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Women's Liberation

Women's liberation is the empowerment of women with respect to social, cultural, economic and professional independence. Although all men and women are born with equal rights, it's very unfortunate that most societies operate under extreme patriarchal conditions, often suffocating for the womenfolk. Key matters related to women's issues and women's equality are constantly being undermined in order to deprive them of their deserving rights. Find such issues appertaining to liberation for women or feminist liberation from the websites amassed by www.bestindiansites.com

lifepositive (www.lifepositive.com)

Salute the man who fought for the empowerment of women and advocated women's liberation. Mahatma Gandhi always backed women's dynamic participation in freedom fighting. This web portal showcases Gandhi's indelible contribution to the cause of feminist movement in India. Also find the comments of some eminent Gandhi scholars and workers of women's liberation movement such as Nirmala Deshpande, Madhu Kishwar, etc., who acknowledged Gandhi for his unrelenting fight against the patriarchal social structure in India.

bjp (www.bjp.org)

This web portal, hosted by the Bharatiya Janata Party, portrays the party's agenda regarding women's rights and women's issues. Read up the article on various programs and policies on women's issues and the omnipotence of womanhood. Showcasing the views of Mr Murli Manohar Joshi, the article addresses to a number of key aspects discussed during the International Conference on Women in Beijing and in the ensuing summits in Cairo, Nairobi and Rio De Janeiro. Check out the link given below.

iitk (www.iitk.ac.in)

Interested in feminist literature? Looking for a course in liberal feminism under the light of Post Colonialism, Marxism and Post Structuralism? Glean through this web portal hosted by the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to know about the course structure, theoretical studies on gender liberation and so on. Also check out other online resources feminist theory and literature.

unipune (www.unipune.ernet.in)

The University of Pune offers a PG Interdisciplinary Certificate course in Women's Studies. Admission to this course is subject to securing minimum of 55% marks in Graduation. This site is going to guide you through the necessary details of the course including course description, fees and paper-wise contents. You can check out the homepage of the institute to find other programs conducted by them.

indianexpress (www.indianexpress.com)

The women's liberation movement in India would have been bottlenecked without the active involvement of Urvashi Butulia, a prominent figure in the realm of women's liberation. Aditi Tandon of The Indian Express expresses her gratitude to this towering personality, who is also the publisher of Kali for Women. Read up the complete treatise to admire her views on women's liberation, gender equality and poverty.

khoj (www.khoj.com)

Looking for a comprehensive online resource base on women's rights? If yes, your search ends here with fruitful results. This Khoj virtual archive will cater to your need of finding the most definitive websites on topics such as advocacy strategies, events, forums, latest news and a number of other issues linked up to the emancipation of womanhood. Just check out the link furnished below.

womenexcel (www.womenexcel.com)

Explore the legal provisions for women's rights laid down in the Indian Constitution. Several amendments have been made in the constitution to impart necessary changes in the context of women's liberation. Browse through the links to get in-depth knowledge of the acts and women protection laws. Brought to you by the Center for Women's Development Studies, the article encapsulates all the relevant points you may like to know about women's liberation.

www.infochangeindia.org (infochangeindia)

Education is the base of any advanced society the more methodical the approach to education, the more chances to prosper and grow. In many parts of India, a girl child is not given the chance to pursue her education right from the primary level. On the contrary, boys' education is always on top of the agenda. This type of discrimination can only worsen the situation when it comes to shouting about women empowerment and women's rights. Read up more by checking out the following link.

outlookindia (www.outlookindia.com)

Outlook, one of the widely-read magazines in India, provides you with the chance of a lifetime! By subscribing to their online services, you can avail yourself of some exciting choices arraying from getting full access to all the reading sections to customizing your search. Ascertain yourself with a host of raging issues such as domestic violence against women, maternity death, foeticide, dowry cases and a lot more.

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