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When you buy your hardware peripherals, you obviously want a shop that you can trust. Yes, that is a pre-requisite for shopping anywhere. Especially if you are investing a big amount, what you will be looking for is reliability, trust and after sales service. Hardware shops are abundant in India but what matters is whether you can trust them for quality and support. Locate a hardware shop with www.bestindiansites.com and purchase your computer peripherals from the array they provide.

kamalcomputers (kamalcomputers.org)

Look out for your PC essential in their Hardware shop. Theirís is a comprehensive shopping point for computer peripherals. They provide the shopper with a complete range of quality. View their range of products and shop for your computer hardware from this site.

Webchoicedirect (webchoicedirect.com)

They specialize in design and development of embedded hardware and software in the areas of communication, networking, industrial control, data acquisition and consumer products (audio/video). Their design engineering and products development services allow them to meet new challenges everyday. Find out more about this hardware shop from their site.

Hydepages (hydepages.com)

Locate your hardware shop anywhere in Hyderabad from this site. The site takes the onus of listing the hardware shops by location. Choose a location in Hyderabad and find the name of the hardware shop(s) with their contact address and number. Find details of the products that these hardware shops deal in. Take a look now.

Npithub (www.npithub.com)

If you are located in Delhi and want to get a computer peripheral from a hardware shop, come to this site. This site has a whole list of computer hardware shops situated in Delhi. Locate any hardware shop and view their individual website. Take a look at the peripherals you can purchase from them.

indiafocus indiainfo (indiafocus.indiainfo.com)

Get Latest prices of computer hardware, software and services from every city in India. Sellers update the price regularly. There are several hardware shops to choose from. Choose from amongst them and make your purchase now. Each of these hardware shops have their owe e-shop. View now.

Books listings ebay (books.listings.ebay.in)

This might not be an out-and-out hardware shop, but it provides comprehensive information on computer hardware parts. The site lists several books on hardware. You could improve your knowledge on hardware parts with books from this online store. Buy your hardware book from this hardware shop. The price is also mentioned for your convenience.

Kunhar (www.kunhar.com)

They are an IT distribution house specially emphasizing on resellers and OEMís post sales services and support functions. Take a look at their product range beginning from the Artis range of speakers to powersafe power systems and VIP range of computer cabinets. Go through their site to find out more.

Samsung (www.samsung.com)

Samsung.com is one of the most desired and relied names in computer peripherals. This hardware shop keeps everything from CD/DVD ROMs to CD/DVD Writers and Hard Drives, Laser Printers and Laser based MFPs and also fax. Visit the website of one of the most trusted names in peripherals. Take a look at this hardware shop.

Computer-world (www.computer-world.in)

Buy your computer and its peripherals from this online hardware shop. Bring an Acer back home or a Dell for youíre your office. Buy the most uniquely crafted monitors, printers, scanners and more all from this hardware shop. You can have a look at all the products here. View them by category. And also view the new products that are being updated every time. Take a look.

indiamart (dir.indiamart.com)

Welcome to this directory of computer hardware shops. View all the hardware shops in the site and shop from anyone you want. Send trade enquiry and find out about a product of your choice. The site lists hardware shops from various cities and town of India. Take a look now.

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