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The definition of artists encompasses a wide array of creative activities such as painting, music, craft, dance, photography, literature, film making, etc. If you attempt to define the term more abstractly, it can be said that an artist is involved with any form of creativity where his or her skill, instinct, intelligence and intuition are applied. Artists use their set of inborn or acquired skills to create works of art either as passion or as profession. If compared to theorists, artists are engaged in the pursuit of creating tangible artworks having aesthetic values. It might be noted that even today, there is no universally accepted definition of artists simply because art is still an abstract concept. India has always been endowed with great artists in every field of creative activities. Painting belongs to the forefront of art and India is fortunate to have a number of globally-acclaimed painters flaunting their creativity with colors. Since time immemorial great painters have been evoking a sense of awe and bewilderment in the minds of art loving people with their unique creation of timeless artworks. Modern Indian painters are carrying the legacy with elan. The works of famous Indian painters of today reflect the complexities of living so typical of contemporary times. Team up with www.bestindiansites.com to enlighten yourself with the life and works of some of the great painters of India. Take a look at the websites enumerated below.

art (www.art.in)

This website provides you with comprehensive information on some of the leading Indian painters of contemporary times. Check out the achievements of painters such as S.H.Raza, Tyeb Mehta, Ram Kumar, M.F.Husain, V.S.Gaitonde, F.N.Souza, Krishan Khanna, Amrita Sher-Gil, Manjit Bawa and Brota Rameshwar. Do browse through the artist gallery and online art galleries to get a panoramic view of the trends and various thematic concepts of Indian art in general. In case you are interested to know about the finer points of painting, click on the 'Learn About Art' link. Also see how you can sell and buy artworks online. Bone up the latest news and happenings in the world of art as well.

indiafocus indiainfo (indiafocus.indiainfo.com)

Looking for a comprehensive online database of Indian artists? Cram definitive information on the lives and achievements of great Indian painters from all around the country. Also find links of online art galleries, exhibitions and works of famous artists and their artworks.

shraza (www.shraza.net)

S. H. Raza is a living legend in India when it comes to creating works of painting. This exquisitely designed web page showcases the biography of this preeminent personality from the domain of painting. Check out other links to visit his solo as well as group exhibitions. If you have an eye to appreciate genuine works of art, you will love the feel of this portal portraying his complete collection of works. Also read up an artist's vision of colors.

mfhussain (www.mfhussain.com)

An institutional figure by his own flair, M. F. Hussain is a universally famed Indian painter. Contemporary Indian painting would have remained unfulfilled without the contribution of this genius. He is amazingly talented, controversial, flamboyant and you just name it! Visit the man's official web portal to go through the latest news and articles related to his paintings. Take some time to appreciate the paintings by M. F. Hussain. Also participate in the survey and cast your valued vote. You can also create a free account of your own. By doing so you are at liberty to engage yourself in a number of activities like getting the theme manager, submitting and configuring your comments, etc.

art indiatimes (art.indiatimes.com)

The distinctive traits that set Manjit Bawa apart from the rest include his innocent and simplistic outlook combined with the subtleties of a mature artist. His forte lies in his ability to perceive things as they are, without getting too flashy or noisy. He is one of the most coveted Indian artists, whose works draw a great deal of enthusiastic attention by the appreciators of painting. Visit this website to witness the paintings of Manjit Bawa and other famous painters of India.

vadehraart (www.vadehraart.com)

Vasudeo S. Gaitonde is another artist belonging to the school of painting in India. He was an integral part of the Progressive Artists Group of Bombay and toured abroad many a times to represent the genre of abstractionist painting. His works find a distinguishing place in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. This website will give you detailed information regarding to Gaitonde's stupendous feats. Click on the link given below.

broota (www.broota.com)

Visit the online gallery of paintings by Rameshwar Broota to acknowledge the characteristic traits of this famed painter and also to get the complete online collection of his paintings given in decade-specific manner. The man is a versatile genius whose métier covers other wings of creativity including film making and photography. Read up the critical reviews of his works from this website.

theory (theory.tifr.res.in)

A student of the J. J. School of Art, Francis Newton Souza is regarded as the first Indian painter dealing with modern impressionist movement. This website will give you exhaustive insight into the cognitive aspects of this man's painting genius. You can view the exclusive works of Francis Newton Souza by clicking on the respective links. Also find the contact details of the concerned museum authorities. Check out the following link to explore more.

parijart (www.parijart.in)

Parijart is a premier Indian online art gallery portraying exclusive artworks by great painters. This portal will not only give you an opportunity to check out the contemporary Indian art but also will serve as a learning database from where you can learn the intricacies of thematic and stylistic aspects of painting. If you are really enthusiastic about the prospects, don't hesitate to create an account with Parijart. Check out the buyers section, artist area and classified Ads as well.

india-today (india-today.com)

Nandalal Bose was a nonpareil Bengali painter who laid the foundation of the indigenous theme of Indian painting with his self-expressionist tools. K.G. Subramanyan, a teacher of Indian Art History at Santiniketan in the state of West Bengal, pays his heartfelt tribute to this genius. Go through the article to salute a peering figure who endeavored to awaken the creative promise of India.

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