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Best Gift Ideas Websites
  • DGreetings
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  • Delight Gifts
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  • Gift Shop Online
  • 4.
  • India Gifts World
  • 5.
  • Gifting Ideas
  • 6.
  • Indian Gift Guru
  • 7.
  • Indian Gifts Portal
  • 8.
  • Share Ur Joy
  • 9.
  • PicSquare
  • 10.
  • Collectibles X Gifts
  • 11.
  • giftstoindia24x7
  • 12.
  • findgift
  • 13.
  • surfindia
  • 14.
  • talash
  • 15.
  • excitinglives
  • 16.
  • allindiaflorist
  • 17.
  • rediff
  • 18.
  • tajonline
  • 19.
  • indiatimes
  • 20.
  • indiangifthouse
  • 21.
  • indiagiftservices
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  • infibeam
  • 23.
  • allindiaflorist
  • 24.
  • tajonline
  • 25.
  • gifts
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  • The tradition of gift giving is as ancient as civilization itself. Men would gift women to woo them, and elders would gift the younger generation to bless them. India has a long history of gift giving as well. Gifting is a way to show love, respect and appreciation. In the present times, with the growth of online shopping, various websites provide gifting ideas as well as offer to send them to friends and family who stay in a different city or country.

    We all think about how to gift the best items to our near and dear ones on special occasions like anniversary, birthday etc. There are many Indian web portals which provide innovative birthday gift ideas, corporate gift ideas, gift ideas for men and women, wedding gift ideas and many other gift ideas. These websites also features wonderful gift items. So check out the list of the best sites on gift ideas.

    DGreetings (www.dgreetings.com/gift-ideas/)

    This is one of the best websites giving gift ideas in India. You can find over 35 reasons for gifting in this website. It has gift ideas for a variety of festive occasions like Diwali and Christmas, momentous life events like Baby Shower and Wedding, and special people like grandparents and spouse.

    Delight Gifts (www.delightgifts.in/)

    Delight Gifts is an Indian gifting portal that offers to send gifts to your loved ones. The site is among the best gift ideas giving website for it covers all celebratory event in ones life, and products and services, from flowers and chocolates to wine tasting and photography workshops to spa and holiday packages.

    Gift Shop Online (www.gift-shop-online.com/)

    Gift Shop Online is among the largest gift ideas giving websites. It has gift ideas for any and every moment in life that is reason enough to show appreciation, love, greeting or sympathy. Apart from gift ideas, you can also browse this website for ideas of celebrating that special event in life like graduation, honeymoon and retirement.

    India Gifts World (www.indiagiftsworld.com/)

    This blog style website has posts regarding gift ideas, online offers for gifts for special occasions, significance of these occasions, and ways to celebrate a particular occasion. India Gifts World is a sister site to the online shopping website infibeam.com. Users can therefore send a variety of gifts to their friends and family through this site.

    Gifting Ideas (www.giftingideas.com/)

    This website is for a corporate gifting company. It therefore has gifting ideas for employees as prizes, for their children or just to celebrate an occasion. The website offers bulk order and corporate customization that helps a boss gift his employees easily and efficiently without worrying about procurement and personalization.

    Indian Gift Guru (www.indiangiftguru.com/)

    Indian Gift Guru is one of the oldest sites for gifts. It not only has a gamut of gift ideas, it also allows sending gifts to loved ones in India and abroad. The gift ideas can be sorted according to price, occasion, festival, and type of items. The site also has a dedicated section for unusual and funny gifts. The rates are mentioned in both INR and USD.

    Indian Gifts Portal (www.indiangiftsportal.com/)

    This gift idea giving website has a large variety of items that users can gift their friends and family. The site offers delivering the gifts as well to locations in India, US, UAE, UK and Canada. Indian Gift Portal has gift ideas for different types of festive and non-festive occasions like Eid, Children's Day, Boss Day and Housewarming.

    Share Ur Joy (www.shareurjoy.com/)

    Share Ur Joy is an Indian gift registry website. This portal helps users get the gifts they want, thus taking the gift giving idea to the next level. Users can create a 'wishlist' for a variety of occasions like Bridal Shower, New Office, Housewarming or 'Just Like That'! Then they can add the gifts and share the list with their friends and family. The website also allows users to buy unique and personalized gifts.

    PicSquare (www.picsquare.com/gift-ideas´╗┐)

    PicSquare is a website giving personalized gift ideas. It has gift ideas for a variety of occasions and events in life like Father's Day, Raksha Bandhan, Diwali and Birthday. These gift ideas are creative and easily customizable, thus offering a more specialized gifting solution. The site also offers personalization through photographs and sending the gifts to your loved ones' door step.

