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Senior Citizen Education

There has been an added impetus on senior citizen education or adult education in India for the last few decades. Public as well as private sector organizations are conducting integrated academic programs for the education of senior citizens. Senior citizen issues are being looked after with warmth and care. Senior citizens living under extreme negligence and impoverishment will certainly be able to derive sustenance and comfort out of these programs for senior citizen education. Since education has the power to impart self-dignity and assurance, the elderly section of the country will find productive and meaningful ways to lead the rest of their lives on their own accord. Visit the sites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to get your comprehensive online resource on senior citizen education, senior citizen welfare, senior citizen grants, senior citizen resources and much more.

Government of India (india.gov.in)

Looking for the scope of education in India at all levels? Hosted by the Government of India, this web portal showcases detailed information on elementary education, secondary education, higher education, various institutes and universities, literacy drives and adult education, senior citizen education, foreign language programs, etc. Click on the corresponding links to know about your exam results online. Check out the Students' Corner section to find comprehensive online resources for educational as well as professional courses.

financialexpress (www.financialexpress.com)

Visit this website to read up the extract of the interactive session between the Financial Express representative Kavitha Venkatraman and Andhra Bank CMD Dr K Ramakrishnan. Dr Ramakrishnan elucidates on the bank's proposed scheme of providing senior citizen grants by introducing reverse mortgage of non-removable properties. Also find other relevant points regarding the bank's financial policies, insurance ventures and so on.

socialjustice (socialjustice.nic.in)

Senior citizen education and other senior citizen issues have been a major cause for concern in India. The fact that many senior citizens are living like non-entities in a society which is not always sensitive to elderly issues, has been brought under the notice of the concerned public authorities. This website portrays the annual plan of action for carrying out various senior citizen programs including senior citizen education programs, senior citizen welfare programs, tax and retirement benefits, etc. Check out the following link to amass more information.

digitallearning (www.digitallearning.in)

Gone are the days when learning is just restricted to books and journals. These days, senior citizens can avail themselves of a host of information from the virtual domain of the Internet. When E-learning has become the order of the day among the younger generation, senior citizens are not lagging far behind either. Informative details like crisis-management information, welfare information are found aplenty on the Internet and senior citizens can cram this database with ease. Click on the link given below to read up the complete story.

srtt (www.srtt.org)

Sir Ratan Tata Trust facilitates the senior citizens belonging to the Zoroastrian community in India. Due to frequent emigration, low birth rates, high dependency ratio, late marriages, etc., the senile old men of this community often go through the hard days of isolation. The Bai Maneckbai P. B. Jeejeebhoy Centre for Senior Citizens run by the World Zoroastrian Organization (WZO) ensures peace and solace for these distressed elderly people. Check out the following link to explore more.

rajyasabha (

This website is going to provide you with comprehensive information on not just senior citizen education, but also about the care, welfare and rehabilitation programs for senior citizens, runaway children and orphans taken in charge by the Central and State governments. Navigate through the acts and clauses and learn about the provisions kept aside for them. Also read up the statement of objects and reasons, financial memorandum and the memorandum regarding delegated legislation.

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