towards population explosion in India. Click on the following link to explore more.
sify (sify.com)

Visit this Sify portal to take part in the discussion based on population explosion. If you think that population explosion is really an explosive issue which demands much attention, feel free to voice your opinion. But before you do that, you need to create an account with Sify. You can personalize your profile and take part in the forum discussion on various contemporary topics.

ias (

The Green Revolution ensured a steady source of food supply even for the multitudinous number of inhabitants in India. But that is not the truth you should feel smug about. Unrestrained population growth can act as a hindrance to the overall prosperity of a nation. The sheer quantity of manpower does not alone ensure productivity and growth of India. This web portal showcases thoughts and quotations of some of the premier personalities like Thomas Malthus, Malcolm Potts, Charles Darwin, Martha Campbell and Amartya Sen. Check out the link given below.

indiainfo (news.indiainfo.com)

Indiainfo covers the complete story of the Bharatiya Janata Party demanding a national debate on population explosion. According to the report, BJP wants to propagate the two-child policy in order to put a brake on population explosion. With India aiming to reach a stage of population stabilization by 2026, BJP feels that this policy should be campaigned rigorously especially in the underprivileged parts of the nation. Take a peep into the archive section of the website to acquaint yourself with the happenings of the past.

iitk (

Visit this website to know about the official population policy undertaken by the Government of India. Emphasis is given on the fertility behavior of the Muslims. The study was conducted among 330 Muslim couples residing in Kanpur city. The survey brought out a number of key facts related to their awareness of family planning, sex preferences, etc.

cities.expressindia (cities.expressindia.com)

Quizzing, recitation and singing contests were held to commemorate the occasion of the World Population Day in Ludhiana. More than More than 80 students of Elementary Teachers’ Training (ETT) program and 30 students of ETT Semester-II took part in the contest held at the District Institute of Education and Training (DIET), Jagraon. Go through the complete article by clicking on the link given below.

newsrack (newsrack.in)

Welcome to the online edition of one of India's most widely-circulated newspapers The Hindu. The report you are going to find here suggests that child marriage is a major cause behind India's alarming population growth over the past few decades. Raising smaller families will not only ensure a happy living, but will also have a lasting effect on the proper utilization of the available human resources in the country. To find other interesting articles, simply click on the plethora of links furnished in the web page.

ignca (www.ignca.nic.in)

Human culture must reflect the contemporary issues – the issues we can directly relate ourselves to. Trace the root of population explosion from a socio-cultural point of view. Eminent scholar and columnist Francis Childe argues that population explosion is not merely a biological issue. It is closely linked to the values and cultural practices of different communities. Read up the edifying prologue to get a comprehensive overview of the inseparable bondage between nature and human culture.

populationcommission (populationcommission.nic.in)

This web portal, hosted by the National Commission on Population under the aegis of the Government of India, focuses on several generic aspects of the National Population Policy. Bone up decisive information on the programs undertaken by the ISM&H practitioners to bridge the yawning gap between an exploding population and the dearth of resources. Find the details of the program including the training schedule and curriculum.

infochangeindia (www.infochangeindia.org)

Is it time yet to raise an alarm for the gigantic number of inhabitants in India? Are Indians looking straight down the barrel of a grim future? If you are perpetually haunted by these queries, take some time in gleaning through the discussion and factual evidence provided in this website. Find six highly relevant links pertaining to the prevailing population dilemma. Also check out the associated articles on population statistics, census and much more.








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