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Ragging refers to a rigorous process of mental or physical abuse on freshers in schools, colleges and other academic institutions around the world. The practice of ragging is prevalent in many engineering colleges and institutes in India. Normally the senior students are involved in ragging juniors or freshers. Ragging is believed to have been originated from army and police camps. Victims of ragging often suffer from a sense of insecurity and helplessness. Visit the following websites on ragging compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to acquire in-depth knowledge of the definition of ragging, various ragging cases and a number of other relevant issues.

ststephens (www.ststephens.edu)

Ragging is undoubtedly one of the most abominable crimes, a social stigma which still runs rampant across the so-called advanced places of study. This article on ragging will provide you with a comprehensive insight into this detestable act of cowardice. Find different ways and methods of ragging. Acknowledge how the perpetrators devise alibis to carry on with their atrocities. In a nutshell, form your own opinion of ragging by skimming this well-written article.

expressindia (cities.expressindia.com)

Cases of ragging have marred the reputation of a number of premier academic institutes across the length and breadth of India. It's been noticed in the past that the culprits get away too easily as a result of the lackluster stance taken by the institute itself. Hence, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur decided to settle the score for once and all. Students, who are going to get themselves involved in any sort of ragging mental or physical, are to be suspended from the institute. Click on the following link to read up the entire report written by Nandini Guha.

channels apollolife (channels.apollolife.com)

It is a wise idea to know about the pros and cons of ragging from a website which is dedicated to keep you healthy. Get to know the mentality that works behind this perversion. In many institutes, ragging is seen a tradition handed down from an equally wretched gang of ancestors. Learn the protective measures you can adopt to possibly bypass this trend. To go through the complete article, click on the link provided below.

hindustantimes (hindustantimes.com)

In the wake of horrific ragging cases, many institutes have provided separate hostel facilities for their first year students or freshers. This policy so far has yielded satisfactory results as far as getting ragged is concerned. Hostel ragging can be extremely unnerving for the freshers simply because there is no escape route for the abused. Peep into the following link to bone up detailed information on the preventive measures against hostel ragging in New Delhi.

sify (sify.com/news/)

Is ragging a curse or is it a blessing in disguise? Do the initiators of ragging have any fellow-feeling for their juniors? Is it the way to teach the harder lessons of life? Is it at all required to bully and intimidate a group of mature students? If these are the questions you want to get sorted out, skim the article you are going to find in this Sify portal. Appreciate the thoughtful observations made by the author Mr. Vikash Madhogaria who is an MBA degree holder from the apex institute of the IIM, Ahmedabad.

msn (content.msn.co.in/Education/)

MSN makes an attempt to ease up the nightmarish memories of getting ragged. Find some useful tips to take on ragging without infuriating the seniors. Know the best possible options you have to avert to avoid getting humiliated. Also acknowledge different faces of ragging some really harmful and some not so. Glean through the list of a few innocuous ragging practices meant for socializing and friendly intermingling. Provided that you find some food for thought from the article, you can rate the article within a scale of 1 to 5.

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

Take a look at this web article on the Delhi University's proposed steps to gain some control over unfortunate incidents of ragging. The university has decided to deploy a Disciplinary Resource Person (DRP) in each of the colleges in its affiliation. The DRPs can communicate with the Proctor of the parental body in matters of ragging and other disciplinary issues. Read up the entire article by checking out the following link.

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