Best Sites for Humanities
Humanities deal with a wide range of subjects. Hence in just one page it would be difficult to list all aspects of disciplines that come under Humanities. The makes an honest effort to gather the important and resourceful websites on humanities. All those who genuinely require some authentic source of knowledge online, these given links would be useful. The most beneficial links on humanities are given below. They will be of some good use to people who are seeking good websites on humanities.

oup (

The Oxford University Press is a name to reckon with for the school going masses. It has a comprehensive list of books in the syllabi for ICSE and ISC. The up-to-date data in the texts is sorted by their relevance and quality. Major subjects under humanities are covered. Workbooks and teacher's manuals are available for the students and teachers respectively. This is the USP of Quick search is enabled for the users so that they can type the name of book and author they need and avail them.

khoj ( is an online directory of humanities. People who desire to search specifically a topic of humanities can breathe a sigh of relief. So, for more point-to-point and refined search this site charts the top. Students of humanities or knowledge thirsty onlookers can reach their destination. And they would not have to arrive at their wit's end to get the much-needed information.

indiaeducation (

Career-builders have a pot of luck here. Due to lack of exposure to the career opportunities in humanities, people end up saying goodbye to it. But here you can learn about the channels that open up after pursuing a course in humanities. The different categories of humanities are explored and relevant career options are counseled. (

This is another selected site where career advice for humanities is offered. But the feather in the cap of is the opportunity shelled out by them for job seekers. On top of that scholarship and loan schemes for higher studies are discussed. The answer as to how students can apply for international programs in courses under humanities is also cracked. National and international schools and colleges of studies are provided for eager candidates.

pagalguy (

When the clouds of doubt hang heavily, all one needs is to talk out the issues. This is just the motto of Here you can interact with people who belong to the stream of humanities and get all your doubts cleared. You can open up your mind to the study-mates. Feel free to ask for any help and the forum will take the initiative to get you out of the trouble.

indiamart (

This is a one-stop portal on humanities. You will get a comprehensive list of the institutes offering courses on humanities, exporter and publisher of humanity books, booksellers, online portals on humanities and the list continues. Check-out the books on humanities. The USP of this portal is its unique directory search option where you can search any topic you like.

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