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Racism refers to a theory or orientation, often from a fundamentalist's perspective, which is based on discriminating people on the basis of genetically inherited physical appearance. Racism propagates the idea that individual or collective achievement of a community depends on its race and that one's own race is always higher up the ladder to that of others. The idea of racism implies oppression, discrepancies, prejudices, superstitions and violence. Racism does not admire other cultures or people. Rather it narrows down everything to a point of autocracy and meanness. Visit the following websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to learn more on racism, institutional racism, black racism, anti racism, social racism, racism discrimination, history of racism, cultural racism and a number of other relevant issues.

expressindia (www.expressindia.com)

The web edition of Express India reports on the justification given by the Australian High Commissioner to India Mr. John McCarthy on the sensitive issue of Indian doctor Mohd Haneef being charged on account of terrorism. During a television interview in New Delhi, India, Mr. McCarthy commented that Mr. Haneef was being treated in a just manner and that there was not a trace of racism involved in the legislation procedure.

screenindia (www.screenindia.com)

Tintin in Congo came under severe criticism and controversy allegedly for racist elements. Following an official complaint lodged by a customer at a bookshop in London, this book was withdrawn from the store immediately. Skim the complete article to know about the source of controversy and what Herge had to say regarding Tintin in Congo. Feel free to let the editor know your views and comments.

nerve (www.nerve.in)

Want to know about the ugly faces of institutional racism? This is unfortunately a prevailing practice not just in India but all around the globe. The alarming thing is that a number of mental health service centers and psychiatry services in England the Wales have been charged with institutional racism. Read up the brief reports first and then if you feel like getting the complete story, click on the 'read more' tab. Click on the following link.

legalserviceindia (www.legalserviceindia.com)

This website is going to provide you with comprehensive information on the definition of racism, the contemporary outlook on racism as a social construct, the interrelation between racism and racialism, various racial discriminations such as individual racism, structural racism, and ideological racism. Get to know the immediate threats the so called ethnic cultures are facing around the world. Check out the following link to grab further information.

ebooksubscriptions (www.ebooksubscriptions.com)

Looking for an edifying book on anti racism? Authored by David Denney and published by Taylor and Francis, Racism and Anti-Racism in Probation showcases how black people are maltreated under the alibi of probation services. Create your own account with Taylor & Francis eBookstore to shop at attractive prices. Alternatively, you can also read the book online for free! You are just a click away!

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