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Health is wealth, as the saying goes and the truthfulness and relevance of the proverb is proving to be indisputable all the more in this age of increasing physical and mental knottiness. Now it demands strict adherence to regular lifestyle practices to keep oneself in a hale and hearty state of being and to prolong the longevity of life. India, in ancient times, was blessed with a number of healing methods like herbal treatment, ayurveda, yoga, naturopathy, etc. to provide an indigenous solution to health matters. But with the advancement of science and technology, a diverse range of techniques have emerged to provide the panacea. A wide array of health facilities and healthcare systems like health spas, gymnasiums and so on have sprung up across the length and breadth of the country to cater to the need of the health freaks. So if maintaining a sound body and soul is what you are after, visit the top ten Indian sites enumerated below.

healthlibrary (www.healthlibrary.com)

Health library is the comprehensive guide for your medical reference. Know about the latest in medicine and get online help from doctors. The site contains relevant information for doctors as well as for patients. Visit the virtual online library and you will find interesting topics such as ‘How to get the best medical care – for less!’ and materials on pregnancy and breast feeding as well. Also go through the unabridged magazines to find interesting articles on medicine. The site has a lot more to offer to you than you can imagine.

ammas (www.ammas.com)

Preferable you should not take refuge in medicines to support your health, but in case you fail to prevent it from happening, this site may come as a welcome relief for you. Resolve your queries on medicine and health from this interactive website. Their expert panel of doctors are at your service all the time. You can avail of their assistance for a certain amount of money. Go to the site and find who the doctors on their panel are and what the charges are. Don’t hesitate to post your query in on the internet. Besides, you can even view the questions asked by others and view the advice given to them as well.

oneindia (living.oneindia.in)

It's an established fact that the lethal disease of cancer can be forestalled with the use of turmeric. Yes, you have read it correctly! Now if ever you needed a comprehensive healthcare guide to bank upon, you could not have found a better website than this one. Find solutions to underweight, heart diseases, alcoholic obsessions and a lot more health hazards. Go through the Quick Reads section to know about quite a few unique healing therapies.

healthandyoga (www.healthandyoga.com)

With the increasing nature of junk food addiction, the deadly threat of cancer has been looming large over many countries. The article presented in this site focuses on the assumed causes behind this menacing threat and the possible remedies. The importance of intaking quality food with nutritional values is highlighted in this report. You will find it very useful since all the claims are supported by ample amount of facts and figures. Also find in the site relevant links on yoga, meditation and pranayama.

indianews (www.yogasanalive.com)

Visit this web portal hosted by India News to remain up-to-date with the most contemporary health updates. See health tips, updates on latest diseases, their symptoms, protective measures, fitness tips, new health products,healthy exercises and many more. You can safely rely on the authenticity of the information since they are derived from various news channels, health programs, fitness programs, health magazines and journals and several other sources. x

yogasanalive (www.yogasanalive.com)

The calming and assuring posture of yoga is a symbol which signifies an archetypal India. Espouse the cure-all powers of yoga to remain healthy for the length of your earthly tenure. Spiritual awakening helps a great deal in acquiring a cultivated mind and sound physical state. Don't miss out on what the great sage Swami Vivekananda had to say regarding the fundamental undertone of yoga and spiritualism. Also ascertain yourself with the secret of living long by acquiring strong immunizing power.

icls (icls.in)

This one is for all the call center people working under strenuous 24X7 environments. It is of paramount importance for them to flex muscles at regular intervals to prevent them from getting numb. Visit this site to learn how you can remain fresh and energetic, what are the common health disorders, how you can cope with the changing environment especially when you need to work in different shifts, how to position your body in front of the computer so that you can avoid getting stressed up and a number of other core issues.

Web portal (

Visit this all-inclusive virtual guide touching upon each and every aspect of health incorporating of formal definition, physical, mental and social bearings of the term, exponents of sound health, etc. Boost up your mental health with self-confidence, positive energy level, sobriety and good appetite for healthy foods. Flash a glance at the key ingredients of healthy living comprising of good sleep, regular exercise, eating habits, attention to personal and family hygiene, abstaining from smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks and a number of other factors. A real food for thought for all the serious people to whom health matters.

icmr (www.icmr.nic.in)

Want to have factual information on health and related issues? Your search ends here with definitive results. This archival portal is replete with facts like child mortality rate, crude death rate, pre-school mortality rate, stats on babies' weight at the time of birth, annual growth rate, net reproduction rate, leprosy percentage and TB percentage and several other disciplines that represent the collective health of the Indians annually. Health and Family welfare organizations have set for themselves certain objectives to fulfill and see the reflection of their solemn pledge over here.

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