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Jewellery forms an important style statement from ancient age. History shows that not only women but also men used to be fascinated by the artistry of good jewellery. India has a direct connection with ornaments. So, gold jewellery forms the basic of most of their occasions and festivals. Though other materials were also used previously, gold used to be and is still the most costly and demanding metal. Nowadays, new materials are also gaining importance in jewellery designing such as platinum, stones etc. Jewellery store is a common sight in India. Every state of India boasts of some very reputed shops that are famous for their vast eye catching collection. If you are searching for some good jewellery stores, bestindiansites.com is here to help you with these websites on the related topic.

indiaplaza.in: (www.indiaplaza.in/stores/Jewellery/JStoreTemplate.asp?catalogId=Jewellery+Store&HTMLFile=jbghall.htm&PageHeader=Hallmarking)

This is the best online jewellery store you can get. Explore this site and update your knowledge thoroughly. Not only you get to choose a wide range of product from a variety of renowned brands, you can also avail the guide and information given on hallmark and authenticity of jewellery. This site has wide variety of jewellery in gold, silver, platinum and diamond. Choose your item according to the price range that suits you and place orders online. This site offers the benefit of 30 day money back guarantee. You can avail their monthly newsletter by subscribing as a member.

stores.ebay.in : (stores.ebay.in/sjewels-India_Bridal-Jew_Bridal-Sets_W0QQcolZ2QQdirZQ2d1QQfsubZ2723139QQftidZ2QQtZkm)

A one stop site catering to all your needs regarding jewellery. Whatever be your taste, you are sure to find your choice from the wide collection of jewellery displayed here. Jewelleries such as bangles, necklaces, earrings, rings etc. are categorized under subtitles to make your search easy and comfortable. Apart from all these, this site provides benefit of searching jewellery according to your budget with the help of “sort” facility. An online store you must visit to gather jewellery types of various price ranges.

in.dir.yahoo.com: (in.dir.yahoo.com/Business_and_Economy/Shopping_and_Services/Jewellery/Directories/)

Catering you with a list of jewellery stores to help you choose better, this site is handy and informative. Go through all the stores of jewellery given in this site and enhance your knowledge. Each store you get in this directory specializes in jewellery of varied types and of different materials. Log in and find your choice from this wide range.

tata.com: (www.tata.com/0_products_services%5Chomes_individuals%5Cjewellery.htm)

A brand name of Tata Products, Tanishq, is the largest jewellery brand in India that provides the best in all types of jewellery. Be it traditional to contemporary designer jewellery, Tanishq is always the hall marked leader with reputed customer services throughout India. Know about this brand from this site in details to buy jewellery from this company. Get thorough information from this site on their products and services, their boutiques in India and the designer items you can avail according to your need. Contact details are also availed from this site.

essentialsjewellery.com: (www.essentialsjewellery.com/gemstone-jewellery/silver-jewellery-stores.htm)

Interested in gemstone jewellery? This store specializes in gemstone jewellery in silver and is considered the best in India. Explore this site and view the varieties and diversities available in gemstone jewellery. You can buy silver gemstone jewellery in wholesale here. This company not only caters to the needs of Indian people but also has business branches abroad. Get yourself well acquainted with this company through this site and check out their crafty designs and piquant jewelleries.

emart.manoramaonline.com: (emart.manoramaonline.com/Jewellery/)

Want to buy branded designer jewellery? Log in this site that will offer you with varied options of products and companies. This is a one stop online stopping center for you where you get to experience and explore the elegant collection. See some attractive works of designer jewellery in gold, silver and diamonds on display in this site. The search box facility will help you explore easily and comfortably. Apart from all these, you get full information on online order benefits for your chosen item with special discounts available during various occasions and festivals. Make your choice among some of the biggest brands of jewellery such as Gili, Impero Gems, D'damas, Exxotic India and lots more.

romikajewels.com: (www.romikajewels.com/shop/index.php)

Romika Jewels is one of the finest brand names in silver jewellery. From contemporary light jewelleries to designer jewelleries, they specialize in all. Avail the stunning designer products at a discount by ordering through this site. You can also avail the facility of being the first one to know about the latest new designs in store by becoming a registered member of this site. To top all these, any transaction you do with this company through this site is secure and safe. Moreover, the shipping cost is absolutely free with a 30 days return policy. Visit this site and experience the huge variety of products they offer. So, what are you waiting for? Just click on this site and pamper yourself to an elegant piece of elite jewellery.

szaveri.com: (www.szaveri.com/about-us.php)

A trusted name in Indian jewellery, this site provides information on various types of jewelleries found in this company. Whatever be your taste and choice, you will get a huge range to choose from. This company specializes in designer jewelleries of different price rate according to customer's needs and choices. You can also avail men's designer jewellery with help from this site. Explore the diversities and creativity in jewellery designing. Enhance your idea and knowledge of buying jewellery from this site's special section “Buying guide”.

saravanast-tnm.net :(saravanast-tnm.net/gold.htm)

Saravana store specializes in all sort of jewelleries, be it traditional or contemporary. This site offers some special features or benefits that you can avail by placing an online order. No making charges of jewellery will be exacted from you, but you can revel in the fact that you would be entitled to a discount of Rs. 30 less per every gram. Hurry and grab this offer till it lasts! Apart from gold jewellery, you can also go for diamond, silver platinum and stones. Log in and explore the numerous offers you can avail from this site.

gracefashionaccessories.com: (www.gracefashionaccessories.com/)

For fashion jewellery such as designer jewellery, costume jewellery, beaded jewellery, gold plated jewelleries and more, visit this site. Catering you with good collection of variety in design and budget according to customer's specific needs and choice from the year 1996, this company is a leading name in designer jewelleries. They not only cater to national customers but also exports internationally. Explore the “latest trend” section in this site for an idea of the latest products in demand. Get yourself embellished in the latest trendy designer jewelleries with ideas from this site.

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