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Aeronautical Engineering Institutes

Aeronautical Engineering or Aerospace Engineering refers to an applied discipline of Engineering dealing with the design, manufacture, functioning and maintenance of airborne vehicles like aircrafts, spacecrafts, helicopters and missiles.
Aeronautical Engineering belongs to the category of high-tech engineering and involves the study of physical science and mathematics to perform research, development, testing, launching and the manufacture of various air vehicles. The core areas of specialization for a team of aeronautical engineers include aerodynamics, thermodynamics, celestial mechanics, control systems, propulsion and electronics. These different fields of study is put together to form the basis of Aeronautical Engineering. Each member in a team of Aeronautical Engineers specializes in his/her own branch of science and thus contributes individually to the development and manufacturing of an airborne vehicle. The study of Aeronautical Engineering in India has evolved a great deal with a number of institutes offering diploma and degree courses in Aeronautical Engineering. If you are looking for the Top 30 institutes of Aerospace Engineering, make your tool for mugging up relevant information about the same.

List of Top Aeronautical Engineering Institutes in India

IIT, Chennai (

The Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai offers various graduate and undergraduate courses including B.Tech, M.Tech, Master of Science and PhD in the field of aerospace engineering. The courses offered by the institute are of international standard and considered as the best courses in the country. Visit the official website of the institute to know in detail about the structure, duration and fee of these courses.

IIT, Mumbai (

The Department of Aerospace Engineering of IIT Mumbai is one of the best in the country in terms of research and lab facilities. With a total of 22 faculty members, the department offers both graduate and undergradute programs in Aerospace engineering. It offers specialization in five areas - Aerodynamics, Control and Guidance, Propulsion, Structures, and Systems Engineering. The department has more than 170 students enrolled in undergradute programs and about 80 students enrolled in its graduate programs.

Institute of Aeronautical Engineering,Hyderabad (

The institute started in the year of 2000 and was the only institute that provided quality education in the field of Aeronautical Engineering. The college offers other courses like B.Tech,MCA,MBA,M.Tech.

manipal (

The institute offers Aeronautical Engineering along with other courses like Biotechnology,Electronics Engineering,Electrical Engineering and many more

IIT, Kanpur (

Visit the web portal of the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur to check out the courses in Aeronautical Engineering conducted by this esteemed academic body. Click on the related links to obtain detailed information about the course structure, fees, duration, etc.

IIT, Kharagpur (

If you are residing in the eastern part of the country and are willing to pursue your career in Aeronautical Engineering, the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur might give you the lead you are looking for. The department of Aerospace Engineering is featured with integrated labs for the study of aerodynamics, structures and propulsion. Also see the chief areas of focus including Aerospace Control Systems, Aerothermo Mechanics, Industrial Aerodynamics and a number of other related disciplines.

Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh (

Punjab Engineering College conducts an undergraduate degree program in Aeronautical Engineering for the degree of Bachelor in Engineering. Check out the number of seats allocated for the program.

Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai (

Madras Institute of Technology offers a B. Tech. program in Aeronautics for the B. Sc. pass outs with Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Applied sciences as majors. Browse through the course details from the site.

Academy of Aerospace & Aviation, Indore (

The distinctive features available at the Academy of Aerospace & Aviation incorporate of maximum flying exposure to the students, a broad spectrum of Aviation-oriented courses, conduction of technical workshops at regular intervals and many other. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program is coupled with in-flight experience for the deserving students. Check out the link given above to know about the details of eligibility criteria, admission procedure, etc.

Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun (

In the Indian Institute of Aeronautical Engineering, Dehradun, age is no bar for pursuing your dream career in Aeronautical Engineering. Find all the relevant information regarding the UG diploma given by the Aeronautical Society of India, which is equivalent to a B. E. Also find from the site hostel facilities and contact details of the institute.

Hindustan College Of Engineering, Tamil Nadu (

Hindustan College Of Engineering, Tamil Nadu conducts a B. E. degree program in the discipline of Aeronautical Engineering. The 4-year long course is designed to help the students acquire comprehensive knowledge of the subject. To find detailed information about the semesters and break-up of course contents, you need to check out the link provided above.

Bangalore Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology

The UG course in Aeronautical Engineering comprises of basic disciplines of natural science and mathematics in the Bangalore Institute of Aeronautical Engineering and Information Technology. Accumulate the necessary information about the course structure, fees, eligibility criteria, etc. by clicking on the link given above.

Hindustan Electronics Academy, Bangalore (

Give wings to your passion for flying high! The Hindustan Electronics Academy offers to extensive academic programs in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Degree in Aeronautical Engineering for the aspiring candidates. The courses are offered by the Hindustan Aviation Academy, a sister concern of the Hindustan Electronics Academy.

Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Science, Tamil Nadu (

Nehru College of Aeronautics & Applied Science offers a host of academic programs including Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, B. Tech in Aeronautical Engineering and B. Sc. in Aeronautical Sciences. Browse through this web portal to cram in-depth knowledge of the programs including prior academic qualification, duration of the courses, reservation news and details of course contents. Visit the website if you need further information.

Park College of Engineering and Technology, Tamil Nadu (

Nestled in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, the Park College of Engineering and Technology has a BE degree program in Aeronautical Engineering in the offing for interested students. By offering the most cutting-edge technologies in aviation and space science, this institute has carved a niche for itself in the domain of Indian Aviation. The salient attributes of the academic programs include Aircraft Structures Lab, Aircraft Systems Lab, Aero-Engine Repair and Maintenance Practices Lab and a distinguished panel of faculties deployed for branch-specific teaching. Visit the site to acquire exhaustive information.

School of Aviation Science and Technology, New Delhi (

Aeronautical Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering License Training Program are the two primary courses conducted by the School of Aviation Science and Technology, New Delhi. Learn about the eligibility criteria, course duration, selection and admission methods, age limit and other crucial information regarding the course.

Last Updated On : 03/Jan/2013

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