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Gandhi Jokes

Gandhi jokes are jokes quite prevalent in India. They are usually narrated in coarse language and may have overt or covert sexual connotations.These jokes usually involve some famous politicians from pre-independence patriotic era of India and most often involves Gandhi, the most important of these politicians. These sorts of jokes are most popular amongst high school kids and usually they have side-splitting punch lines. Though these jokes are not always in good taste but sometimes they take on Indian politics and political personalities on a lighter tone.

Gandhi_Jokes (en.wikipedia.org)

This site provides a lucid definition what Gandhi jokes entail. They inform us of the popularity of these jokes among the adolescent. These jokes though often use sexual innuendos and coarse languages are often quite hilarious, especially so, since people know what is being told is not true. These jokes often involve Mahatma Gandhi or any other famous political personalities form the pre-independence period.

indya (forum.indya.com)

This site provides you with an array of rib-tickling jokes which involve the fictional conversation between Munna Bhai, a small time goon from Mumbai and his assistant Circuit who are inspired by the ideology of Gandhi. These jokes completely take you to a journey through laughter riot because of the unlikely combination of Gandhi and Munnabhai coming together.

nsitlounge (www.nsitlounge.in)

If you want a laughter riot, these Gandhi jokes will provide you with side-splitting though a bit slapstick humor. If you are a true Gandhi jokes enthusiast, this site will provide you with a gamut of jokes on Gandhi to lighten your mood and bring some laughter in your drab life.

ashokforums (www.ashokforums.com)

The jokes in this site are really funny in a witty sort of way. These jokes will tickle your funny bone and make you smile. These jokes though have covertly sexual twist but they are not totally in bad taste and remain within the limits of decorum. But the bottom line is, you procure pure unadulterated fun from these jokes.

campusnut (www.campusnut.com)

The Gandhi joke in this site is worth taking a peek. This joke is a bit more erudite than usual Gandhi jokes available in other sites and that makes this site a bit different. These jokes will make you smile as well as think. However, this is not the site if you are more interested in slapstick humor.

dinesh (www.dinesh.com)

This humorous site tries to make a witty and humorous rendition of Richard Attenborough's famous film “Gandhi” which was based on Gandhiji’s life. It suggests some wicked and funny title for the remake of the film like “Mein Mohan tu kastur” or “ Gandhi number one”. They make fun and banter by mixing the incongruous glitz and glamour used in Bollywood masala movies with the sombre film made on Gandhi, which will make your sides split with laughter.

sher (www.sher.in)

This site includes jokes that not only make Mahatma Gandhi but other eminent personalities like Jawaharlal Nehru the target of their humor and sarcasm. Interesting read for those who enjoy these kinds of jokes. Pure laughter is guaranteed if you are not the type to get affronted by the use of the names of these famous personalities in this joke.

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