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Jai Hind

Jai Hind is a term whose literal meaning is “Victory to India”. This term with patriotic connotations, according to some, had been coined by freedom fighter Dr Champakaraman Pillai, while others think this term was created by Netaji Subhash Chadra Bose. With the passage of time the very patriotic term Jai Hind has been used to name a gamut of places and institutions. It has a very emotional association with Indian freedom struggle and is still used in India in speeches and communication pertaining to Indian patriotism. Surf through the handpicked 10 best Indian sites on Jai hind and let your patriotic spirit soar up high.

Jai_Hind (en.wikipedia.org)

This site provides a clear picture about the etymology and definition of the term Jaihind. It throws light on its coinage by Dr Chapakaraman Pillai. It also harps on the fact that Jai Hind is the official salutation to address the superior officers in the Indian army.

answers (www.answers.com)

This site also probes into the heart of the term Jai Hind and its coinage by Champakaram Pillai, a famous freedom fighter. This tradition of using Jai Hind was also upheld by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and continues to be revered by patriotic Indians.

trivialmatters (trivialmatters.blogspot.com)

Here is an article which questions the prevalent notion that Jai Hind was a termed first used by Champakraman Pillai and also expresses doubt on the literal explanation of the term Jai Hind as” Victory to India”. Viewers are free to post their views regarding this issue.

adaniel tripod (adaniel.tripod.com)

This site has an erudite though a bit critical article on Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who was the creator of the term Jai Hind which still is used in India. This article harps on the achievements in Netaji's life which include coining this oft used term and also emphasizes the controversies in his life which led Mahatma Gandhi to call him a misguided patriot.

mouthshut (www.mouthshut.com)

This is a very useful site for Indians charged up with the spirit of patriotism. This site provides a review of best Indian patriotic songs. The songs are soulful and touching and will fill you with emotions for your country. The mellifluous lyrics and the touching melody of these chosen songs have the quintessential spirit of patriotism for India the entire selection is headed by the patriotic cry of Jai Hind.

khushi wordpres (khushi.wordpress.com)

This site is an ode to the patriotic spirit of Indians. This discourse titled “Jai Hind – Happy independence Day' hopes to capture the mysticism and enigma of the vast country called India and the responses that India evoked in great minds like Rabindranath Tagore and Mark Twain. This lovely piece quotes some exquisite lines of Tagore's poetry from Gitanjali. Visit this site and be inspired.

rediff (www.rediff.com)

This site questions the plastic patriotism that many modern Indian politicians as well as the public of modern India indulge in. A pertinent question is asked whether Indian patriotism is solely boosted up by metallic voices in telephones greeting us with 'vande mataram' or us singing off emails with signature lines like “Mera Bharat Mahan” or “Jai Hind”. It gives an emotional call to all Indians to go beyond these meaningless gestures and imbibe true love for India.

hinduonnet (www.hinduonnet.com)

This article on this site by Anna Peter starts with a poignant question whether ' Jai Hind' is very indicative of its connotative nature. It emphasizes the fact that though Jai Hind remains the salutation for India, most Indians do not understand its true significance as most of them do not even know at all why the tricolor is being hoisted.

india-today (www.india-today.com)

This site is a treasure chest of moving messages for those Indian soldiers fighting in the battle front which will fill you with patriotic zeal and fervor. This site rightfully names dateline Kargil as a living testimony of the fact that patriotic fervor and the clarion cry of Jai Hind are still very much imbibed into the hearts of Indians.

myiris (pib.myiris.com)

This is a site maintained by the government of India and contains some lovely write ups exalting the zeal of Patriotism in India. One such article by Yashwant Argarey reminisces the spirit of patriotism and rapture which shook the city of Jabbalpur when India got independence. This poignant walk down the memory lane is a subtle reminder to all of us about the sacrifices made by the freedom fighters to achieve independence for India and how the Indians hailed the free India with jubilation and patriotic fervor.

These sites are a summation of what Jai Hind and Indian patriotism entails in present day context.

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