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Herbal Cosmetics

The concept of beauty and cosmetics is as ancient as mankind and civilization. Women are obsessed with looking beautiful. So, they use various beauty products that have herbs to look charming and young. Indian herbs and its significance are popular worldwide. Herbal Cosmetics have growing demand in the world market and is an invaluable gift of nature. There are a wide range of Herbal Cosmetic Products to satisfy your beauty regime. Adding Herbs in Cosmetics is very safe for your skin. Given below are few Herbal Cosmetic Websites.

Indian Sites on Herbal Cosmetics

tajagroproducts (www.tajagroproducts.com)

This site offers you information about the various herbal cosmetic products. It also unravels the beauty secrets the nature has to offer. Many Herbal Cosmetics are exported and supplied from this site. Their henna based products and herbal cosmetics, natural herbal cosmetics, herbal cosmetic products, natural cosmetic products have made a mark for itself.

narang (www.narang.com)

This site provides high quality Natural Cosmetics Herbal Beauty Products, many of which are CE marked and imported by several countries. You will get several herbal cosmetic products from this site. Some of them are facial care, complexion care, anti-ageing/wrinkle treatment, foot and pedi- care, hair care, acne treatment, full body care.

gentekherbal (www.gentekherbal.com)

This site offers you herbal drugs, herbal cosmetics, herbal extract, ayurvedic product, botanical product, botanical herb and neutraceutical products from India.

sulekhab2b (www.sulekhab2b.com)

Visit this site and become a free member. You will be able to select various herbal cosmetic products, such as herbal face packs, herbal facial creams, facial care products, skin care products, herbal skin care and many more.

ayurveda-herbal-remedy (www.ayurveda-herbal-remedy.com)

This site on herbal cosmetics gives you information about Indian herbs, home remedies, herbal tips. You will get every information regarding herbal products and its uses.

turabherbals (www.turabherbals.co.in)

This herbal cosmetic site supplies Herbal Cosmetics, Herbal Products, Herbal Soap, Herbal Baby Soap, Herbal Shampoo, Herbal Hair Soap, Carmino Cosmetics, Skin Care Soap, Petroleum Jelly, Cosmetic Products, Herbal Hair Oil, etc for its customer. You will get a full details of every herbal products in this site.

catalogs indiamart (www.catalogs.indiamart.com)

This site acts as a premier supplier of excellent cosmetic products including beauty and skin products, natural health products, spa products, and more. The cosmetic products offered helps you in getting a glowing, healthy and young looking skin. You can also avail the beauty products at competitive prices.

ayurvediccure (www.ayurvediccure.com)

This is India's best website on Ayurveda, herbal remedies, natural treatments, home remedies and various health guides. You can check out the range of products that will solve your skin problems and health problems.

classiccreationsindia (www.classiccreationsindia.com)

This site has made an impact on natural herbal cosmetics like herbal facial creams, herbal creams, natural henna and many more. Their wide array of natural herbal cosmetics are better substitutes for the modern day cosmetics.

gayatriherbalsindia (www.gayatriherbalsindia.com)

Gayatri Herbals is an esteemed manufacturer and exporter of herbal cosmetic products and skin care products. This site offers aloe vera gel, cucumber gel, herbal face packs, aloe vera all purpose cream, anti wrinkle cream.

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