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Information Technology
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The Information Technology or IT industry in India is a booming sector garnering over 100 million USD for the year of 2011-12. It is estimated to grow at a rate of 11 to 14 percent for the year 2013-14, as projected by Nasscom, the non-profit organization that studies and analyses the IT and ITes industry in India. What is the one thing that can be blindly tagged with the rising face of India? No points for guessing, it is information technology. Indian IT has been crowned with glory, unimaginable fame and choicest superlatives. Even an average Indian has started to think, talk and dream about information technology. The curiosity, the desire to know and get a good idea about the IT prospects and India's bed of IT is mercurial. The streamlines the whole skeleton of information technology and has collected 10 unique sites for you to visit. Visit these popular websites to open the doors and windows of your mind.

Ciol (

Ciol is one of the best websites for information technology in India. It specializes in business technology news catering to IT decision makers, and professionals in the field. It has analysis and comprehensive information about best practices, emerging technologies and innovations in the field of information technology.

Information Week (

Information Week is one of the most trusted websites for information technology. It deals with the business of the IT sector and has news stories, articles giving expert opinion, webcasts, press releases etc. It covers areas including IT security, software, storage, hardware, mobile, internet, data center, cloud computing, unified communications, open source technologies and green IT.


If you are looking for information and daily happenings of companies in the IT industry, CRN is one of the top websites for information technology. In this site, you can search for news stories according to a company like Dell or IBM or category like Networking, Cloud, Data Center, Hardware and Software. It also has interviews and features of IT corporate honchos, expert opinions in Blogs, calendar of events, and details about IT products and their reviews.

VAR India (

This is one of the most popular websites for information technology. The site has news stories in the IT areas of peripherals, data center, power, storage and e-governance. Its Tech Trend section has editorials, guest articles, companies in the IT manufacturing industry, and covers information and news about small and medium IT businesses, IT retail sector.

The Times of India (

The Indian news website has one of the best coverage of news related to information technology. Its Tech section has news articles, opinions and columns regarding IT sector in India, software & services, hardware, telecommunications, outsourcing, and social media.

Silicon India (

Silicon India has made a name for itself among the IT professionals and entrepreneurs for its in depth news coverage and analysis of the information technology industry in India. The site has news stories in the fields of Technology, Gadgets and the IT Business; articles, columns and forum regarding mobiles, cloud computing, Java and Web development.

Fundoodata (

Fundoodata has one of the largest directories of companies in the IT sector. In this website for information technology, each company is detailed in a separate page with their overview, addresses and phone numbers, information about their products & services, sub-industry, company type, number of employees, sector they belong to, number of years in the business and total turnover.

All India Information Technology Association - AIITA (

AIITA, recently recognized by the Indian Government; brings together IT organization, education institutions, students, IT professionals and entrepreneurs in the field to enable advanced research and development (R&D). Its website is one of the best in the information technology arena and  facilitates through dedicated sections on latest news, various IT related courses, photo gallery, and awards, which it has constituted for honouring noteworthy achievements in the IT field.

Manufacturer's Association for Information Technology- MAIT (

This website represents the information technology (IT) hardware industry in India. It acts as a meeting place for the IT hardware, training and IT-R&D related organizations of India. The section named Forum has latest news mainly related to the IT hardware industry. The site also contains section such as Members and MAIT staff which lists names of significant affiliates and MAIT personnel.

Computerworld( )

One of the most resourceful information technology websites - ComputerWorld has IT related blogs, informative articles and opinions, besides in-depth analysis of IT related happenings and reviews of latest products and services, as well as IT jobs. It is also a useful repository of IT CEO's interviews and articles written by IT business honchos, along with interesting slideshows and videos.

Some Other Sites for Information Technology

This is the official website of Satyam Computers. A well known name in the Information Technology companies, Satyam has come a long way with its products and services. The site will give you the products and policies of the company which will only help you understand it better. That it has emerged as an industry and made its place among the fore runners has been proudly conveyed through their website. For a more extensive tour of the company you have got to visit their site.

A well known name for being the one stop shop for products and infrastructure solutions in Information Technology, HCL has emerged as a pioneer. Find all the features of this organization. Take a look at their massive contribution to Information Technology with their varied hardware products. Also find out how you can become a part of the HCL family and have your career boom there.

Non-ITans are all the more willing these days to cram themselves up with knowledge. Any competitive exams, school certificate exams, interviews or while crossing the threshold of important arenas of life, information technology tops the topic list of tests. Now brace yourself up for any such exams by knowing all about IT, its future prospects in India, how IT has influenced Indian economy and social infrastructure and more from this scholarly article. It is an eye-opener in ways more than one.

Eyeing for an exclusive IT council to become its member? “Making IT happen” is the hymn sings. It is the manufacturer's association for Information technology. All the hardware professionals can book their name in the membership forum. Become a registered member and get updated on the IT policy framework of the central and state governments, business promotion happening nationally and internationally, interfaces like users and associate studies and business excellence. Avail info services like newsletters, tender bulletins, circulars and websites, performance tracking services like industry services, syndicated studies and export awards.

This is a hot spot of business technology and knowledge management. It is a premier resource pool where you can literally excavate services like knowledge portals, knowledge map and network, book of knowledge, the news and shop tech products from Added on to that, you can scour up business channels dealing with general business, e-business, knowledge management and technologies that provide business solutions. The most adventurous corners are the forums and networks where you can join for free.

What's next after Indian schooling? What are the dynamic career prospects for college pass outs? What is going on in Indian information technology sector? Get all your burning queries answered here. Be guided on software project management, software selection, software requirements management, project management and software tools, PHP and ASP tutorials and a gamut of other vital topics. IT will be on your palmtop with

Finacle is renowned banking software capable of all the core banking activities. It has been manufactured by the Indian Information Technology giant,” Infosys Technologies”. It has proved its worth in retail as well as in corporate marketing. It ha transformed the core banking activities. With the help of this all the core banking activities have been less complicated than ever before. The main banking solutions which are provided by this software include core banking activities, e banking, CRM, treasury related affairs, web based cash management, mobile solutions, alerts and many more. (

If you are looking for comprehensive computer hardware training then you can rely on this Information Technology pro. They teach you the latest and the best of technical repairs and make you perfect in the same. Their computer hardware training courses are completely job oriented. There are courses for beginners and certificate courses too. Take a look at their Information Technology course structure and enroll for the one you think best suits you. Hurry now, for a bright career in future.

Scientific and research institutions will find their solution for educational software here. They carry the widest range of scientific, mathematics, engineering, programming and technical software, all at affordable prices. Their contribution to the Information Technology industry is through their range of products. Visit their site to view their product line card. Learn about their payment terms and get your educational software from this site. will entertain you more with a roller-coaster ride through other topics.

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