Best Large Scale Industries of India

Best Large Scale Industries of India
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Large scale industries industries are instrumental in supporting the economic backbone of the country. In India, large scale industries are those that have over Rs. 100 million as fixed asset. Usually industries involved with fertilizers, power, oil and gas, heavy engineering, agricultural products, infrastructure, food processing, banking, information technology, manufacturing, engineering, tourism etc. are segmented as large scale industries.

Large scale industries refers to those industries which require huge infrastructure, man power and a have influx of capital assets. The term ‘large scale industries’ is a generic one including various types of industries in its purview. All the heavy industries of India like the Iron and steel industry, textile industry, automobile manufacturing industry fall under the large scale industrial arena. However in recent years due to the IT boom and the huge amount of revenue generated by it the IT industry can also be included within the jurisdiction of the large scale industrial sector. Last but not the least the telecoms industry also forms and indispensable component of the large scale industrial sector of India. Indian economy is heavily dependent on these large industries for its economic growth, generation of foreign currency and for providing job opportunities to millions of Indians.

Industry Focus (

This is one of the best websites for large scale industries in India. It has news, analysis and research reports on various large scale industries in the power, infrastructure, service and manufacturing sectors. The site covers their policies, industry events, trends and opportunities in detail.

India Brand Equity Foundation (

IBEF is among the top websites for large scale industries in India. It covers a variety of sectors including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, real estate, engineering and financial services. You can find here news updates in different sectors, along with an overview of the large scale industry in India, with their market trends, developments etc.

India in Business

This is one of the top websites for large scale industries in India. It has information about different large scale industries in India, categorized into industrial, infrastructure and service sectors. The site also has a section giving state-wise information about investment opportunities, infrastructure and policy frameworks for setting up large scale and small scale industries.

National Portal of India (

This is a prominent website for information on the different industries in India. It has information about large scale industries like chemicals & petrochemicals, tourism, manufacturing, mining, heavy industries, oil and natural gas, and textiles. Each sector has a page giving an overview of all the related government departments and companies.

Department of Heavy Industries (

This is the official government website for the Department of Heavy Industries. The department deals in supporting the heavy engineering, electricals, capital goods and automotive sector.  The site provides information about the department that includes the organization structure and its functions. It also provides a holistic view of the large scale heavy industries in India, and includes a list of names and websites of public sector enterprises.

Business Knowledge Resource Online

  This website provides an informed account on large scale industries in India in sectors like automobiles, pharmaceuticals, heavy industries, cement, biotechnology, telecommunications and mines. The site also has a section on service sectors where you can find details about tourism, real estate, education, retail, IT, media and health industries.

India Net Zone (

This website has information on large scale industries in India, like the cement, automobile, engineering, petrochemicals, iron & steel, leather, and fertilizer industries. In addition, the site gives users an insight to the history of Indian industries and their different types like large scale and small scale.

Indian Mirror (

If you are looking for an overview of the large scale industries in India, this is one of the best sites online. The industries are categorized according to sectors like financial & banking, FMCG, metal & mining and health care. Each of the industries listed here has a separate page giving an account of their size, history, market capitalization, recent developments etc.


Information Technology is one of the biggest large scale service industries in India today. This is the official website for the National Association of Software and Service Companies that is an organization for IT and IT related companies in the country. It follows the IT-BPO industry in India closely, provides reports in their studies, and has information about the companies.

Articles for Business World (

This website has numerous articles about various industries in India including the small scale, medium scale and the large scale industries. The large scale industries covered here include mineral-metals, agriculture, automobile, construction-real estate, telecommunications, and machinery. The articles discuss the latest happenings in the industries and analyze their importance & future trends.

Some Other Sites for Last Scale Industries

This site gives you an erudite discourse on the growth and evolution of the large scale and medium scale industries in the post independence period. If you are interested in the industrial progress made by India in these fifty years its mandatory for you to take heed of the progress made by the country in the large scale industrial sector and this site bring just those details for you and explains them in clear and lucid language.

This site gives you an overall picture of the progress made by the state of Punjab in the large scale industrial sector. Detailed information about the various kinds of large scale industries that has developed in Punjab are provided here. The major industrial houses in Punjab and the MNCs which have developed their set up in Punjab are also painstakingly enunciated in this site. So if you want to know about the prospects of the large scale industries in Punjab which is one of the most industrially advanced states of India this could be the ideal site for you.

Glance into the large scale industrial scenario of the southern part of India. Kozhimode district represents the most industrially advanced district of Tamil Nadu and this site elaborates on the several medium and large scale industries in that district. So if you are a wannabe entrepreneur who wants to gauge the prospects of large and medium scale industries in that part of India this site would prove to be a gem of a site for you. All you have to do is to log into this site to be bombarded with details about the large scale industries of that area.

From the southern part of India, it is time now to glance at the large scale industries in the western part of India. This newspaper article delineates information about the large scale industrial scene in Goa. All these information about the large scale industries of Goa are validated with authentic statistics which also will help you to form a generic idea about the kind of progress the state is making in the large scale industrial sector.

Iron and steel industry forms the indispensable part of the large scale industrial sector of India and this site will help you to form a clear idea about this industry. The iron and steel industry had played a key role in the industrial development of India from the pre -independence period. It also informs us that India has seven large integrated iron and steel plants, of which six are owned by the public sector Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) and one by the private sector, Tata Iron and Steel Company Limited (more popularly known as Tata Steel or TISCO). It tries to trace the myriad so factors which augmented the growth of iron and steel industry in India.

Telecom industry is another key player in the large scale industrial sector of India. This Telecom industry has underwent stupendous growth in the recent few years and is now poised to be a stalwart of the Indian industrial arena. A major contributor towards the growth of the Telecom industry in India is the Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India (AUSPI). By the help of their performance in India, the AUSPI members are also helping to shape the future of CDMA technology evolution. They advocate that India can and ought to take a leadership role in defining the future evolution of CDMA

Looking for some authentic information on the automobile manufacturing industry of India? Then hunt no more, for this is the perfect site which will divulge authentic details about the automobile industry of India which hold a special position in the large scale industrial sector of India. The automobile industry is poised for a huge growth in the next few years and has already shown an impressive 16.82 % growth last year. Get hold of much more details on the Indian automobile industry by logging into this site.

This site bring to you a learned article on the future of IT industry in India. IT industry has recently made India proud with its tremendous growth and international standards. Millions of jobs are being generated because of this industry which though a new entrant is a major member of the large scale industrial arena of India. In this site you will find all the requisite answers about the nature and state of the IT industry of India and there is also a insightful speculation on the immense growth potential of this industry.

This site throws the spot light on another big league player of the large scale industrial sector of India - the Bio-It or the pharmaceutical industry of India. Scientific advancement in discovery of drugs and advanced researches has propelled forward Indian Bio-IT or pharmaceutical industry. Trace the growth of this industry with the help of this site which brings you all the pertinent details on the Bio-IT or pharmaceutical industry of India.

Textile industry is one of the most formidable pillars of the large scale industrial structure of India. Indian textile industry like the iron and steel industry has a huge contribution in the overall economic growth of India. Glean information about the pros and cons of the textile industry of India with the help of this site. This site provides you with a detailed minute on the growth and investment potential of the Textile industry of India.

Delve into the large scale industrial sector of Indian with this web page which provides you with ten sites on the various kinds large scale industries in India and their progress through the years.

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