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Do you wonder what to do when you have time and simply sitting in front of the computer with nothing to do? If you love reading, you could take up any book and flip through the pages. Reading is an addictive hobby. When reading about Bluntschli and Raina in that dark night in G.B.Shaw’s famous drama ‘Arms and the Man’, who can not feel the passion that is building up between them! Who doesn’t shed a tear while reading the lines of ‘The Happy Prince’ by Oscar Wilde or who doesn’t boast of a proud heart when going through Rabindranath Tagore’s poetry dedicated to his motherland! www.bestindiansites.com has picked out top ten sites for you to be able to spend your time fruitfully, reading whenever you want to.

rediff (members.rediff.com)

Incorporate the most absorbing of all hobbies i.e. reading. Reading is one of the most common yet most popular hobbies. Know why reading is healthy as a hobby. Learn reading techniques and also what you could read to enhance your knowledge. There are also certain suggestions on the books you could use for reading. Take a look.

Yahoo (in.news.yahoo.com)

If reading is a hobby with you, then let us tell you that you have one of the most amazing hobbies. Reading teases the mind and makes you think rationally. People learn most of their words while reading. Learn how reading increases your vocabulary and how it boosts general knowledge. If you find reading interesting, you will find this site interesting too. Take a look now.

penguinbooksindia (www.penguinbooksindia.com)

Book lovers come here for a treat. Find new releases for all age groups right here. Those who love reading will find this site quite interesting. You will get fiction, non-fiction, best sellers and also books for children. Parents if you are trying to get your children in to the reading habit, you could opt for books from the site.

ifsha (www.ifsha.org)

Do you know when your child seriously needs to adopt the reading habit? Know the symptoms in this site and guide your children to reading habit. Children need a little guidance from you parents and if you can inculcate this habit in them, they will benefit for the rest of their lives. It is possible to create a healthy reader out of your child. You have to be the inspiration and it is always best to start early. Find out all of these from the site.

indianchild (www.indianchild.com)

Reading is a habit that can be inculcated if at an early age. Parents should keep in mind that the one of the best options to make your child’s brain work all the time is to make him or her read a lot. Reading not only enhances knowledge and makes the child more aware of the surroundings, it also polishes the child’s ability to rationalize things. Read on how to make your child interested in reading and how to inculcate this habit in him or her.

indbazaar (www.indbazaar.com)

When you have time and you don’t know what to do sitting in front of the computer, visit this site. Read fiction, non-fiction, poetry, romantic novels and more on the site. It is all for free. They have Rudyard Kipling, Martin Luther King, Robert Louis Stevenson, Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde and more. You can easily download from their list and read them whenever you want to.

nalanda (www.nalanda.nitc.ac.in)

Read your all time favourite western classics in this site absolutely for free. If you are looking for the works of Agatha Christie, you will find it here. Find the all time favourite writers like Mark Twain, O’Henry, P.G.Wodehouse, Margaret Mitchell and more. You obviously remember reading through Mark Twains ‘The Adventures of Tom Saywer’ and Anton Chekov’s ‘Ivanoff’. Revive memories of reading through, the favourite drama ‘Arms and the Man’ by George Bernard Shaw. Read about the authors and also from the further links that are provided there.

Manaskriti (manaskriti.com/kaavyaalaya/)

Read poems in Hindi from this site. All you lovers of Hindi poetry come here, for there is an impressive array of poetry by well known poets. You can easily click on the links and read the poems and even submit your feedback on the site or on a poem. They have poets like Amit Kapoor, Manoshi Chatterjee, Kamlesh Pandey and the likes. Read on and make reading interesting.

indolink (www.indolink.com)

Now you can read the immortal poems of Rabindranath Tagore from this site. The site contains the translated versions of few of the famous poems written by the Nobel Laureate. Go through the heart warming experience of reading his poems and learn the intricacy of the art. The site also allows you to submit your poems for others to view.

jncasr (www.jncasr.ac.in)

Whether you like reading poetry or prose, this site has it all for you. You will be directed to the numerous sites from where you can read online. If reading is of prime importance to you, visit their site and read as much as you want. Visit the poet’s corner and read poetry or you can read through the translated versions of the Nobel Laureate, Rabindranath Tagore’s works. You can also read Hindi poems here.

www.bestindiansites.com gives you interesting information.