Best Sites about Indian Politics

Best Sites about Indian Politics
With the 2014 general elections looming close, there is a lot of speculation in the country about the next central government in India. The good news is that there has been a major paradigm shift in the mindsets of people because numerous Indians across the country have stopped being blind party loyalists and have become aware voters.

The proof of this change was reflected in the recent Delhi elections where the three time chief minister Sheila Dixit was unceremoniously overthrown by the first timer Arvind Kejriwal. Thanks to the economic crisis in the country, Indians have their eyes firmly fixed on the political system in expectation of positive reforms that can bring some much needed changes in the country. Also, there is more awareness among the people about politics and netas.

The Internet is, of course, the most convenient means of information about everything, politics included. If you seek authentic information about politics, here are a few sites you can browse through.

indiatoday (

An institution by his own rights, Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata, popularly known as JRD Tata, was a pioneering figure among Indian industrialists. This website is dedicated to portray all the influential personalities from various domains of creativity and achievement. The fundu facts are really entertaining and edifying at the same time. Read up the summarized biography of JRD Tata and others by clicking on the link furnished below.

myneta (

Set up and managed by the Association for Democratic Reforms, this website is an information directory related to politicians, political parties and elections. You can browse through well categorised state wise information. The data here is very comprehensive and it is a one stop destination for anything you want to know about political parties, especially about their funding and finances.

netapedia (

This website gives you a clear biography of every politician in the country. From their date of birth and early education to family details, financial status, criminal record and contribution for the development of their constituency, this site has all the information. You can use it to study the profiles of various politicians and make a good voting decision. Netapedia also has a blog that gives deep insights into the different aspects of politicians and the Indian political system.

livemint (

Live Mint brings you the latest of political happenings and well as insightful articles about politics in India. Content in the website is updated several times every day. The topics that are dealt with in this website are varied and very engaging.

ibnlive (

IBN is one of the leading news channels in its and its website is as thorough as its television counterpart. The site also uploads videos of political news. The website works as a one stop destination for political information.

indiafocus (

India Focus might not bring you the latest news about Indian politics but the site definitely offers an amazing amount of information on politics and the political system. Articles are written by political analysts and experts. So, you can definitely expect a lot of insights and thought provoking articles on the website.

Use the Internet to amass information about the political system and contribute to the creation of a politically clean and stable country.

Last Updated on : 19 Dec 2013

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