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Graphics and designing has opened up thousands of channels and by lanes for tech-turned generation Y. You donít want to pursue academics like a nerd because you have good hand in creating small wonders with pen, pencil, crayon or mouse and keyboards. So how do you earn yourself a lucrative career through your talent? Why, be a graphic designer. Yes, this is the new profession of young and gifted India. With the sprouting of new web development companies every day, graphics experts would never find themselves jobless and idle. Venture into the avenues of graphics here through the enlisted useful and guiding links.

Cdacmumbai (www.cdacmumbai.in)

Survey up the inside story of the graphics and get a good feel of what it is. You will get accustomed to the different strata of graphics. Those of you who want to undergo full swing course in graphics and before that want to have a birdís eye view of the whole scenario, would find this website quite helpful. The easy readability and the systematic way in which details are tabulated are the prominent features that set it apart.

yahoo (in.mobile.yahoo.com)

Browse through the wonderful gallery of clip arts that showcases how graphics look. This is more a collectorís place to saunter. Have the cool graphics as your wallpaper. They are available in downloadable form. You can download them as and when you feel the urge. The colors and patters are numerous and so are they available in bulk. Paint the monitor with vibrant shapes and graphics.

Cgindia (www.cgindia.org)

Web developers love to toy around with upcoming softwares that provide a leading edge to their work. Such softwares are hard to set your hands on as they are pricy possessions of the software companies and developers. But here you can grab a readymade, ready-to-use software enables artists and designers to develop, test and maintain a user-friendly graphical interface with real time visual feedback. Non-programmers can lend their hands to it comfortably. If you are looking to add on a photorealistic effect to your work, just do it with the use of this unique software.

Ias (www.ias.ac.in)

Read all about graphics, the 3d graphics architecture, the 3d pipeline and loads of brain-storming stuffs. If you are a graphic designer or are aspiring to be one, the read up will match up to your expectation. The exhaustive information will not make you feel that you have been left out of anything. It is a kind of online library on graphics where your knowledge thirst can be pacified. The downloadable format is icing on the cake. You can hoard it to your PC and consult it whenever you wish to.

Penta-media (www.penta-media.com)

Join the heavy weights of graphics game. If you have the fire in you to make a difference in the world of graphics you would be welcomed. Want to see the immaculate work from their bag? Visit their gallery to form an idea of the quality and excellence they weave with graphics.

Leosoftmedia (www.leosoftmedia.com)

Learn all about computer graphics from Leo Soft Media. Find out the forms of graphics. Take a look at the different graphics applications all from here. Did you know that in general, applications that support graphics requires a powerful CPU and a big memory space? Well, now you can know a lot of things about graphics from this site. Find out for yourself.

Indiaplaza (www.indiaplaza.com)

Choose from an array of books that are listed here. Get your guide to graphics and find out what you can do with it. Take a look at all the different categories and order for your book now. You will find all the shipping details in this site. So, hurry up and grab your copy now.

Graphicse (www.graphicse.com)

Aid your education with computer graphics from this site. If you need their services you should get in touch with them. Find out about all their services in details. They offer logo designing, graphics designing and web site ready made templates. You can also view their gallery. This will give you an idea of the kind of work that they do. Find out now. Take a look.

Indiantelevision (us.indiantelevision.com)

Even if the computer graphics industry in India is very young, it must b remembered that it is growing rapidly. There is a predominance of animation and gaming in the field of computer graphics. Computer graphics is rightly considered as a artistic profession. Take a look at the site and find out the areas of activity. Learn from the site what career prospects graphics have. Read on to find out more.

Exaltinfo (www.exaltinfo.com)

Find all your graphics solution from this online resource. Visit the site and you will find a huge list of links where you can satiate your query on graphics. Visit the links further provided and find out more about the latest technology used in graphic designing. Browse through now.

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