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Import refers to any commodity which is bought from a foreign country. India imports a lot of essential commodities from the international market every year. The imported products range from healthcare to jewellery, apparels to engineering equipments and handicrafts to oxygen plants. The import companies of India are the main players in the Indian import industry. The import houses of India play a pivotal role in importing goods from the international market. Learn about the Indian import trade, introduce yourself to the import companies of India and check-out the products that India imports from the foreign countries by cruising through the following 10 portals.

indiamart (dir.indiamart.com)

Acquaint yourself with the Indian importers by logging on to indiamart.com .It offers you a directory of the import houses and importers of India. Check-out the materials that India imports from other countries. You can enlist your company on this portal and guess what -it comes absolutely free. The USP of this portal is its search box. Look up in the directory for any topic you want by simply typing the keyword in the search box – it’s that simple. Cruise through the navigational links on related topics. If business is in your mind check-out the tender-notifications posted here.

trade-india (www.trade-india.com)

This portal will offer you precise, detailed and up-to-date information on the importers and buyers of India. Here you will also get a comprehensive list of the international buyers and importers. The importers are classified according to the products imported by them. Specific categorization makes the search extremely easy and convenient. Check-out the extensive database of the buyers and importers of India. The portal is enabled with a search box where you can look up for the national as well as international importers and can also take a look at the products imported by these companies.

locateindia. (importers.locateindia.com)

Introduce yourself to the Indian importers by clicking on this portal. India imports a wide range of products ranging from handicraft to automobile and engineering equipments, jewelleries to leather products and healthcare products to oxygen plants. Check-out the products imported by India from the foreign countries. Here you will also find a list of the online importers of India.

allindiamarkets (www.allindiamarkets.com)

Scouting for information on Indian importers? Click on this portal and you will get a comprehensive directory of the importers, manufacturers, traders and suppliers of India. Here you can glean detailed information on the Indian importers. Take a look at the products imported by India from the international market. Narrow down your search with the help of the search box provided on this site.

eindiabusiness (www.eindiabusiness.com)

Explore the import industry of India by visiting this portal. Familiarize yourself with the importers and import houses of India. You can also get acquainted with the international importers. This portal enables you to look for Indian importers according to the products imported by them. Specific product categories will make your search exciting and easier. Take a sneak peek into the products imported by India. Access the search box to look for any business in India – you can search by mentioning the product or the company name.

tradeindia (www.tradeindia.com)

Looking for information on the Indian importers? This portal will offer you comprehensive information on the importers and buyers of India. Introduce yourself to the buyers and importers of India; take a look at the products imported by them from the foreign countries. Also acquaint yourself with the foreign buyers and importers. The search box enables you to search for buyers, sellers and service providers of India --- narrow down your search by mentioning the product or the name of the company.

tradeindia (www.tradeindia.com)

This portal will provide you with a directory of the Indian importers and buyers. Glean in-depth information on the buyers and importers of India by browsing through this directory. Check-out the pulse buyers and pulse importers of India. It will provide you with extensive information on the pulse importers of India. You are welcome to join in as a member of this portal - for that you need to complete the online registration formalities.

exportersindia (www.exportersindia.com)

Exportersindia.com is a directory portal where you can get comprehensive information on the Indian importers, exporters, manufacturers, service providers and wholesale suppliers. Specific categorizations make it easier and convenient to locate importers dealing with particular type of products. Check-out the trade leads display; introduce yourself to the various Indian dealers. The search box provided here enables you to search easily and conveniently – search by business category, by products or services. You can further narrow your search by availing the advance search option.

maheshindia (www.maheshindia.com)

This is the web portal of Mahesh India, the leading import and export house of India. They import a vast range of products to the international market. Check-out their wide array of products that are imported to the foreign countries. Take a look at the company’s profile. If you want to contact Mahesh India you will find the contact details of the administrative as well as the city office of Mahesh India on this portal.

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