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India is a country frenzied more by the aura of sports personalities than by the game. Each household has one ardent fan of the suave sports personalities and at least the walls can swank their posters. Sports personalities are hold the place of half-gods and the adulation they receive is quite maddening. India shines and wins garlands of victory and the sports stars are paid homage.
Over the years, India’s sports sky is clouded with numerous sports personalities who have made an entry into the hall of fame. Bestindiansites.com lists the top websites where you can glean information, meet your favourite sports celebrities.

indianetzone (www.indianetzone.com)

Cricket is next to religion in India. The fervour and fanaticism that rages centering this game are huge. This is a place where you are bound to find all the quintessential information regarding all the prominent cricket personalities. From the time when this game was in the nascent stage, India has given birth to many personas who made India proud internationally. From Sunil Gavaskar to Sachin Tendulkar to the very new M.S Dhoni read exclusively about them.

netfundu (www.netfundu.com)

All the sports personalities are huddled up here. If you want to check on their little secrets and their history, click on them individually. You are sure to be information rich about the star you have set your hearts on. Be it cricket sports star or tennis personalities or athletes, you will find the Indian as well as the international figures here. With a mouse click you can get into their life’s stories and what makes them hall of fame celebrities.

webindia123 (webindia123.com)

Know your sports personalities better with webindia123.com. All the eminent sportsmen and women who have made solid masonry of India in their filed of sports are enlisted here. Choose your idol and know some ingenious trivia about your hero. Be inspired with their philosophies. Athletic personalities, cricket personalities and tennis personalities are now at your palm top. Your sports personalities can’t elude themselves now by shunning the media glare. They are captured on net.

indianfootball (www.indianfootball.com)

Bichung Bhutia is India’s phoenix of football. Being one of the most remarkable Indian football personalities, this footballer has left indelible footprints in the Indian football grounds. In this website scramble through his profile, read through his interviews, his unforgettable contribution in the game, latest news from his end and about his club East Bengal.

tnqsponsorship (www.tnqsponsorship.com)

Talk of tennis personalities and Vishwanathan Anand make sit to the top of your thoughts. This world ranker has a fiery record that can put any chess player to shame. This website will let you have a tête-à-tête with this new world’s numero uno GM. Browse through to keep track of all the awards he has in his bag and the records he has toppled. Gauge yourself with all the information that you can stack about this chess personality.

detective-network (www.databaseolympics.com)

What if you can get a whole directory where the gold medalists in the international sports events are available? This sure pumps up your spirits because there are very few places on the web where the famous athletes and scoops about them can be found. The eminent sports personalities who represented India in the Olympics and had been National champions are enumerated. Visit here to get your scoop.

tendulkar (tendulkar.co.in)

The cricketing maestro, the master blaster, is in his new avatar here. Yes, this is the official web portal of the little master Sachin Tendulkar. Glimpse his career charts, know this living legend’s life and how he evolved to be the master player. This websites also let you in the peak of sports trivia by giving you a summary of what’s going on in the Indian sports scenario. Read about other leading sports personalities and their recent feats from here.

mirzasania (www.mirzasania.com)

This is Sania Mirza in her own web portal. Catch Sania here with her latest achievements, her photo gallery, news, biography and wallpapers. This sizzling tennis star is the new hope with whom India aspires to win Grand slams. Trail through this website to accumulate whatever you need to know about one of the rising sports personalities.

bangalorebest (www.bangalorebest.com)

Badminton personalities are silver linings in the sports sky of India. These grovelling sports personalities have fetched India many national awards and accolades. Phullela Gopi Chand, Aparna Popat, Prakash Padukone and Ranjini Ramanujam are the names to vie for. Visit here to get acquainted with them better and closer than ever before.

chennaibest (www.chennaibest.com)

What if you catch hold of all the leading sports personalities at one go? Yes, sports personalities who demand kudos for their terrific contribution in the field of international sports from the various walks of sports are available here. You just have to think about who you want to read about. Cricket, football, tennis, formula 1 racing- the stars of all these sports are up there for you. Read about their achievements, their current status, their future plans et all.

Sports personalities are simply sensational and you must have had a wonderful time with them.

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