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Top Sites for Language
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India is a country that has always been typified by its awe- aspiring diversity in every facet of human existence. One concrete way in which this heterogeneity can be gauged is by the multiplicity of languages and dialects that are spoken throughout the length and breadth of the country. Almost 800 languages (along with their dialects) are practiced in India of which 23 are officially recognized by the Indian Constitution.

English and Foreign Languages University(

The English and Foreign Languages University was known as ‘Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages’ when it was incorporated in 1958. The university main campus is in Hyderabad and the academe also has campuses in Shillong and Lucknow. EFLU extends programs in English, Korean, Japanese, Russian, German, Hindi, French, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Italian and Spanish and many other foreign languages.

The university’s ‘School of Interdisciplinary Studies’ oversees numerous research-centric departments. The academia is only one of its kinds in India that promotes the edification of foreign languages. (

This portal has Hindi written all over it. The portal indeed lives up to its name and expectations as it encourages the learning of the national language of India by connecting visitors with other sites that have content scribed in Hindi. Read blogs on literature, astrology, tourism, society, religion, and many other topics. Link up with sites of mainstream Hindi newspapers and journals to keep yourself updated.

Language Reef(

The site is dedicated to expatriate Indians (NRIs and PIOs) who want their children to learn their mother tongues exactly in the manner they would’ve done in their homeland. The portal extends free podcasts, free illustrated dictionaries, alphabet charts, and freely downloadable spreadsheets in almost every major Indian language. You can register with the site via your Facebook or YouTube account.

Apart from providing comprehensive information about the different departments and activities of the Indian government, the site furnished details about the principal Indian languages. You should connect to the site if you’re willing to keep yourself posted on the current state of affairs of Indian languages.

Acharya Institute(

This is a website that focuses on integrating fonts of all key languages of the country on software applications. If you want to pick up skills on how to develop blogs and articles in your mother tongue, then you should visit this site.

If you singularly keen on acquainting yourself with the etymology and lineage of various Indian languages, then you should be logging onto this site. Academic dissertations on the different lingos and dialects are also listed on the site.

If you want to design a website orientated around an Indian vernacular, then turn to this site. You can also download fonts on major Indian languages like Hindi, Bengali, Gujurati, Tamil, and Malayalam etc via this portal.

This is a site that is owned and operated by the Government of India. The website emphasizes on the pioneering role that languages play in propagating education in the country. The site also catalogues the influential public institutions whose raison d’être is to spearhead the development of Indian languages.

The site pontificates on how the religious, social and cultural diversity of India have stimulated the growth and development of local and provincial languages and dialects.

Central Institute of Indian Languages ( is the authorized portal of CIIL and the site was launched with the overarching objective of co-ordinating and harmonizing the growth of various languages. The site has links on assorted services extended by CIIL and its publications.

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