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Reservation is a provision made in the legal jurisdiction of India, by which a percentage of quotas are appropriated for the socially or economically underprivileged sections of native Indians or people belonging to the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes. Reservation has been secured in the Parliament of India, civil services under state and central bodies, state legislative assemblies and other government sector units. It is also in practice in all government and private academic institutes. If you want to get latest updates and information on reservation in India and quota system, take a look at the websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com

expressindia (expressindia.com)

Reservation issues gave birth to a storming controversy in India. Each and every conscious individual had something to say regarding the abolishment or the retention of quota systems. This website showcases personal views of Saurabh Agrawal, an IIM graduate, regarding the proposed decision to reserve 49.5% seats in the central universities including the IIMs and IITs. Read up the complete document by clicking on the link given below.

mboard (mboard.rediff.com)

Share your thoughts on the reservation system and quota system with other members of the Rediff Message Board. The members engage themselves in a candid discussion on various issues like policies adopted by the government regarding reservation, constitutional amendments, religion or caste-based quota system and so on. Once you become a member of the site, you are entitled to submit your own comments and you can also reply to what other members have opined. Check out the following link to let your support or protest ring true!

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

The online edition of the Daily News & Analysis chips in with a highly relevant issue that the Father of the Indian Constitution alluded to at the time of drafting the constitution of India. He expressed his concern regarding the overdoing of reservation quotas. He was apprehensive about the long-term outcome of large-scale reservation. Visit the web portal to read up the complete article. Don't hesitate to come forward with your valuable opinion on this issue.

ndtv (ndtv.com)

What is your take on the retention of reservation quota for the minorities? If you have a staunch view on this extremely sensitive issue of reservation, take a look at this website hosted by the uncompromising and relentless team of NDTV, India. Go through the message first and rate the article. Moreover, post your own views on the topic named: Do quotas truly ensure social justice? Create your account and get ready to be counted.

oneindia (news.oneindia.in)

Many students from the capital territory of New Delhi stormed into violent display of anti-reservation drives. Places such as Amritsar, Orissa, Ahmedabad and Maharashtra also witnessed angry reaction against reservation. Read up this e-news edition presented by Oneindia. In case you want to be up-to-date with the latest news and happenings, subscribe to their newsletter.

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