Royal Families of India

Royal Families of India
Royal History of Cooch BeharRoyal Family of Tripura
House of Mewar Royal House of Shivrati
Maharani of Jaipur Maharaja of Jodhpur
Royal Family of KutleharRoyal Kangra
Rulers in Deogarh MahalRoyal Family of Kishangarh
India being a land of Rajas and Maharajas, has a rich cultural heritage endowed with diverse conventions, customs, rituals and ideas culminating in one central core of self-identity. Although most of the royal families in India do not retain their past glories anymore, still a number of royal families bask in the grandeur and oriental enigma which have been fascinating the Indians as well as attracting occidental attention. Places like Rajasthan, for example, are known to have a regal legacy of emperors and kings. Imposing architectural structures are associated with royal Indian families. The villas and palaces of many royal families of India are now regarded as places of attraction for the common public. Some of the royal establishments are also used for various commercial purposes like hotel business and private bookings. Apart from the handful of Indian royal families that represent the exotic essence of Rajasthan, there are other royal families as well scattered all over the country. The Scindia Royal Family, the Tripura Royal Family, the Royal Family of Gwalior and the Royal Family of Kochi are the ones worth mentioning. Savor your search for royal families only with . Visit the following sites to acquire in-depth knowledge of the most influential families of India.

Royal History of Cooch Behar (

Cooch Behar is presently a district in West Bengal. Earlier it was the capital of the “Koch” or “Kamta” Kingdom in the middle of the 17th century AD. The site tells the story of the kings of the Koch Dynasty and their rule. You can find the family tree of the Koch kings, along with authentic letters and merger agreements with the Indian nation here.

Royal Family of Tripura (

This is the official website providing information on the Tripura Royal Family. The site has rare photographs of the rulers and their social engagements. In addition, it has a chronology depicting the different rulers of the kingdom, their history, information about the present king and his various charity based activities.

House of Mewar (

This website has information about the Mewar royalty of Udaipur. The site is unique for its branding of the place (i.e. Eternal Mewar) and special attention given by techno-conscious Shriji Arvind Singh Mewar of Udaipur. You can find details about each member of the family, their businesses, museums, media coverage, charity work and extensive research on their royalty.

Royal House of Shivrati (

This is a portal about the Royal Family of Shivrati, a part of the Mewar Dynasty in Udaipur. It is maintained by Raghav Raj Singh Shivrati of Udaipur. The site has tabs detailing the royal history, their commercial activities, charity trusts, events they were a part of or organized, and rare photographs.

Maharani of Jaipur (

This award winning website is regarding Her Highness Maharani Gayatri Devi of Jaipur. The site has her photographs, information about her life and family, and news articles about her. In addition, you can find details about the royal palaces and forts in Jaipur, Kachawas Dynasty, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II and others.

Maharaja of Jodhpur  (

This website highlights Jodhpur royalty, with a virtual tour of the city, Mehrangarh Fort, and other cities and towns under in the kingdom. It also has information about its rulers since the city was built, the present ruling family, their festivals and temples. You can also browse through the various non-profit trusts, schools, hospitals and other activities of the royal family.

Royal Family of Kutlehar (

This is the official website for the Kutlehar royalty in Himachal Pradesh. Started by Prince Rupendra Pal of Kutlehar in 2000, the site provides details about the family’s history, genealogy and their royal residences. It also has information about the family’s charity associations and other administrative works.

Royal Kangra (

This is the official site for the royalty of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh. The site covers various aspects of the royal family and the region including their historical timeline, present whereabouts of the family, their forts, palaces and other structures, paintings and photographs.

Rulers in Deogarh Mahal  (

Deogarh Mahal in Rajasthan is home to the Rawats of Deogarh. The site has information about the kings who ruled Deogarh down the years. The tab "About the Palace" has details about the outside and interiors of the plush palace, and "History" tab lets you in on the long and colorful history of the land and its people. The present descendant allows people to explore the place first hand by converting a major part of the palace into a luxurious hotel.

Royal Family of Kishangarh (

This site is about the Kishangarh Royal Family in Rajasthan. It has a short description of the royal family and their current whereabouts. The present descendant of the royal family allows people to gather knowledge about their royal history by staying in the places where his ancestors used to stay. He has converted his properties into heritage hotels - Phool Mahal Palace, Kishangarh House and Rupangarh Fort.

Some other websites on Royal Families

pib (

Tripura is a place of refined artistic experimentations and cultural supremacy. Creativity finds newer modes of expression in Tripura. Maharaja Birchandra was a pioneering figure in patronizing art, music, painting and academics. This web portal comes up with a treatise on Rabindranath Tagore's lifelong relationship with the Royal Family of Tripura. Read up the article to get the full story.

sawnet (

The Scindia Royal Family is a much revered royal family of India. This website focuses on the life and works of Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia. Apart from carrying out her royal duties, she also actively took part in Indian politics. Her son MadhavRao Scindia and her daughter Vasundhara Raje are noted figures in Indian politics. Take a peep into the following link to obtain further information.

swagattours (

Royal weddings acquire an extraordinary charm if held in Rajasthan. The resplendent hues of golden sand dunes accompanied by regal hotels and dainty jewelries create the ambiance of marriage in the most befitting manner. If you are looking to tie the knots amidst a royal setting, don't hesitate to check out this website.

royalregency (

Take a look at this website to get complete tourist information regarding Amir Mahal, the domicile of the Royal Family of Arcot. Glean through the introductory note to know about the palace, visiting timings and contact details. Go and book a place for yourself amidst the regal abode!

hinduonnet (

Unravel the ancestry of a regal family from South India. Visit this website to acknowledge the efforts of Dr Kocha Varma, a royal family member himself, who is tracking down 13 generations of the Cochin Royal Family. He is the initiator of this arduous project officially governed by the Cochin Royal Family Historical Society. Read up the historical significance of this royal family including their culture, systems and various practices.

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