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What is the first thing you tend to focus on when you are planning for an outstation visit? Irrespective of whether you set out for a business trip or a pleasure one, securing a sound accommodation is on the top of your priority list. India with a multitude of tourist destinations attracts a wide range of travelers throughout the year from all across the globe. Naturally the hotel industry in India has flourished a great deal adding to the fun factor of carefree traveling. No matter where you go and what you can afford to spend for the purpose of food and lodging, India has in her rich repertoire all types of hotels ranging from budget hotels to 5 star deluxe hotels to meet the specific taste of her guests. Now bestindiansites.com enlists top ten Indian sites on hotels. Trace the gradual evolution of hotel business in India, book hotels online and do a lot more to hit it up big time!

tajhotels (www.tajhotels.com)

A centennial group dedicated to provide impeccable hospitality to its valued guests, the Taj group of Hotels, resorts and palaces has made their name famous across the tourist fraternity of the world. Visit their official website to find comprehensive information on reservation details, events, spas and health clubs under the Taj, hotel directory, etc. Tickle your culinary fantasies and get yourself intoxicated with exquisitely delicate brands of wine they offer at your service.

travelmasti (www.travelmasti.com)

It is always safer to book your hotel well before you set foot on an unknown territory. This archival website precisely ensures this very thing. It takes care of your unuttered wish in a well-organized manner. Find hotels from the nook and corner of the country and book rooms online by virtue of a mere mouse click! Read up hotel profiles and accommodation facilities before booking. Visit the site to know further.

indiahotelreview (www.indiahotelreview.com)

Are you feeling a little twitchy regarding what to look forward to before safely booking a hotel for your family? Well, simply ask the experts who have been into this business for a long enough time to guide you out of your uncertainty. This interactive website caters to your need perfectly. Find featured hotel of the week to check out the unique facilities it offers to the boarders and also where it stands in terms of rankings. To ease up your search, this site also has a search box where you can just type in the hotel or city name to ascertain yourself more on the corresponding topic.

Hotel (hotel.directi.com)

Explore Indian hospitality at its graceful best with this site. Search for hotels in area-specific manner. Find all sorts of hotels including budget hotels, posh and luxurious hotels as well as heritage hotels to create the ambiance. More importantly, the information you are going to find over here is extensive and vivid, encompassing not just facilities but also details of location and transport information. Book your hotel online by just filling up a Hotel Booking form.

theashok (www.theashok.com)

Want to get amazed by a magnanimous posture of heritage and modernity? The Ashok group of hotels is sure to make you hold your breath. Their services include broad-band Internet from every room, exquisite banquet facilities, health spas, variety of highly luxurious suites, international and domestic cuisines and many more. Housed at the business area of New Delhi, The Ashok is a happening name across the elite club of tourists from all over the world. Check out the facts before you check-in!

tata (www.tata.com)

The brand name of Tata needs no formal introduction to anyone. They are an institution by their own rights. They have been doing business in various sectors ranging from Information Technology to Travel and Tourism. Their subsidiaries like the Taj group have been proudly providing world-class hotel services in India and abroad. This site focuses on the expansion of their hotel business covering 40 locations in India and quite a few overseas.

itcportal (www.itcportal.com)

Although ITC is a relatively new player in the hotel business of India, their network now is quite far-fetched. One of the jems in their armor is the ITC Maurya in New Delhi which has entertained luminaries like Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. In case you want to explore culinary options with them, you are sure to get enthralled since their restaurant name Bukhara has been acclaimed as the best Indian restaurant in the world! Fascinated? Take a look at the site.

journeymart (www.journeymart.com)

Confirm your destination from a whopping list of 2400 hotels in India and 21000 from around the world. Journeymart.com showcases a customized website where you can search for your dream hotel by just providing the details of your choice like location, check-in and check-out dates, number of rooms to be booked, etc. Also find in this site tour and train schedules, flight details and cruising information.

theparkhotels (www.theparkhotels.com)

Perk up your imagination with the Park! They offer a resplendent range of luxury boutique hotels defining artistry and innovation in urban backdrops. Currently they have accommodation facilities in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Navi Mumbai and Visakhapatnam. If you want to experience their immaculate services, you can check out the availability of rooms from this site by entering your date of arrival and number of staying days.

palacesofindia (www.palacesofindia.com)

Rajasthan is famous for its cultural heritage. The heritage hotels there also conform to this notion of Rajasthan. Pick one up and go back to the olden, enchanting days of Kings and Maharajas. Browse through the palace of the month to know about its services that include airy suites, imposing structures, good food and exquisite liquors. Also check out the heritage hotels that announce special offers for a given time and the upcoming hotels. Reserve your room online before you reach Rajasthan physically.

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