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Intranet is a network based on TCP/IP protocols belonging to an organization, usually a corporation, accessible only by the members, employees and other authorized persons of a particular organization. Intranet is used to share information and sometimes there are various types of activities in which you may participate.
It aims at conveying information and also aims at rating the organisation with high merits among the users of the intranet. Following is a list of sites picked up by www.bestindiansites.com for its viewers. Have fun browsing through.

ciol.com : (www.ciol.com/content/news/trends/101062201.asp )

When you want to centralize information, streamline processes and reduce cost, you must visit this site for the whole lot of information they provide on the intranet. This site also tells you on what an intranet should ideally have. There are reasons why users want to revisit some sites. These reasons have been developed for the users. Once you visit this site, you will know why it is important to allow co-ownership to the users, why it is important to maintain a synergy with other corporate communications and how the idea holds the key.

intranet.bsnl.co.in : (www.intranet.bsnl.co.in/ )

This is the intranet portal of BSNL. They aim this to be a step to knowledge management. Here you can get information on BSNL personnel, check your e-mails and even change passwords. You can also get the telephone directory of the BSNL officers, the latest announcements by BSNL, read various articles or technical papers and even participate in an online opinion poll. You can also initiate as well as participate in an online discussion etc. There are a whole lot of activities you will find here. You will just have to be a member and log in every time you want to avail the facilities of this intranet site.

edcindia.com : (www.edcindia.com/Intranets.aspx?cspk=Intranets&cspk1=14 )

They give importance to internal communications. They know how important internal communications is. Thus, they also aim to provide solutions to probable problems on the intranet. They build intranet software solutions programmes for organizations. They have a site map where you can get a bird's eye view of their work and if you want you may even post your feedback on their feedback page. Have a look at their privacy policy and terms of use and get in touch with them if you need their services.

e-pagemaker.com : (www.epagemaker.com/knowledge/Intranets.asp)

Challenging all myths about intranet that are prevalent today, this site has offered a scientific and business oriented explanation for each one of them. Many think that the intranet is for big companies only. But this myth has also been dismissed by PageMaker. You may have a few questions in your mind about the intranet. Visit this site to see if they can answer your questions.

makeyoursoftware.com :(www.makeyoursoftware.com/cnsintranet.htm )

They will provide you with flexible intranet application to improve upon various organization functions. They have given you the benefits of having an operative intranet and the different features it has. You may ask for their quotation through this site besides getting to know the services that they provide.


Zee Interactive Learning Systems Ltd. is an organization that uses intranet facility to check the entry of only authorized users. You need to enter your id and password to avail entrance to the site. In the site you will be provided detailed information of the company, its services and contact details. Take a look.


NISC intranet is an organization that aims at becoming a world class organization nurturing growths of small enterprises. This organization wishes to enhance the small enterprises with proper blend of promotional and commercial activities. To know more about this establishment, you have to log into this site through the intranet system. Only authorized users will be allowed to be briefed on the details about this organization.


Want to know about the intranet software in elaborate pattern? Check out this site as here you will get answers to all your queries. Go for the online demo and 30 days trial software available through this site to check out its effectiveness. Also know about the features and pricing of intranet software before hand for a clear insight.

som.iitb.ac.in: (www.som.iitb.ac.in/cgi-bin/static/intranetlogin.cgi )

Here's the site of IIT, Bombay that will provide you elaborate and adequate information and data on this institute. This site uses the intranet system if you wish to become an authorized user of this institute's website. Know about IIT Bombay by becoming a member of this site by a click on this site. Check it out.


Wish to know about intranet? To get a free quote on intranet, visit this site is must. Know why intranet is important, its features and how it improves the internal effectiveness by logging in this site. So, you won’t be a layman while using the intranet, if you have all the basics right. Have a look.

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