Best Sites for Hospitality

Best Sites for Hospitality
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Indian tourism and hospitality sector has reached new heights today. Travelers are taking new interests in the country which leads to the upgrading of the hospitality sector. Even an increase in business travel has driven the hospitality sector to serve their guests better. Visiting foreigners has reached a record 3.92 million and consequently International tourism receipts have also reached a height of US$ 5.7 billion. Hospitality Industry is closely linked with travel and tourism industries. India is experiencing huge footfalls as a favorite vacation destination of foreigners and natives and the hospitality industry is going into a tizzy working towards improving itself. Fierce competition and fight to rank on the number one position is leading the leaders of this industry to contemplate on ideas and innovate successful hospitality products and services every day. We at have listed a few sites which would help you to soar in the hospitality business.

timesofindia (

This is a gem of a article for those who are aspiring to venture into the hospitality industry of India. Here Mahesh Bhayeti one of the most prominent hospitality professionals of India and the marketing director of Hyatt Regency Hotel , Delhi delineates myriads of details on the Indian hospitality industry. He also provides a guideline on the kind of skills and attitude that is needed to reach at the helm of this industry. Definitely a site worth a visit if you are a wannabe hospitality professional!

webindia (

They offer courses on hotel management. Those who want to take this industry seriously let us tell you there really is a prospect here. This site will give you information on how to go about getting admission in this institute. You will also find a brief on the course material here. They also offer scholarships. So students, be on the look out. They have given the course material individually for the three years long program. Visit their photo gallery to get a clearer picture of the place.

phoenixhrdindia (

Hospitality industry plays a major role in the overall economic growth of the country. Along with the rapid industrial growth and promotion of tourism, the catering and hotel sector is booming and offering huge job prospects to Indians. Phoenix HRD is a placement agency which helps you to find the perfect jobs in the Catering and Hotel industry that range from restaurants to hotels. With this era of globalization and growth in the Hospitality industry, the demand for qualified and experienced professionals in India and overseas is increasing. So all you who are in the hospitality industry and are looking for a dream job just log into this site and find a perfect job.

ihmgoa (

A posh location, a posh industry and refined course material makes for this hospitality institute. Set in the heart of the paradise called Goa, this institute offers you a course on hospitality management. Get the course contents from their site. You may also speak to their principal online to clarify anything that you need to. The site gives you an option to give in your feedback. There is provision for you to meet the faculty too. For more information on the institute visit the link and learn about them.

educationinfoindia (

Are you worried about the career prospects in the travel and tourism sector? Do you have questions in mind regarding this hospitality industry? Then you should visit this site. They have answered probable questions for your benefit. You will get an idea of what the industry holds and the career prospects here. You will also get to know the remuneration in the industry as well as the growth prospects. Visiting this site will definitely help you reach a conclusion if you really want to be in the hospitality industry.

amity (

If you are interested in pursuing a course in the much talked about hospitality industry, then this site will help you. Amity University offers courses on the said subject. You will find what this course is all about, how you can apply for the course and whether you can avail scholarship. You can easily download forms from here. Their online recruitment is an added feature of this site. Find out more if all this interests you. Simply click on the link above.

winentrance (

While most of the institutes offer a diploma course in the field of hospitality, visiting this site will tell you which institutes offer a degree course in the same field. A brief of the course content is also mentioned here along with the opportunities that will flow in for the hospitality graduates. You also have an added advantage of viewing the total number of seats that are available at all the institutes. A brief on the entrance exam is also given here. This will definitely help you prepare yourself better.

expresshospitality (

In this article you will find elaborate information Dr Ambedkar Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Chandigarh which has carved a niche for itself as one of top notch hotel management training institutes in India. It is a name to be reckoned with in the hospitality sector of India. In this article you can glean information on the various courses offered at this institute. Here you also can find details on the future prospects of the Indian hospitality industry. There are very bright prospects for hospitality education in the country. The tourism industry is the third largest net earner of foreign exchange in India. It is expected to be number one by the year 2010.

pihmct (

This is the official site of Pondicherry Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology. This esteemed institute is renowned for providing requisite training for acquiring necessary skills for a glorious career in the hospitality industry. This institute can rightly boast of hundreds of students are working efficiently in the Indian hospitality industry and some of them have gone abroad also. Gather information on the various courses available in this institute and have a fruitful career in the hospitality industry.

fhrai (

Form a clear picture about the Indian hospitality industry from this insightful site which is the official magazine of the Federation of Hotels and restaurant Association of India. It delves on the current scenario and the immense growth prospect of this industry. All the statements made in this pertinent article are validated with recent statistics which testifies to the immense growth potential and foreign revenue earning capacity of the Indian hospitality industry. Empower yourself with information about the hospitality industry of India from this web page.

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