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The Indus Valley Civilization or the Harappan Civilization, which thrived in the north-western region of Indian subcontinent from 2600 B.C. to 2000 B.C., is the breeding ground of the history of India. While the Indus Valley Civilization was an urban civilization belonging to one of the four greatest civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China, the Vedic period prospered as a rural civilization. The Gupta Empire in the 4th century A.D. is acknowledged as the 'Golden Age of India' for its cultural, social and economic excellence. The Islamic phase which began in the 8th century A.D. with the conquest of Baluchistan and Sindh by Muhammad bin Qasim lasted for almost 1000 years before the Mughals were brought down by the imperial aggression of the British. The following sites are going to give you the detailed account of a vast period in Indian history.

indianchild (www.indianchild.com)

This site is a colossal repository of historical facts and figures. All the phases of Indian history starting from ancient India to the struggle for independence have been captured and elaborated with in-depth research and analysis. You will find chronological listing of wars, prime ministers and presidents of India, history of Indian coins and currencies along with biographies of some of the noted personalities from every field of life.

mapsofindia (www.mapsofindia.com)

Preceded by a brief introduction to the history of India, this site upholds not just historical accounts but also digs deep into pre-historical times like the Stone Age. The systematic presentation of facts will be of great help to you. Each and every epoch is discussed separately under categories and sub-categories. Under the general category you will find pre-partition map and ancient India map. A number of links are to be found on the left, each of which will redirect you to discover India through maps. There are links on traveling, transport networking and many other topics as well. Click on the following link to find out more.

hoi welcometoindi (www.hoi.welcometoindia.com)

Walk back to the past to demystify the enigmatic history of a great nation only with this site! The homepage is artistically made to ensure less burdening of facts. Instead, buttons are placed to let you explore different eras of Indian history with minimum of fuss. Clicking on any of those buttons will take you to that particular time where another set of links are given based on a narrower time frame. You are at liberty to check out the Flash version of the site too. In case you want to study maps, just click on the 'Maps' button given at the bottom-left.

indhistory (www.indhistory.com)

This is a ready-to-hand guide of Indian history that you can bank upon safely. Glean through the page to grasp the gist first and then click on the links to get relevant information on a variety of topics related to the history of India. You will find treatises on Cast System in India, Aryans, Hindu Temples and Festivals, the Ramayana, the Vedas, the Puranas and a number of other subjects. See the links at the top to know about ancient history of Rome and China and history of DVD in Britain.

webindia123 (www.webindia123.com)

Web India 123 chips in with an extensive account of the history of India from ancient to modern times. The uniqueness of this portal lies in its meticulous detailing of different regimes. The history of India after independence has also been taken into account with comprehensive information about presidents and prime ministers. Another fascinating inclusion in the site is the 'Sources' tab that informs you about sources behind historical revelations. Also peek in at the history of individual states in India.

india-history (www.india-history.com)

An exclusive map portal narrating Indian history from the prehistoric Stone Age to India in the 20th century – this site is surely going to make you form a more fond opinion of history in general. It is a virtual place where geography and history coexist and complement each other so that you may decipher history more accurately and interestingly. A worth-visiting site indeed...

thetruehistoryandthereligionofindia (www.thetruehistoryandthereligionofindia.org)

The True History and the Religion of India is a book written by Swami Prakashanand Saraswati, the founder of the “International Society of Divine Love”. This site focuses on the theme of the book in the historical context of India. If you happen to be an erudite research scholar looking for some substantial inspiration to explore traditional Indian philosophy and Hinduism, you need not go anywhere else. Log on to this site to avail some of their unique services like 'Book Orders' and 'Endorsements' as well. You may also go through the contents of the book before you decide to buy it.

cultureofindia (www.cultureofindia.net)

Visit the site to get a concise account of Indian history and contemporary Indian issues. You will come in touch with an abundance of links pertaining to various historical, social and religious topics such as coins, religions in India, Indian society, economy, education in India, dresses, fashion designers, cuisines and a number of other topics. Feel free to come up with your suggestions and comments.

goindiago (/www.goindiago.com)

Amass quality information about Indian history from olden days to the present era. Each phase is elucidated with illustrations and key characteristics. All the important keywords are hyperlinked so that you may switch between pages containing relevant information. There are links aplenty on other dimensions of Indian life as well. Click on the link given below to start browsing.

kamat (www.kamat.com)

Timeline of India is a very neatly-woven factual base of Indian history, encompassing a huge span of time from prehistoric times to modern India. In case you are doubtful about the authenticity of the information, just click on the link named 'How we know' to visit the sources of information. You can directly print the page in PDF format. See the link below.

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