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Human Resources

Human Resource or HR, as it is popularly known, highlights the contribution of workers behind the functioning of an organization. Here the term worker signifies all the classes of workers irrespective of their skill set or educational background. Human resource planning is now a very important issue as every business house is bound to plan a prosperous future for all its employees. The HR processes information and delegates it to the various organs of the organization for the smooth and efficient functioning. Bestindiansites.com enlists top five Indian websites which discusses the popular Human resource issues and practices.

education (www.education.nic.in)

It is the webpage of the Ministry of Human Resources development of India. It primarily focuses upon the compact development of all its citizens beginning from childhood and continuation of this process through out their lives. From this site, we also come to know about the two departments of this Ministry, namely the Department for school education & literacy and the Department for higher education. This site is instrumental in providing valuable links regarding elementary education, secondary education, minority education and many more related subjects.

Center of Management Development

Center of Management Development is a site that focusses on the deveolopment of management skills. Also MINI MBA programs are also offered along with programs like Leadership and Management,Corporate training etc.. Browse this site for more information.

nationalfertilizers (www.nationalfertilizers.com)

National Fertilizers Limited values its employees as its most valuable resource. It offers a number of career opportunities to young and qualified professionals in various domains. It is also renowned for arranging training programs for all its employees by which it ignites the fire of motivation in their minds. It also meets the statutory obligations with respect to employee health, safety and welfare. Apart from all these it also provides well maintained canteens, recreation clubs, housing facilities, schools and a sound and safe working environment. It is indeed a role model for other companies when it comes to respecting your employees.

sconul (www.sconul.ac.uk)

This file will introduce you with the Human Resources Best Practice Guidelines,Strategies to improve the performance of the organisation,Action to improve the performance of an organisation etc. and othet HR related issues. Check this site out for more information that was never known before.

empxtrack (www.empxtrack.com)

This site highlights about the HR practices and has the resource like Top 10 HR Best Practices, Safe, Healthy And Happy Workplace,Open Book Management Style, Performance Linked Bonuses,360-Degree Performance Management Feedback System, Fair Evaluation System For Employees, Knowledge Sharing, Highlight Performers, Open House Discussions And Feedback Mechanisms,Reward Ceremonies,Delight Employees With The Unexpected. Surf this site for more information.

younghrmanager (www.younghrmanager.com)

It gives information on the Strategic Human Resource Management,its issues,role,approach,implementation,future etc. These topics will help in implementing the strategy for the optimum utilization of the human resources which will in turn benefit the company.

shrm (www.shrm.org)

It has information about SHRM,HR Disciplines,Legal Issues ,Templates and Tools, Publications ,Research, Education, Conferences ,Communities,Advocacy etc. Get more information from this site.

humanresources (humanresources.co.in)

This imposing site is brimmed with essential links and topics related to the world of HR. It offers a free registration service to you so that you can sign up and start opining your views and thoughts on human resource and HR events taking place around the world. Join an elite group of HR professionals, students and service providers online to get your interaction going. Check out the job openings and a number of relevant links like Downloads, Forums and Profile.

hrmbusiness (www.hrmbusiness.com)

The site focusses on Street Smart Human Resource Management & Business Practices and has the section of Recent Articles that has latest news about HR Field in various companies.Browse this site for more knowledge.

cdac (www.cdac.in)

C-DAC family is renowned for their considerate and amicable attitude towards their employees. Their strength lies in their interpretation of work culture and individualistic treatment of employees. Weaving policies that firstly and fore mostly revolves around the employees and creating an informal, easy-going working environment so congenial for the sprouting of innovative ideas are the attributes that single them out from other organizations engaged in similar activities. Visit their site to know further.

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