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People look for inspirational personalities who can guide them through the times of trouble and difficulty. Mentors refer to such famous personalities who stand apart from the rest by virtue of their deeds and achievements. Ordinary people get pepped up by looking up to their mentors and their stupendous feats. So mentors not only leave their lasting footprints on the making of a society but also, and more importantly, inspire others to follow their footsteps in order to dream big and attain bigger. From time to time, many eminent Indians from all walks of life have come forward to show their mettle. These iconic figures have proved their ingenuity and class time and again. Get an insightful view on mentors from India. Visit the following websites compiled by www.bestindiansites.com to know about the lives and accomplishments of famous sports personalities, actors, industrialists, musicians, filmmakers, authors, educationists, scientists, social activists and politicians.

tendulkar.co.in (tendulkar.co.in)

Cricket is like religion in India. Go and ask any Indian kid who he loves to emulate from the cricketing arena and an ingenuous smile will flash at the very mention of Sachin Tendulkar's name. Among all the sports personalities of India, this man exercises the most significant amount of influence on the youth of India. Apart from being an outstanding cricketer on the field, Sachin Tendulkar also maintains a stainless personal life off the field. This website showcases the life and career of the maestro. Find elaborate career stats, quotes, trivia, best knocks and more. Peek into the archive section to take a fond walk down memory lane.

indiavisitinformation.com/JRD Tata(www.indiavisitinformation.com)

A mentor for many future mentors, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, fondly known as JRD Tata, was an eminent figure among Indian industrialists. This website is dedicated to portray the life of all the famous personalities from various domains of creativity and attainment. The Fundu facts are entertaining and enlightening at the same time. Read up the summarized biography of JRD Tata and others by clicking on the link given below.


Salute the man who brought a new dimension to Malayalam cinema. Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of the leading contemporary filmmakers who initiated a radical movement in Indian film-making. Visit this web portal to know about the life and works of the man. Read up his views on contemporary films and how they can remain contemporary long after they are screened for the first time. Click on the names of his films to get the plot. Also take a look at the interviews with Adoor to acknowledge his ideologies on quality film making.


Priya Devi R from One India chips in with an insightful article on the life and works of one of the musical mentors of contemporary times. A. R Rehman is one of the finest musicians India has ever produced in a long time. This man showed glimpses of his rich potential at a very early age of 4 when he learned to play the Piano. Starting a musical journey as a keyboardist under the eminent music director Illyaraja, A. R Rehman has has come of age now. He has created a style of his own when it comes to directing film music and non-filmy music albums. Check out the following link to salute an internationally acclaimed musician from India.


A stalwart among Indian authors, Rabindranath Tagore was a forerunner of the light brigade as he made the outsiders look up to India with admiration. This noble laureate was the first to bring home the prestigious felicitation for the authors. This is the official website of his brain child Viswa Bharati. Glean through this website to get an in-depth insight into his biography, novels, short stories, poetry, music, paintings, educational ideas propagated by him and his prized possession - the Nobel.


Looking for mentors from philosophical realms? Visit this website hosted by Punjab Kesari to pay your heartfelt tribute to one of the iconic personalities ever to walk on Indian soil. Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan laid the spiritual foundation of a country which has always been fed by different schools of religion. His whole-hearted contribution as one of the premier educationists cannot be undermined in the context of making of a modern India. Refer to the following link to grasp more on the man whose birthday is celebrated as the Teacher's Day in India.

indiavisitinformation.com/Mother Teresa(www.indiavisitinformation.com)

Acknowledge the life of a lady who had forsaken every material pleasure to serve humanity. Mother Teresa devoted her life for the sake the condemned and the distressed. The message she has left behind for other social activists and reformers cannot be deciphered unless each and every individual of the society feels it mandatory to take the onus of sharing other people's misfortune on their shoulders. This website portrays her biography, famous quotes, interview excerpts and fundu facts.


Mahatma Gandhi was one of the major politicians of India during her pre-independence era. He led the freedom movement of India by adopting non-violent means of protest. He was moved by the sorry plight of common Indians wreathing in poverty and deprivation. Throughout his life, he was solemnly devoted to spread the mantras of fraternity and equality. He became the leader of the Indian National Congress and led the famous Dandi Salt March to object to the salt tax imposed on Indians. He is also famous for the open challenge he made to the British to quit India. Read up the article given in the web portal to salute one of the great Indian mentors.

imsc (www.imsc.res.in)

Srinivasa Ramanujan, acclaimed as one of the finest mathematicians the world has ever known, had no formal education. If this fact is not enough to send a cold shiver down your spine, you've got to visit this web portal to find more interesting facts about the man. Leaving behind a rich legacy of groundbreaking mathematical theorems, the areas of mathematics he worked on incorporate of the analytical theory of numbers, continued fractions, elliptic functions and infinite series.

amitabhbachchan (www.amitabhbachchan.net)

The Shahenshah of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachchan made a really scratchy start to his career with a series of 7 flop films. From there began a journey whose script could not have been written better. This great gun is still going strong and is giving the present generation of actors a hard run for their worth. Producers don't suffer from sleepless nights with the illustrious presence of Mr. Bachchan on the screen. This website is dedicated to this actor who literally stands tall in the reel world of Bollywood. Get latest updates on his upcoming releases and a lot more.

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