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Jewellery Designing

Designing jewellery is a unique art and is different than other art related field. At present jewellery designing shows a promising career prospect in India.
People who are fond of jewellery ,Jewellery Designs or have knowledge about various jewelleries and in addition to that have a creative mind can explore the career prospects in jewellery designing. Imaginative people with a penchant towards jewellery and designing may find this career fulfilling and satisfying. If you want to be well informed about the world of jewellery, specially in India, then browse through following sites.

catalogs.indiamart.com : (catalogs.indiamart.com/services/jewellery-craft-designers.html)

Jewellery designing is an art and appropriate training is required to master this skill. From the directory of this website you can send online inquiry to different organization involved in jewellery designing. Here, you find services for jewellery designing, customized jewellery designing. You can also know about Bollywood jewellery designers, fashion costume jewellery designing etc. You can view all the companies in jewellery designing in India.

creationsindia.net : (www.creationsindia.net/C_Jwelary.htm#JD)

If the idea of jewellery designing fascinates you or you want to make a career in the field of jewellery designing then you will be benefited by visiting this site. You will be able to form a generalized idea about the field of jewellery designing and will also know about personal qualities required in this field, and career opportunities after the completion of a course in jewellery designing. You will know all the jewellery designing courses that are offered here along with its duration. There are other sections in the site on diamond grading, gemology, jewellery CAD/CAM which are also important in the field of jewellery designing.

webindia.com (www.webindia.com/compufield/jewellery_designing_samples2.html)

Welcome to the world of jewellery designing. If you have a creative bent of mind, patient in nature and extremely fond of jewellery, then you can carve a career in jewellery designing. This veteran Computer Institute has been designing the future of many students since 1985 and offers courses in jewellery designing. Get all the course related info from the site. In addition to that it presents an extensive gallery of jewellery designed by the students of this institute. View the gallery and read the course info from this site.

educationinfoindia.com (www.educationinfoindia.com/Rajasthan/CareerGuidance/gemology.htm)

Jewellery designing is an intriguing art as well as a rewarding career. If you want to do something different where you can utilize your creativity and at the same time have a good career prospect, then jewellery designing is a perfect career option for you. Gemology is another stream of jewellery designing. Without a good understanding in gemology, it will be difficult to become a good jewellery designer. Get an introduction in gemology, the nature of work involved here, physical and psychological training required and institutions where gemology is offered as a course.

rheastudio.com (rheastudio.com/profile.htm)

Mushki's is an organization that is working as an export division and also explores the scope of designing and manufacturing of fashion costume jewellery, semiprecious stone, beads and handmade novelties. The team at Mushki's work to design and produce the Indian hand made costume jewellery in the rural areas of the country. Jewellery design enthusiasts are requested to visit this site to find all the know how about Mushki's.

trade.indiamart.com (trade.indiamart.com/details.mp?offer=665619&group=56&cat=357&disp=A)

Get various trade offers in jewellery designing. This site imparts facts and resources related to jewellery designing, for example, fashion jewellery designers of India, Jewellery designing services, Indian jewellery design, CAD jewellery design services etc. know about renowned fashion jewellery designers of India who are engaged in designing adorable and stunning tiaras, kalira, and other handcrafted costume jewellery and fashion jewellery for Bollywood and Hollywood stars.

bindhu.org (www.bindhu.org/)

If you feel enthusiastic about jewellery designing, then come to this site and learn various aspects of jewellery designing. Bindhu is one unique place where handmade spiritual jewellery is made to heal the body and soul. It is involved in the designing and making of jewellery for the last ten years. If you feel interested, then learn about gemology, precious stones and metals which are used for jewellery designing and also know about how you should choose stones for jewellery designing.

aonlinetraining.com (www.aonlinetraining.com/online_training_jewellery_designing.html)

Good news for the people interested in jewellery designing. Now jewellery courses are offered online. Find out how you can avail a diploma in 2D and 3D jewellery designing from this site. An extensive gallery is presented where jewellery design projects by the students are shown. If you want to do an online course in jewellery designing, then this is the site for you.


Jewellery designing has emerged as a good career option in the past few years. If you are looking for a career in the field of jewellery designing but don't know where to go to pursue a course, then your search ends here. This site offers an online diploma in jewellery designing and all types of relevant details you should know about the course. In addition to that you will be able to know about the job opportunities in this field from this site.

rheastudio.com (rheastudio.com/profile.htm)

In the ever growing jewellery designing industry, if you have the talent, then sky is the limit. Here, this site provides an educational program in jewellery designing. The aim of the work shop is to create more innovative designs and fabricating them at this in-house manufacturing unit.

The above list of sites gives you an insight in the world of jewellery designing and places where jewellery designing courses are offered.

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Last Updated On : 03/Jan/2013

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