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Want to spend your leisure hours without being bored to death? Want to have loads of fun with friends and family during ‘no-work and all play' times? Pick up hand games. Now, when e-games, mobile games, video games are thronging the market, hand games are simple, easily available modes of fun that cost you peanuts. It has been the mode of entertainment for eons and still enjoys mass popularity. Here you will get the links to the best sites on hand games. Surely you will have fun playing these hand games for a change. Expose yourself to the hand games, learn them and get instructed on how to play and win, by navigating through the following portals.

pagat (www.pagat.com)

Card game is the foremost thing when hand games are talked about. Many people would have loved to whisk away time playing cards if only they knew how to play. So here is a detailed explanation of the tricks and rules of multiple card games. Know what moves can take you to a clinching victory and learn some new card game forms. This card game guide is more meaningful for the starters.

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mastersgames (www.mastersgames.com)

This website opens up a box of hand games for all of you who love to cling to indoor games. The range of games here is quite exciting. Not only would you find the rules to playing these games, but also you can add the play items to your shopping card. Buy the games you would love to play with family and friends.

ganymede (www.ganymede.com.pl)

Looking to play hand games online? This is a great corner to fulfill your desire. The variety of games found is optimum and each game has its layers of variations. There's nothing like playing online, you don't need company. Play all by your own with the computer as your opponent. Or friends gather up at one common place and play online. There is so much fun waiting for you to explore.

geocities (www.geocities.com)

These day people are more fascinated with traditional forms – be it art or games. Therefore, whoever wants to have a peek in to the traditional hand games of India, are welcome here. You have the rules and regulations laid down. Learn the games and try your hand at what you learnt, online.

ebay (search.ebay.in)

Are you searching for a site where you can buy hand games? Ebay.in has games queued up in the cart where you can bid your price in the given time period. The unique feature over here is the unending stock of games. You can search the game you are bent on buying and you will get it. Enjoy the satisfaction of buying games at cheap rates.

yourfungames (www.yourfungames.com)

Speed, Lucky Streak Poker, Five Card Deluxe and Spider Solitaire are a few of the games which you will find here. These are free card games which are very popular. Besides this they also give out the top card games of the week. This is to give the visitor an added impetus. Besides the card games, here you can also play numerous other games --- have a gala time, playing!

gamefiesta (www.gamefiesta.com)

At least 27 different kinds of card games will keep you busy once you visit this site. Every game is innovative in its own way and it holds its players for long. You will want to try out the variations here once you get the feel of the entire platter. You can also get the feedback given by other players or visitors to the site. This might help you to figure out whether you want to go ahead with this site or not.

zonora (www.zonora.com)

A horde of card games beginning from FreeCell to Spider, Klondike and finally also solitaire, is what you get in this site. You can download a particular game and play. You also have the choice to purchase the game once you like it. They have packaged the games with a lifetime free upgrades once you purchase it. There is also a money back offer if you do not like a game after you have purchased it. They have a lot to offer and visiting this site would be the best possible option to get a full view and idea of the features.

yahoo (sg.fusion.yahoo.com)

This belongs to the yahoo groups. It has a treasury of card games. All you need to do to be able to play them is have a yahoo ID. Once you sign in, you will be automatically authorized to play the games in the directory. Yahoo games directory however concentrates on its existing members and attempts to increase the members' list by limiting the right to its members only. However, once you are a member you are taken good care of and the host of games they provide takes care of a large part of your entertainment quotient.

gamesonline (www.gamesonline.in)

Have time and nothing to do? Well, you could try visiting this site if you like playing card a bit. A little ‘Absolute Poker' and a little ‘Pyramid Solitaire' and there is so much to choose from. The games are really easy to play and don't even require instructions, but if you do require some instructions, then there is also a ‘games info' where you can know about the game before playing it. The games are interesting but can at times become addictive.

Whether you are looking for fun or information, always stay glued to www.bestindiansites.com

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