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Internet Ethics

Everyone and everything has its limitations. After a certain point, one really cannot stretch things further. You will have to stop and draw a margin. One has to take care not to break rules. Similarly, there are limitations on the internet too. There are certain ethics one needs to follow. A few sites have been elaborated for you to know what your limitations are when you use your computer. So learn better with www.bestindiansites.com

itoutsourcingindia.com:(itoutsourcingindia.com/resources/software_ethics.asp )

Purchasing software and installing it to your computer is not enough. Software also has certain ethics which needs to be followed. Visiting this site will inform you what they are and what you need to do about them. There are ethics for commercial software, shareware software, freeware and also the public domain. You only need to go through this site and find out about them. So be better informed.

articles.sakshay.in:(articles.sakshay.in/Article/15289.html )

This will give you an overview of what an intentional breach in computer security is. Moving further, you will also get to know what are the dos and don'ts of using a computer. It speaks of the various aspects of unethical activities like hacking and cyber terrorism. Next, it will also tell you how to protect your computer. Now you have a site that not only teaches you what to do and what not to do, but also teaches you how to protect your computer. This is really interesting and calls for a visit. Go click that mouse right into this site and explore.

legalserviceindia.com: (www.legalserviceindia.com/cyber/cyber.htm )

From video game censorship, nature and functions of IP laws, right to information on the net, spam, defamation in cyberspace, cyber hacking to copyright laws, they have everything covered. Visit this site and you will get a whole lot of information on cyber laws. You will get to know how to protect your computer and what not to do online. In addition to this they also have a legal adviser to advise you on various things on the net. There is also a cyber laws forum that will make for interesting visit.

nag.co.in: ( http://www.nag.co.in/home.htm)

Computer security is needed to save your machine from hacking and virus attacks. Join the national group of anti hacking to help against cyber extremism. Go through this site and become a member of this non profitable organization to learn network security and ethical hacking. Know all about this organization and their works from this site.

icmr.nic.in: (www.icmr.nic.in/bioethics/cc_biothics/presentations/sym_che/Ethical%20Issues%20in%20Internet%20Use.pdf)

Want to have detailed knowledge of the ethical issues in internet use? Then you are in the right site. Provided here is the step by step instruction and information on the ethics of internet. Have your knowledge enhanced and updated with help of this site. Know all you want about ethics from this site by just a click.


Internet surfing has become the most sought after entertainment device among the youths of the age. As everything follows some set of rules and ethics, internet surfing too follows some user guidelines and netiquettes. Know about the rules and guides lines of net surfing in details from this site. Log in and have a look.


Cyber crime is not a typical conventional crime but it has increased drastically in the present age of technology. From this site, get full information on the short history of the evolution of computer ethics. Go through this site to have a clear idea of cyber ethics and crimes. Log in and add to your inputs on computer ethics.

sunsite.serc.iisc.ernet.in: (sunsite.serc.iisc.ernet.in/collection/rfc/rfc1135.html)

Internet is nowadays more of a necessity rather than entertainment device. Know about internet, its guidelines, ethics and the common hacking cyber crimes one should be aware of as an user. Read through this article to have handy guide lines on the Helminthiasis of internet.

The visitors who are not able to find enough information on this page but have their own sources of information on this particular topic may kindly write to: karan@infobase.in.

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