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Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse or sex abuse refers to any form of forcible and unsought sexual activities done by one person to another. The instances of sexual abuse may range from sexually colored remarks to outright attempts of molestation or rape. Sexual assault or sexual harassment may also involve verbal sexual abuse and exploitation of a position of trust to get into an unsolicited sexual relationship. Since children and teenagers are comparatively 'soft' targets unlikely to pose much resistance against these abominable acts, child sexual abuse and teen sexual abuse are the most common forms of sexual abuse worldwide. Many sexual abuse counseling centers have sprung up to extend support to the unfortunate victims of sexual abuse. You can only escape from having a traumatic experience by increasing your awareness about sexual abuse. Bestindiansites.com makes a compilation of top ten Indian websites on sexual abuse, sexual abuse statistics, sexual abuse law, sexual abuse help, etc.

tulircphcsa (www.tulircphcsa.org)

Tulir - Center for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA) is a registered, non-profit, NGO organization attached to working against child sexual abuse in India. Check out their official web portal to know about what is safe and what is not for your kids when it comes to issues regarding sexual abuse. As a responsible parent, you do have to educate your cute little darlings about some of the harsh facts of this world they might experience anyday. This site will only help you decide what to say and how much to reveal to make your child aware of sexual abuse and personal safety rules. Also learn to identify the nature of the abusers. Find detailed information on the services and sexual abuse counseling programs conducted by Tulir, sexual abuse statistics, FAQs and many more related topics.

un org (www.un.org.in)

This archival portal showcases a plethora of links and frequently asked questions related to sexual abuse, domestic violence, workplace violence, communities working against violence, violence and sexual abuse prevention centers, etc. The sexual abuse information page will provide you with comprehensive informative details on incest, child sexual abuse, ritual abuse, emotional abuse, sexual assault and sexual harassment. You can also check out the links to find books on sexual abuse. (

Do you know how many people are being sexually abused everyday? The safety of women is far from being assured in most countries of the world. Learn about the various ugly faces of sexual violence and domestic violence such as dowry killings, female genital mutilation, honor killings, women and girls trafficking and prostitution, early marriage, HIV or AIDS violence, assault on women in wars and armed conflicts and a number of other issues. Check out the following link to grab further information.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

Courtesy to a recent governmental survey, it's a shocking revelation that every one out of two children in India is subject to sexual abuse. The states of Assam, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Bihar have the maximum number of victims of sexual abuse. Read up the report to find a number of such perturbing truths pertaining to child sexual abuse. Post your valued comments and take a look at what other viewers have to say.

nwmindia (www.nwmindia.org)

See how justice can be established in matters of sexual abuse and sexual assault. Learn about sexual abuse law and provisions in Indian penal code. Note that sexual offenses are of three types sexual assault, grave sexual assault and incest. According to the seriousness of the offense, there is provision for punishment for each of these three categories. Click on the link given below to obtain extensive information.

womenexcel (www.womenexcel.com)

Empowerment of women is one of the most focused fields of provisioning as far as sexual abuse rights and sexual abuse law are concerned. Visit this web portal to know about the disturbing quarters from where a torturous experience of sexual abuse might occur. Defend your kids from such possibilities. The legal provisioning is also there to ensure justice for the victims of sexual abuse.

oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

How far are you aware of the signs of sexual abuse? To all the victims of sexual abuse, these sign leave an indelible scar to haunt them for the rest of their lives. Take a peep into this web portal to read up a harrowing experience of physical sexual abuse narrated by a Delhi girl. Since prevention is better than cure, it will be a wise idea to have some knowledge regarding the telltale signs of sexual abuse so that you can make your child aware of his or her body and mind.

bcp (www.bcp.gov.in)

Child rights week is observed by Bangalore police in the wake of many offenses against children including sexual abuse. Take a look at this web portal hosted by BCP to gain insight on their campaigning programs carried out in collaboration with several NGOs and other social welfare organizations. Child sexual abuse cases have are studied thoroughly to obtain the statistical report of such cases.

lifepositive (www.lifepositive.com)

Responsible parenting plays a crucial role in enhancing the awareness among children about the damaging consequences of being abused sexually. Due to the ignorance of parents and relatives, many children do not know how not to make themselves fall prey to some perverted individuals. This insightful article written by Dr Dayal Mirchandani focuses on how to prevent sexual abuse.

ebooksubscriptions (www.ebooksubscriptions.com)

Shopping portals are found aplenty in the World Wide Web. New Feminist Stories of Child Sexual Abuse - Sexual Scripts and Dangerous Dialogue is waiting to be grabbed in this one-stop online shopping plaza from the house of Taylor and Francis. Edited by Paula Reavey, Sam Warner, this book deals with sexual abuse from different perspectives of feminism and racism. A number of theories have been incorporated and citations are also made to substantiate the topics of discussion. This eBookstore gives you the opportunity to search for specific books by entering book titles and author names. You can also view sample pages of the book to get beforehand knowledge of what you are going to find in the book.

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