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Who does not invest? Everyone wishes to invest something or the other and when the investment is done monetarily, primary aim behind such investing is to ensure a secured future. Bestindiansites.com enlists top five Indian websites which discuss about investments and investing options in India.So if you are in a dilemma where to invest your hard earned income, it would be advisable for you to go through this page before investing.

Iciciprulife.com: (www.iciciprulife.com/public/default.htm )

If you want to invest in life insurance or in any unit linked policy, then this page is a must visit one for you. ICICI Prudential, a premier life insurance company of India has several policies with their respective benefits which might help you to secure a better tomorrow. It offers a wide range of options for you to invest in like life insurance, pension plans, health insurance, ULIP etc. Even if you are busy in work and cannot meet a consultant, it enables you to buy a policy online in just 10 minutes.

Bajajallianz.com: (www.bajajallianz.com)

/BagicCorp/index.jspIf you want to invest in a flexible financial policy, then Bajaj Allianz is always there to assist you. A joint venture company between Bajaj auto and Allianz world's largest general insurance company, It provides a wide range of financial products for investing like motor insurance, home insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, individual insurance, corporate insurance and much more. Even it has investment plans like ULIP where you will get a fixed return on your investment plus an added return on your premiums.

Utisel.com: (www.utisel.com/ )

Want to avail an insurance plan and a demat account with the same company? If your answer is on the positive side then UTI securities might just be the place for you to invest. It is a key player in the investment market offering financial products in trading, mutual funds, IPO and also life insurance. In equity based schemes, it offers delivery based trading, intra day trading, ANST. In mutual fund it offers more than 1000 schemes to choose from and its IPO's are renowned for paying higher returns on investments. Al this and much more from one and only UTI Securities, your one stop financial assistance provider.

Indiabulls.com: (www.indiabulls.com/ )

India Bulls is a leading financial service provider and real estate company of India. It offers financial assistance in commodity market, derivatives, IPO and trading facilities. From India bulls you can also buy online IPO's. So if you are in the process of investing in share trading, have a look at this company. Its biggest offering is a software by the name of Power India Bulls by the help of which you can get the live quotes as well as trade in the stock market.

Reliancemutual.com: (www.reliancemutual.com/ )

If you in the process of investing in mutual funds, then you need to have a look at the offerings of this company. Reliance mutual fund is a part of Reliance group of industries. It has a wide variety of flexible investing schemes like equity growth schemes, debt income schemes, sector specific schemes, Tax saver fund, growth fund and many more. Even its 24 hour customer helpline is always there to assist you in choosing the best financial product. Unlike other companies, in some of its schemes it invests only in those companies & sectors which are mentioned in the offer document. In such an investment however, the return will be dependent upon the performance of that particular sector.

Financialexpress.com: (www.financialexpress.com/fe_full_story.php?content_id=165356)

If you are planning to invest in Mid Cap funds, then you should consider some of the factors involved in them. Are you thinking why you should invest in Mid Cap companies? Let the site help you with this. Visit the site and find your answer. Take a look at the site for your money is precious and only you understand how hard earned it is. Take a look.

Hdfc.com: (www.hdfc.com/23032005.htm)

Real estate is really booming in the present investing scenario. So if you are considering investing in real estate then you should visit this site of HDFC. They have launched Real Estate Fund in association with State Bank of India. Domestic investors can rely upon them for their investing needs. Read on to find out what offer HDFC has made for its investors. Take a look.

Finanz4u: (www.finanz4u.com/)

Let this investment planner take care of your investment needs. Whether it is real estate or insurance you can rely on them to guide you with a proper plan. Take a look at their investment planner where you can plan a simple investment or multiple investments or even a retirement investment. Register with them and make investing more interesting and beneficial.

Moneycontrol.com: (www.moneycontrol.com/mc_new/nri/invest_estate.php)

How to invest in real estate projects in India? If you are residing outside India and this the question in your mind, then let money control help you. View what NRIs look for in terms of projects and what kind of projects in terms of real estate they can look forward to. Take tips on investing from the site. Read on. For more visit the site.

Tatamutualfund.com: (www.tatamutualfund.com/ )

When you choose to invest with Tata Mutual Fund, you get the benefits of financial planning. Aim at overall excellence with them. They constantly benchmark their efforts against all the tenets of performance they have set for themselves. Go through their investing products and also view the distributorsí corner for more information. Find out more from the site.

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