Hall of Fame of Famous Indian Personalities

Hall of Fame of Famous Indian Personalities
Some individuals set a trend for others to follow. They often change the outlook of society by initiating something revolutionary. These personalities come from all walks of life. Find such great Indian personalities who have risen above the rest by dint of sheer determination and talent. Bestindiansites.com enlists top ten websites on Indian hall of fame.

sriaurobindosociety (sriaurobindosociety.org.in)

Welcome to the official website of Sri Aurobindo Society. Find online help, e-Magazine database and newsletter services here. Glean through various activities of the society as well. Also check out links on Sri Aurobindo Ashram and Sri Aurobindo Center of Education. Salute a personality who has made into the list of Indian hall of fame.

indiavisitinformation (www.indiavisitinformation.com)

Looking for those who belongs to the hall of fame in India? Mother Teresa was definitely one of famous personalities in India who devoted her life for the sake of the condemned and distressed. This website portrays her biography, famous quotes, interview extracts and fundu facts.

tendulkar (tendulkar.co.in)

This website showcases the life and career of the little maestro Sachin Tendulkar. Find elaborate career stats, quotes, trivia, best knocks and more. Flash a glance at the archive section to take a fond walk down memory lane.

banglapedia (banglapedia.search.com.bd)

Pundit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was one of the pillars of Indian hall of fame. Not only did he take a major role in ensuring education for women, but also fought vehemently against superstitious beliefs and practices. Refer to the following link to go through the biography of one of the great Indians.

imsc (www.imsc.res.in)

Srinivasa Ramanujan has been regarded as one of the finest mathematicians the world has ever produced. This man has entered the hall of fame category for his groundbreaking mathematical theorems.

india-today (www.india-today.com)

Vikram Sarabhai spearheaded the progress of Indian space science. He is an integral part of the hall of fame in India. He was a visionary who was committed to the development of modern science and technology. To know more about this man, click on the following link.

art (www.art.in)

This website provides you with comprehensive information on some of the finest Indian painters belonging to the hall of fame pertaining to this branch of creativity. Bone up information on Tyeb Mehta, S. H. Raza, M. F. Hussain, Manjit Bawa, F. N. Souza, Krishan Khanna and others.

legalserviceindia (www.legalserviceindia.com)

Mahatma Gandhi was one of the major political leaders of India during her pre-independence era. Read up the article given in this website to salute one of the great Indian leaders.

msn (server1.msn.co.in)

Who doesn't know about L. N. Mittal these days? He is officially the 2nd richest person in the entire world, next to the Microsoft chief Bill Gates! Know more about the Iron Man of India from this web portal.

cinemaofmalayalam (www.cinemaofmalayalam.net)

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the stalwarts of modern Indian films. This website portrays his own insights into contemporary films. Also take a look at the interviews with Adoor to acknowledge his ideologies on quality film making.

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