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Your computer passwords, email passwords, your online account, your private domain on the net are not safe. Hacking is rummaging the web world and playing nasty tricks on people’s privacy. You should not be caught unaware by the hackers. Here are the useful and vital ‘know-how’s of hacking game. Take a close look at the websites to be at a safe distance from the hacker’s trap. And those who want to cram their mind with the nitty gritties of hacking fasten your seat belts for a fiery journey to wisdom. You will literally eat the forbidden fruit of internet here.

Answers (www.answers.com)

From the time when his books hit the market, Ankit Fadia became a neighborhood name for hacking and cracking hacking. This site, in which one can find methods and tips to resist hacking, is a key to internet frauds. If you want to have a comprehensive knowledge on hacking, this site is where one has to be. The hacking guru can give you a good idea.

bishnoi (www.bishnoi.co.in)

Tech savvy people can work it for themselves to get a protection shield for their programs, files, data and websites on the internet. Here in bishnoi.co.in, it will be a rewarding experience to teeth into the backend truths of hacking. Learn about the hacker's route so that you can block their path. Knowledge is power and this power will be your fighting sword against hacking.

e2-labs (e2-labs.com)

Want to be an anti-hacker to fight the crusade against hacking? Yes, it would not cost you a moon to be a certified anti-hacker professional. Job seekers who are looking for a lucrative job can try their hand at the art of anti-hacking. Undergo specialized training to become a hacker's threat. This site will give you all the information on where to go and how to take up the crash courses, extensive courses on anti-hacking.

nag (/www.nag.co.in)

Join the largest chain of anti-hacking squad here. Ethical hacking is the oath to be taken here. Be one of them who devise invincible security codes to stave off the bugs of hacking. So, all the hacker buds who want to be future hacking wizards can drop in at nag.co.in. Register with them, participate in the official forum or get a certificate to bag the job of an anti-hacker.

happyhacker (www.happyhacker.org)

Aspiring hackers will hit a jackpot here. They are just a click away from learning the trade secrets of harmless hacking on the internet. With the numerous links to teach you the convenient and fun ways to hack into the privy world, you can sport your knowledge in quick time. But remember you will be playing with fire, therefore, learn to brace yourself up too.

boloji (www.boloji.com)

If you want comprehensive information on hacking this would be the perfect site for you. In this site you will get to know who are the hacker and the range of their activities. You would also be made aware about many ways a hacker can hack your computer and what kind of damages they might do to your computer system. Different hacking techniques are also elaborated upon in this site.

financialexpress (www.financialexpress.com)

This is a newspaper article which brings good tidings for all wannabe hacker. Now you can polish your hacking skills without a perpetual fear of getting caught. A hacker is some one who has gained the powers and abilities of technology and used the knowledge to do astounding things. Hacking need not always be illegal hacking can be used to enhance the features or attributes of your PC. It’s just a short cut way of making your computer do things. This interesting perspective on hacking will definitely woo the hacking community.

dnaindia (www.dnaindia.com)

This would make an amazing read for all hacking aficionados. This is a site which enlists the top ten amazing hacks of all time. This is a site which also traces the origin and evolution of hacking from the past few decades. All this is described in a lucid chronological order which make an interesting read for all those who are interested in the domain of hacking. A truly insightful and informative article.

ciol (www.ciol.com)

A Ranchi based Anti-hacking group called NAG is now arranging an online hacking school and training program on hacking for they want to spread enough information about hacking among all the computer enthusiasts so that they can take the necessary measures to save their systems from the unscrupulous hackers. This course, which provides certification programs, would also invite applications for its proposed online hacking school. Whereas for others such courses are require for a hefty amount of money, they would be charging Rs. 1000, for it.

sify (shopping.sify.com)

From this site you can buy some great books on hacking in reasonable prices. Hacking is not seen as the sleazy act as it was used to. Now certain sections of hackers are lending their services or encoding and decoding encrypted codes and helping governments and security systems. Get a complete overview and instructions available on the hacking books being peddled on this site in extremely reasonable prices.

With a journey down the hacker’s lane you will emerge smarter, cleverer and safer along with this web page.

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