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Voyeurism, also referred to as scopophilia, refers to a sexual disorder that makes an individual sexually gratified out of peeping into someone else's implicit or explicit sexual activities. The person who is involved in voyeuristic practices is called a voyeur. The voyeur, while remaining unseen, gets a sexual arousal by watching an unsuspecting person who is in the process of unclothing or making sex or engaged in any other kind of sexual activity.
Exhibitionism is just the reverse side of the coin, in which the person who is being watched derives sexual pleasure out of feigning that he or she is unaware of a voyeur's attention or presence. Voyeurism is considered to be a perverted deviation from normal sexual desires. An unapproved instance of voyeuristic practice is nothing more than an intrusion into someone else's private space and hence voyeurism is regarded as a criminal offense in countries like the United Kingdom and Canada. In India, voyeurism is not yet legally banned but anyone found indulging in this sort of activities is taken for trial under the Information Technology Act 2000. However, in case you are really eager to know what voyeurism is, www.bestindiansites.com finds for you the premier Indian websites on voyeurism, articles on voyeurism, voyeuristic practices and a number of other relevant topics. Your comprehensive online resource for voyeurism is enumerated below.

sify (shopping.sify.com)

This online shopping portal from the house of Sify mall showcases a more than useful reference book on voyeurism. It is a multipurpose book focusing on medical terminologies, listings, and footnoted articles on voyeurism. Extensive references and inclusion of updated research topics are the unique features of this book. Scholars, researchers, medical students and even patients will find this book to be an ultimate resource base for Internet surfing. Check out the following link to know more about pricing and other shipping terms and conditions.

indiatimes (health.indiatimes.com)

The article presented in this website raises the million-dollar question regarding voyeurism. Is it really a psychological disorder or is it a dormant tendency in every one of us? Since the feeling of curiosity is common to all, voyeurism may be considered as a perfectly normal human inclination in which the ingredients of nervous excitement is there in the mind of a voyeur. On the other hand, it is the unfulfilled sexual desires that often lead to voyeuristic practices. Find what the eminent sexologist Dr Patanjali Dev Nayar has to say. Simply click on the following link.

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

The metro city of Mumbai has recently been plagued by a number of unsolicited incidents of trial room voyeurism. These disgraceful happenings have marred the reputation of the shopping complexes and women have been suffering from a perpetual trauma of getting followed by some unseen perverts. Read up the complete report and submit your own comments regarding this dreadful chain of events. You can also read related topics and rate the articles up to a scale of 5. Click on the link given below.

indiatimes (www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com)

This Times of India article reports on the inadequacy of the Information Technology act to curb down ignominious cases of high-tech voyeurism. The Pune web cam case for example has shown the limitations of enforcing IT laws to put culprits behind the bars, despite having credible evidences against the crime. Click on the ensuing link to read the complete report.

oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

Apart from voyeurism, there are a number of unusual sexual perversions bred from psychological aberrations. Some of these include exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, sadism, masochism, transvestitism, pedophilia, bestiality, technophilia and a number of other practices. Now if you want to learn about each of these psychological disorders, you have got to take a peep into this website.

goodhealthnyou (www.goodhealthnyou.com)

Are you aware of some of the most weird sexual aberrations? This goodhealthnyou portal is going to offer you in-depth insight into the nature of a number of bizarre psychological distortions leading to sexual perversions. Find issues like voyeurism, exhibitionism, fetishism, frotteurism, sadism, masochism, transvestitism, pedophilia, partialism, corpophilia, klismaohilia, urophilia, hypoxyphilia, etc. All these topics have been elucidated in an informative manner to suit the needs of the surfers who are not always well conversant with these highly sensitive issues. Also know how a patient can overcome any of these problems.

webhealthcentre (www.webhealthcentre.com)

Preceded by a brief discussion on the nature of sexual deviations, this article showcases each categories that come within the periphery of sexual deviation or distortion. Find voyeurism as a distinct part of perverted sexual behavior. Although the term 'perverted' is a relative one based on individual tastes and perceptions, it goes without saying that you need to acquire a basic knowledge of the various forms of sexual behaviors. Also check out the plethora of links furnished in this online medicine center. Click on the link given below to get definitive information.

ebooksubscriptions (www.ebooksubscriptions.com)

Theatre on Trial by Anna McMullan analyses Samuel Beckett's later dramas in the context of modern theater trends. Many of these later plays of Samuel Beckett centers around concepts related to power, gender, voyeurism, etc. and McMullan vehemently argues that these elements are prevalent in contemporary theater practices. The author also experiments with theories like deconstruction and psychoanalytic feminism with regards to the works of Beckett. You can just login and start reading the book without even having to drop a single buck! Go and have your share of learning.

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