    Collectibles X Gifts (http://collectiblesxgifts.com/´╗┐)

    Collectibles X Gifts is one of the top websites giving gift ideas. This is a blog-style website and has gift ideas for every age, relation and occasion. So, you can find gift ideas for Christmas for Moms and Eco friendly gift ideas for Friends here. Apart from gift ideas, the site has tips for decoration on certain occasions and events in a person's life.

    Other Gifts Idea Websites

    giftstoindia24x7 (www.giftstoindia24x7.com)

    Through this website you can send flowers, cakes and other gift items to your loved ones anywhere in India. You can choose from a variety of splendid gift items displayed on the website or can also create your own personalised gifts like a mug with your photo and personal message printed on it. The site boasts of getting gifts delivered at your doorstep within the shortest possible time.

    findgift (www.findgift.com)

    It is one of the major sites on gift ideas. It has categories like Gift Registry, Top Gift Ideas, Saved Gifts, Gift Shops etc. The Regional Gifts section is very interesting as it features gifts like Silver, Necklaces, Bracelets, Apparel etc. Visit this web portal for unique gift ideas.

    surfindia (www.surfindia.com)

    If you are looking for special wedding gift ideas then browse this site. It is always a dilemma as to what you should gift to your beloved. The wedding gift ideas provided by this website are the best. The wedding gift ideas are divided into sections like Household, Jewelery, Electronic items, Decorative items etc.

    talash (www.talash.com)

    This site offers large variety of gifts that can be gifted to your loved ones. It offers products like Books,Electronics,Flowers and Cakes and much more. Check out this site for more.

    excitinglives (www.excitinglives.com)

    It provides gift ideas for mom,dad,friends,kids,wife,husband,boss and for more people in your life. Also it provides the option of choosing your budget and hence will show the products according to your budget range.

    allindiaflorist (www.allindiaflorist.com)

    This web portal offers Exotic Flowers,Cakes,Chocolates,Sweets,Dry Fruits, Assorted Gifts,Corporate Gifts,Exclusive Gifts and much more.Check this site for more gifts.

    rediff (gifts.rediff.com)

    Get the gifts for Him,Her,Kids,Congratulations,Get Well,Good Luck,House Warming,Wedding,Thanksgiving. Also get unique gifts like Flowers,Romantic Gifts,Gift Vouchers,Gift An Experience,Mithais & Dryfruits etc. from this site.

    tajonline (www.tajonline.com)

    This website offers many gifts and also one can send gifts to other countries from India. Variety and different type of gifts can be purchased from here and send the same to your loved ones.

    indiatimes (www.shopping.indiatimes.com)

    The 'Gift Store' section of this portal is the ultimate destination for gift ideas. It has sub sections like the Gift Ideas, Gift a Product, Gift by Interest, Personalized Gifts, Gift and Experience etc. So just click the mouse in this site.

    indiangifthouse (www.indiangifthouse.com)

    The site offers Apparel,Artificial jewellery,Barbie Dolls,Barbie Furniture,Cakes, Celebrations, Chocolates,Crockery, Crystalware,Cosmetics,Dry Fruits,Flowers,Gift Sets many more.Check the site today for much more.

    indiagiftservices (www.indiagiftservices.com)

    This website provides a wide array of gifts for your near ones.There are many types of gifts available like father's day,diwali,christmas,retirement,new borns,flowers and much more.

    infibeam (www.infibeam.com)

    It is the one stop information center for Birthday Gifts, Wedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts, Flowers, Gifts Home, Gift Certificates etc. This site provides comprehensive information about the variant gift ideas.

    allindiaflorist (www.allindiaflorist.com)

    This web portal offers Exotic Flowers,Cakes,Chocolates,Sweets,Dry Fruits, Assorted Gifts,Corporate Gifts,Exclusive Gifts and much more.Check this site for more gifts.

    tajonline (www.tajonline.com)

    This website offers many gifts and also one can send gifts to other countries from India. Variety and different type of gifts can be purchased from here and send the same to your loved ones.

    gifts (www.gifts.com)

    This website offers many gifts for men,women,kids and teens. Also it has the option of Gift Guru Top Picks For Men,Gift Guru Top Picks For Women,Gift Ideas By Personality For:Men and Women,Boys,Girls etc. Check this site for more unique products.

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