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Sexual health or sexual hygiene involves a number of elements that exercise strong influence on sexual affair and reproduction. These elements incorporate motley of physical, psychological and emotional matters. Sexual health addresses the ways and means to have a safe and gratifying sex life. Sexual health is also known as reproductive health which clearly indicates that the system of reproduction is largely dependent on sexual health. Discussion on sex is still a taboo in the Indian subcontinent. But the fact gnaws at the ignorant society that each man and woman has the right to get informed adequately about the issues pertaining to sexual health and reproduction. With the threat of AIDS lurking dangerously over third world countries, imparting proper and scientific sexual health education to all has become the order of the day. The knowledge of sexual health enables a couple to safely undergo the stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Now Bestindiansites.com provides you with a comprehensive listing of websites on sexual health, sexual health education, sexual medicine, men sexual health, women sexual health, sexual health programs, sexual health journals and sexual health books.

apollolife (channels.apollolife.com)

Find the discrepancies between myths and realities with regards to masturbation, especially women masturbation. It is a prevalent belief that masturbation affects natural sexual health and is responsible for a lot of physical and mental complications. Read up the article given in this web portal hosted by Apollo Life to find answers to your curiosity about women masturbation and sexual health. The thorough scientific guidance will clear up your doubts and faulty perceptions, in case you have any. Also acknowledge the fact that masturbation does have a psychological impact both on men and women. Check out the following link.

indiatimes (health.indiatimes.com)

Indiatimes offers a complete online guidance regarding a plethora of contemporary issues pertaining to sexual health. Browse through the links to acquire in-depth knowledge of various issues such as menstruation, usage of contraceptive pills, the yogic way to sex, using condoms to ensure safer sex, Viagra, the means of securing a better health and so on. Do check out other health-related topics as well. Click on the following link to explore more.

webhealthcentre (www.webhealthcentre.com)

Know how you can experience a satisfying sex life with the aid of sexual medicine. Sexual medicine can cure a lot of sexual problems – be it physical or psychological. Many acute sexual disorders can be prevented or at least curbed down with the use of prescribed sexual medicines. A number of core sex-related issues like adolescence, adulthood, puberty, sexual intercourse, menopause, sex therapy, homosexuality, contraception, infertility, etc. have been explained scientifically. Visit this informative portal to find more.

icm (www.icm.tn.gov.in)

Looking for sexual health journals and periodicals? Find your exhaustive online resource for sexual health journals and periodicals published by premier medical bodies and associations. A potpourri of web links are furnished in this online directory. You can read up the brief description of a particular journal or periodical before clicking on the correspondent link.

medind (medind.nic.in)

The Indian Journal of Family Welfare is a trusted resource of information with regards to sexual well being, AIDS prevention measures, the impact of sex work on economy, motherhood and a host of other related issues which cannot be overlooked. Choose your topic and simply click on it. You will be redirected to the page that consists of detailed information on the correspondent topic. Also see how you can subscribe for the journals.

risksandresponsibilities (www.risksandresponsibilities.org)

This website addresses the utilities of having sexual health programs especially for those men who have sex with other men, gay men and trans gender people. Such programs should be held regularly to combat the menace of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Visit the web portal to get detailed information.

familynyou (www.familynyou.com)

There is a wrong perception that old age leads to sexual frigidity. It is more of a mental block than anything and often results in marital troubles for older couples. This website harps on the reasons behind such problems and attempts to find answers as well. Note that sex can be as enjoyable in later years as it is in the younger days of vitality. Also find how to get orgasms without having to bother about a full erection. Learn more by checking out the link given below.

firstandsecond (www.firstandsecond.com)

Dr Shelly Batra's The Intimate Self: A Guide to Women’s Sexual Health is a must-have for every woman concerned with matters related to sexual health. The book deals with some of the inevitable aspects of women physiology and psychology. Amass updated information on Abortion and miscarriage, Puberty, sex and contraception, Menopause, etc. Read up the reviews written by other customers. If you are the first one to write a review of the book, you can win a voucher worth Rs. 100/-. So don't hold back!

nari-icmr (www.nari-icmr.res.in)

The National AIDS Research Institute, Pune focuses on creating mass awareness regarding HIV and the threats it poses. They conduct integrated counseling programs, adolescent reproductive and sexual health education programs and other relevant campaigns to increase the self-consciousness among the ignorant lot. Glean through the fundamental objectives, specific objectives and package contents. Also learn about the parameters that will be taken into account while carrying out the study.

swaasthya (www.swaasthya.net)

Adolescence is a precarious stage of life when it comes to sexual issues. Swaasthya Trust embarks on a project comprising of Sexual Behavior Research (SBR), making communities to plan and execute necessary interventions regarding the enhancement of sexual health of adolescent girls, generating self-awareness, bridging the generation gap, duplicating the model for adolescent reproductive and sexual health, etc. This 4 Pagers publication is a unique attempt to secure adolescent sexual health.

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