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Top Hobbies Sites
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Hobbies are the activities that allow people hone their interests and acquire knowledge and skills. Such activities help kids understand their likings and give them experience for future endeavors. Adults get the opportunity to spend stress free time while engaging in a hobby.

Best Hobbies Sites are the most fruitful pastime harbouring personal interest and enjoyment. Every person has a passion for something that he engages in leisure time. This activity of passion gets termed as hobbies. Common examples of hobbies are stamp collecting, creative or artistic pursuits, sports, gardening, cooking, reading etc. Best Hobbies Sites help us to relax through the pursuit of some engagement that brings about personal fulfillment. Unwinding in contentment is the ultimate aim. Here you get websites on various common hobbies that people indulge in generally.

Hobby Classes (

This is one of the best hobbies sites in India. It has a number of articles giving information about different hobbies like pottery, knitting, cake making and coin collecting. It also helps in choosing a hobby. In addition, you can find addresses of hobby centric classes and workshops in different Indian cities.

Woodooz (

Woodooz is among the top hobbies sites in India, helping and inspiring people to make things themselves. The site has numerous articles about craft work, wood work, painting, and do-it-yourself projects. It showcases a number of Indian art-work like murals, paper mache tribal masks, Madhubani and Kalamkari paintings etc.

Indian Child (

Indian Child is a popular parents and children website in India. Its Hobby section has links to a variety of exciting hobbies for kids like magic tricks, crafts, cooking etc. You can click on any craft idea like candle holders, earrings, homemade soap etc. and learn more about making them.

RobinAge (

RobinAge is one of the best online children’s magazines in India. Its Hobby Center tab has details about several hobbies like glass painting, roller skating, and numismatics. In addition, there are further articles on a specific hobby, for instance Numismatics has articles giving knowledge about different coins in India.

Hobby Paintings Ideas (

If you like to paint, this is one of the best hobby sites for you. It has information about painting in different materials like glass, fabric and paper. The site also has advices for making other things like floating candles, foil paper statues and rangoli designs. It has step by step instructions for making such creative stuff.

India Study Channel (

This is a great website giving information about different hobbies including photography, blogging, gardening and philately. The articles here also help people choose a hobby and practice it for a long time. There are guides to certain activities as well as setting up an aquarium and growing bonsai trees.

Discover a Hobby (

This is a great site for hobbies. It has information about more than 225 hobbies that includes performing arts, sports and collecting. Each hobby has extensive information about the activity, videos showing the methods to do it, and a forum where like-minded people can discuss about it.

Lifestyle (

This is one of the best Indian sites for hobbies. It covers details about hobbies for kids, men and women. These include magic tricks, ventriloquism, video making and knitting. You can browse through a variety of articles explaining methods to do a particular activity like “How to Skateboard” and “Baby Quilt Patterns”.

Hobby Ideas (

Hobby Ideas is a popular hobby site in India. It has demonstration videos, giving instructions for doing various things like painting on glass, making a blazing candle holder and designing a jewellery box. In its Project Ideas tab, it has information about some creative hobby projects like designing a t-shirt and making necklaces.

Make Projects (

This is one of the biggest portals with information about various do-it-yourself projects. It has projects in different fields like technology, food, crafts, robotics, science and music. The site has step by step instructions and a community to help you share your experiences with others.

Some Other Websites for Hobbies

itsybitsy (

Are you totally engrossed in craft making as your hobby? Then go through the site, Itsy Bitsy, to shop for the materials you need for your craft projects. It is an online store providing a wide range of craft and hobby products. Itsy Bitsy also has a physical presence with its two craft stores located in the city of Bangalore.

hobbies-collections (

Do you feel like passing your leisure with works of art, antiques or sports? Whatever be your hobby, this site caters to all your needs. Given in this site are the various categories and types of hobbies. Log in and search through to get information and data on your choice of hobby from this site.

khoj (

What's your passion? Do you feel interest in photography, writing, cooking or collecting antiques? Whatever be your hobby, log in this site and get the detailed list of websites on various pastimes. takes you on a tour of all types of fascinating hobbies that people indulge in with the help of this site.

chennaibest (

Best Hobbies Sites are always interesting and creative in itself. It relaxes the mind and brings out the hidden passion within a person. In this age of rat race, hobbies are hugely necessary to unwind and relax. Visit this site and read about some captivating hobbies of people of Chennai. Leave your comments on the articles if you want, in this site.

penguinbooksindia (

This site is a must visit for book lovers. Treat yourself with books of different genres and of various age groups. From best sellers, fictions, non-fiction to anything under the umbrella of books, whatever book you are searching for, just log in this site and get your dish. Parents can also opt for some good books for their bookworm children from this site. You can even manage to fish out the books in your child’s curriculum and buy them online.

indiaxroads (

Love to cook and treat people to different dishes? Then you are in the right site. Providing you with a wide collection of recipes of Chinese items, rotis, pickles and more, this site is a must visit. Serve and amaze your guests with new delicacies every day with salivating recipes, tips and cooking lessons from this site. Enhance and update your skills of cooking and enjoy the smile and appraisal of others for your culinary skills.

indbazaar (

Are you a reading buff and look forward to explore the online territory to fill up your leisure time? Online reading has caught the fancy among many net savvy people as this has proved to be a valued and easily accessible investment of time. Read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, romantic novels and more on the site without having to buy the reading rights. They have Rudyard Kipling, Martin Luther King, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and more. You can easily download from their list and read them whenever you want to.

stampcollecting (

Stamp collecting is one of the most common hobbies taken up by people. This site is informative and handy to guide you on your hobby of stamp collecting. It gives you relevant info on stamp collecting, stamp prices, rare stamps, stamp values, stamp directory, Philately and more. If you want to know more on stamps, feel free to contact here.

sanjeevkapoor (

If cooking is your hobby, Sanjeev Kapoor is sure to be one of your favourites. A master chef with fabulous cooking skills, he has made cooking enjoying and comfortable. Visit this site of Sanjeev Kapoor and learn the art of cooking. Learn quick tips and tricks of cooking win hearts as it is said that the way to hearts is through the stomach. Know from this site how tasty healthy foods can be cooked easily.

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