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The tinsel town is full of actors who deserve standing ovation for their contribution to the Indian film industry. Indian actors and actresses are power house of histrionics and performances. The film fraternity boasts of a hall of fame actors and actresses whose contribution is undeniable.
The performing artists have raged the silver screen on fire and made incursion into the hearts of millions of admirers and fans. Idolatry, adulation, name, fame, lady luck’s favour, success – the actors of the Bollywood have earned them in plenty. Some of them have rags to riches story, some have emerged as phoenixes after a cutting a sorry figure in the box office and some have been the destiny’s favourite child from the start. The Indian film industry with its stunning gallery of actors has been a premiere gossip topic and its aura is undeniably indelible. With bestindiansites.com walk inroads of the lives of the hall of fame actors and actresses who have made it big in the industry.

idlebrain (www.idlebrain.com)

Raj Kapoor is the magic man of Indian actors who took Indian film to the masses and to the international arena with his unmistakable charm and path breaking films. His films were epoch making and laid the foundation for the Indian film industry where the later powerful actors would reap harvest. This website enumerates his biography, filmography and his photo gallery. Read news, reviews, previews, analysis of his films. Moreover, you have the chance to revisit the alleys of the old world films of Raj Kapoor. If you had been in total darkness about the mysteries of his life and the controversies that hardly left his side, you can as well read them up now here.

devanand (www.devanand.info)

The Indian rendition of Gregory Peck, Dev Anand had formed his cult in the bollywood film industry. This actor had a host of roles to play and he carried them out perfectly. Better known as the ‘evergreen romantic superstar, he has delineated the lover boy image to his characters. This is the home page of this evergreen hero. Catch his multiple hues here. Go through his career graph, his achievements, the awards he has been honoured with and if you are bent on join his fan club online. And if you have a fancy on this actor, then download his pictures.

bollywood501 (www.bollywood501.com)

Dilip Kumar is without two opinions one of the actors who claims respect and veneration for his acting prowess. Called as the price of Bollywood, he essayed the roles with aplomb finesse. This website captures him closely. If you want to do a bit of history check about this veteran actor, this is just where you got to be. Zoom into the photo galleries, peek into the other interesting links that will give you head-to-toe story of Dilip Kumar. If you are a devoted admirer of this great film personality, this website will surely meet your high aspirations to see this hero from close quarters.

amitabhbachchan (www.amitabhbachchan.net)

The “shahenshah” of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan has charted his way from a series of 7 flop films to huge box office victory stories. This great gun is still roaring strong and is giving the present generation of actors a hard run for their worth. This actor has come a long way and has scaled great heights. He has become a brand in himself worth crores of money. Cast him in a film and this crowd puller with concoct some tricks to bring good fortune for the film. This website is dedicated to this actor who stands tall in all aspects. Get latest updates on his upcoming releases, meet him in his young days. It’s totally tax free!

technorati (technorati.com)

This Venus incarnate was at one time the reigning queen of Bollywood. Madhubala was truly the epitome of Indian beauty with grace and a director’s actor. In her hay day she had stolen a zillion Indian hearts. Her acting was a treat to watch. Spontaneous and spirited, this zestful actress won accolades for her very own school of acting. Visit this web portal that has treasure house of posts, blogs, videos, photos, music and events – all centered around this paragon of beauty. You will be taken in for surprise to get web links for live Madhubala movie links. And refresh your memories of this scintillating actor.

bollygals (www.bollygals.com)

Rekha- doesn’t this one name mean a lot of things to a lot of people? To some she is the last word on oomph factor, to some she is the lady blessed with good looks and acting basics, to some she is a complete woman and yet to some she is the diva who stood among the men to conquer them all. Here you will find her all for yourself. Visit this website to see this golden actor who is still giving stellar performances and bringing good luck to the producers. This website will take you on a journey of Rekha’s life, her works and the added punch is that you can see her pictures.

angelfire (www.angelfire.com)

Meena Kumari has been the tragic queen of Indian filmdom. Her dramatics have riveted the audience and made them shed tears for her moving performances. This one actor has been subjected to spitfire controversy. Here in this website you are entitled to catch on her films that have made a mark in the industry, the awards that she had received, the person that you were in darkness about, her poetry and lots more. In fact you will feel yourself to be lucky enough to get hold of her musical scores and the reason why she always cut a sad figure. So, this potent actor is unraveled here.

geocities (www.geocities.com)

Waheeda Rehman is an actor par excellence. She had been the sensuous beauty all through who has kept the audience besotted with her marvelous performances. She was an actor who crept inside the psyche of the characters to bring them alive on celluloid. She is still a name to look up with adoration and awe. Come to this website to flip through her biodata, her filmography, photo gallery, exclusive interviews given during her peek time of career. If you are curious to know what other stars hold for her and the unknown facets of her life, then this is where your wishes will be realized. Find out how this mysteriously sensitive actor’s really is.

fortunecity (www.fortunecity.com)

Guru Dutt has been another pillar actor and director who carried the task of taking Indian films to the masses. This actor mixed human emotions with the intellect, sensitivity with sensuousness to convey what was needed to convey. This website is dedicated to the genius who made India proud of his feats. Browse through his biography, judge his worth as a director and his filmography. His greatest films are given in navigable links, if you feel the urge to do retrospection you are heartily welcome.

imdb (www.imdb.com)

Smita Patil is an acting institution in herself. Her critics never found her faltering an iota. This actor had given a new leash of life to parallel cinema and made her mark for the future generation to follow her footprints. She was one of the handful of actors who had successfully dominated the art films and the commercial films. In choosing the parallel films as her domain, she was one of those who dared to walk different. This website will bring out her biography and bibliography of her film career. Check out the various genres of films she ventured into. And if you are keen on interacting with others who feel the same reverence for her work, the bulletin board will enable you to share your heart.

These 10 stalwart actors of film industry enriched the filmdom and given it new dimensions.

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