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This page consists of a listing of Government sites of India. The effort of this page is to list the best sites falling under categories - Government India, Indian Government Sites, Official Websites of Government of India, Government of India Web Sites, etc. The list of sites mentioned here is based solely on the discretion of our team of editors, who personally go and review each and every site. If you feel there is some site that falls under the category of Government India, Indian Government Sites, Official Websites of Government of India, Government of India Web Sites, etc and has the potential of being listed on this page, kindly do let us know

Indian Railways (www.indianrail.gov.in)

Indian Railways have been a backbone to the social, cultural and economical aspects of India. The site is dedicated towards simplifying the vast and complex network of Indian Railways, with the objective of easy dissemination of information on different mail/express trains, their arrival and departure schedules, fare and reservation enquiries. You can also reserve your ticket on the Internet.

India Image (www.indiaimage.nic.in)

India Image is the official portal of the Government of India. The site is a one stop source for comprehensive and accurate information on India. Get up-to-date information about the heritage, economy, policies, news, weather, online citizen services and Government sectors. The India Image portal has links to the other official portals and websites of the Indian Government.

Government of India (www.goidirectory.nic.in)

Maintained by the National Informatics Center, GOI Directory gives you easy access to the links and directories related to the Government of India. The focus is mainly on providing a wide range of administrational details to the users. GOI Directory provides links to the Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, states of India and other sectors related to the government.

Government of India Tourism Offices (www.fhrai.com )

Developed and maintained by Federation of Hotel & Restaurant Associations of India (FHRAI), the trade association of India's entire hospitality industry, the Government of India Tourism Offices provides information on government tourist offices in the states and union territories. It also gives the list of those offices situated in foreign countries. The cities, states and countries have been indexed for easy reference of users.

Prime Minister's Office (www.pmindia.nic.in)

Designed by National Informatics Centre, the site gives you an insight to the activities of our prime minister. With contents provided by the Prime Minister's Office, know more about his high-profile team and office, his speeches, interviews and foreign tours. The site also provides profiles of all the Indian prime ministers to date.

www.rajyasabha.nic.in (Parliament of India Rajya Sabh)

The site on Rajya Sabha has been developed by National Informatics Centre. The site offers a huge database of information on the activities of the Rajya Sabha, details of the assembly sessions, official report of proceedings, list of the members of the assembly and various other sections. Parliament of India Rajya Sabha is a useful resource for politicians, journalists, observers and above all, the general public.

The Central Vigilance Commission  (www.cvc.nic.in )

The Central Vigilance Commission is the ultimate authority to investigate charges of corruption and malpractices across the country. Developed by the National Informatics Centre, the site of the Central Vigilance Commission discusses its organizational structure, its powers and functions, areas of its jurisdiction, the present personnel and different circulars issued by it.

Ministry of Law & Justice Government of India (www.lawmin.nic.in)

Designed by National Informatics Centre, the site of Ministry of Law And Justice of Government of India comprises provides information on the various aspects of the Legislative Department and the Department of Legal Affairs. Take a look at the section India Code and find the laws and acts existing in the territory of India. The site is an online resource for general people, lawyers, judges and other interested person.

Government of India Ministry of Commerce and Industry (www.commerce.nic.in)

Designed by National Informatics Centre, the site of Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Government of India offers a consolidated database and database on trade promotion measures, infrastructure development, foreign trade policies and procedures, trade agreements, special economic zones, and details of various other acts, regulations and schemes of the government.

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