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Red Tapism

Red tapism is a derogatory term which refers to a hard-and-fast obligation to official procedures and formalities. It stands in sharp contrast to speeding up processes without compromising with quality or other attributes. The telltale signs of red tapism can be traced from unnecessary delays in decision making and implementation of plans. Red tape usually comprises of unneeded paper works, issuing of licenses getting held up for ages, having too many officials for a relatively insignificant job that can easily be handled without much fuss and so on. Visit the following websites on red tapism compiled by www.bestindiansites.com

pharmabiz (www.pharmabiz.com)

Get to know how the Tamil Nadu-based pharmaceutical organizations are concerned about red tapism, especially with regards to urgent official proceedings taking major setbacks. Now if you want to read up the complete report, you need to create an account with pharmabiz.com. Don't hesitate to share your insightful views regarding the issue of red tapism. Also navigate through the services offered by this trusted Pharma portal.

meaindia (www.meaindia.nic.in)

The age-old practice of red tapism has been crunched into the work ethics of not just the Indians, but also others around the globe. Business, trading and capital investment from other countries suffers a lot owing to this red tapism and bureaucracy. This virtual article dated 29 October, 2001 will give you the chance to go through the interaction between the then Indian Prime Minister Mr. Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the German Chancellor Schroeder. Take a peek into the following link.

chennaibest (www.chennaibest.com)

Red tapism is no longer an imposing obstacle when it comes to establishing industries. At least this is notion that Mr. V Sridharan, the Senior Vice President of ITCOT has. According to him, the current Indian market is brimmed with a redundant amount of finance backed by the Government's willingness to grant more individual business ventures. Self-employment has been promoted and encouraged to a great extent. Glean through the interview excerpts by logging on to the following link.

ficci (ficci.com)

Tourism sector finds itself in the receiving end of red tapism and bureaucracy. The desired inflow of global investments has often been hampered under lackluster red tape scenarios. If you are searching for online articles on red tapism, this is the best place to find the same. See what Mr. A K Misra, the Tourism Secretary proposes to the state governments regarding an improved infrastructure mapping to attract foreign tourists and investors. Also find the initiatives undertaken by the Andhra Pradesh Tourism & Culture department.

kargilrealtors (www.kargilrealtors.com)

Envisioned by Sanjay Gandhi during the infamous emergency period from 1975 to 1977, Noida is now considered to be one of the upcoming places on the industrial map of India. Unlike many parts of the country, the administrative body of Noida makes sure the advancement and generic growth of their region doesn't get strangled by red tapism and elaborate rituals of officialism. Resultantly, some of the global as well as Indian giants have made Noida their dreamed-of destination to set up their companies. Bone up further information from the website.

narains (www.narains.com)

The booming real estate industry in India still suffers from lethargic delays and prolonged official procedures. This web portal harps on the infinite possibilities as well as hindrances associated with the real estate sector in India. Know about real estate red tapism and how it poses problem for the investors and owners alike. If you have further queries related to Foreign Direct Investment in India and for the Non Resident Indians, feel free to get in touch with Narains Corp, one of India's premier Property Consultants and Realtors.

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