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Foreign Exchange Dealers

Foreign exchange in India is tightly controlled and the Central Government has wide powers to control transactions in foreign exchange. Foreign majority holdings were rarely allowed by the Foreign-Exchange Regulation Act. However, a new foreign investment policy (1991) allowed automatic approval. Transfer of capital to foreign countries by Indian nationals is only allowed in special cases like immigration. www.bestindiansites.com finds you a solution for locating your foreign exchange dealers in the country.

fedai (www.fedai.org.in)

The Foreign Exchange Dealer's Association of India (FEDAI) has been in the business since 1958. Framing rules governing the conduct of inter-bank foreign exchange business among banks and publics and liaison with RBI for reforms of the forex market is its main activity. Look in to the site to find out their member banks, the members of their management committee, their local committee members etc. You will also have the prime rates or the revaluation rates from this site. Go to their FAQs section and take a look at the commonly faced questions for your reference. Increase your knowledge base with this foreign exchange dealer. Visit their site and to do that click on the above mentioned link.

icicibank (www.icicibank.com)

ICICI helps take charge of your forex requirements. When you are visiting a place abroad or maybe simply sending money overseas, you can depend on this foreign exchange dealer. Find out the latest rates and look for the best that they can offer. Enjoy their professional and personalized service. Make use of their travel card, traveler’s cheque and foreign currencies. Find out from the site how you can avail of their forex services. Click the link above to know more.

rbi (www.rbi.org.in)

Reserve Bank of India takes care of your foreign exchange needs. Go to their site and find out what the norms and regulations are. Find out the restrictions of a person who is a resident of India , on holding foreign currency account. Learn how you can open, hold and maintain an Exchange Earner's Foreign Currency Account with this foreign exchange dealer. Also find out your limitations as an account holder and the responsibilities of foreign exchange dealers. You will get all the information from the site. So visit the link above and find out more.

bankofbaroda (www.bankofbaroda.com)

Bank of Baroda deals in various types of foreign exchange transactions. A look in to the site will tell you what the different types of transactions are. It deals in foreign inward remittance, foreign outward remittance, and resident foreign currency account (RFC) and a lot more. Learn about their NRI accounts and the deposit schemes they offer. Take a look at their deposit products and also their loan facilities to NRIs and foreign currency loans to residents of India . To know more visit the site.

westernunion (westernunion.com)

With over 33,000 agent locations in India Western Union Money Transfer has made transferring foreign currency just a matter of a few minutes. You do not need a bank account even to receive the money. Find out how money can be sent to India with the help of this foreign exchange dealer. Take a look at the step by step method that has been explained here for you. Find an agent near your place and make transferring money easier. Also find out how one can receive money in India . Take a look at the site and you will get a host of information on forex. Click on the link to visit.

webindia123 (www.webindia123.com)

Are you scouting for foreign exchange dealers? This portal offers a comprehensive list of the foreign exchange dealers of Chennai. These foreign exchange dealers offer a varied range of services. Check-out their profiles and contact details. The Sri Vari Money Exchange Private Limited provides a wide range of services. There you can both purchase and sell foreign currencies as well as traveler cheques. They also offer prepaid forex cards. Take a look at their services and facilities by logging on to this site. You can also cruise through the other related links provided on this portal.


Created in the year 1978, the Foreign Exchange of India is a comparatively new market. Unlike other financial markets the Foreign Exchange markets does not have any central exchange. Get a clear overview of the foreign exchange markets by logging on to this portal. Take a look at the services offered by the Foreign Exchange of India. The Foreign Exchange Dealers of India are the Indian commercial banks -- Introduce yourself to the foreign exchange Dealers of India by visiting this portal. Learn about the Foreign Exchange Association of India.

yellowpages webindia123 (yellowpages.webindia123.com)

Looking for foreign exchange dealers of India? This portal will acquaint you with the foreign exchange dealers based in the capital city of India, Delhi. Delhi is home to some of the well-renowned Foreign Exchange dealers of India. Check-out the comprehensive list of the Foreign Exchange dealers of Delhi by dropping in at this portal. Take a look at their profile before you make your move. Here you will also get the contact details of all the Foreign Exchange dealers of Delhi.

banknetindia (www.banknetindia.com)

Well your search for India’s Foreign Exchange dealers ends here. This portal offers you a comprehensive list of the Foreign Exchange dealers of India –introduce yourself to the Foreign Exchange dealers of India. You can always keep yourself posted on the latest forex rates by logging onto this portal. If you are interested to advertise your bank and want to display your products, all you need to do is simply send a mail to the address provided here.

unitedbankofindia (www.unitedbankofindia.com)

The United Bank of India or the UBI is a well-renowned commercial bank of India providing foreign exchange services. The UBI offers a wide range of Foreign Exchange services. Check-out the Foreign Exchange schemes of UBI for the exporters and importers of India. The UBI has a wide network of 30 Foreign Exchange dealers spread all across India. Take a look at the authorized Foreign Exchange dealers of UBI and collect their contact addresses. This portal will offer you comprehensive information on the foreign exchange services of UBI.

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