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Libraries are the repositories of knowledge and are the access points of information. In the libraries people can get unrestricted access to unending knowledge. The libraries play a pivotal role in the dissipation of knowledge and information. They are indeed the nerve-centers of a society. In the cyber age libraries are not just confined within the four walls of a building. The web world has entirely revolutionized the conventional concept of libraries. In the recent times people can get access to the online libraries by a mere click of the mouse. Embark on a virtual tour of the Indian libraries by logging on to the following sites:

alibnet.org: (www.alibnet.org/)

Sponsored by the National Information System for Science and Technology of Government of India, Ahmedabad Library Network is a network of libraries in and around Ahmedabad. Find a huge database of various periodicals, recent publications, catalogue of journals and so on. If you are a student or a library professional, you can benefit from the resources of Ahmedabad Library Network.

delnet.nic.in: (http://www.delnet.nic.in/)

DELNET or the Delhi Library Network is an initiative of the Government of India. Delhi Library Network offers a network that enables libraries to collect and share available resources by providing computerized services to its users. Besides offering a huge database of periodicals, journals, manuscripts and various publications, it also conducts workshops, seminars and orientation programs at different venues across India.

banglargranthagar.nic.in: (banglargranthagar.nic.in/)

Designed and hosted by National Informatics Centre, the site of Directorate of Library Services, West Bengal gives you an overview of the library services and network of libraries across West Bengal. You can search for rare and old books stored in the different libraries. Find the public and aided libraries at a location near you. Also know more about the century old libraries in the state.

connemarapubliclibrarychennai.com: (www.connemarapubliclibrarychennai.com/)

The century old Connemara Public Library of Chennai is a huge resource centre. Take a look at the collection of rare books and publications offered by the library. Get to know the rules and regulations of the Connemara Public Library, its timings, services offered and procedure of availing a membership to access the resources. Members have the privilege of renewing their memberships online.

crlindia.gov.in: (www.crlindia.gov.in/)

The Central Reference Library is a derivative of the national Library and is a subordinate office of the Department of Culture of the Government of India. The site covers every aspect of the Central Reference Library. Browse through the sections on language bibliographies, Indian national bibliography and publications, compiled and up for sale. If you wish, you can also visit the Hindi version of the site.

britishcouncil.org.in: (library.britishcouncil.org.in/)

The British Councilís library network of India is the biggest in the world. The British Council has made its presence felt all across India. It has set-up its libraries in 11 cities of India. Take a look at the all India library catalogue of the British Council. Check-out the rare collection of e-books on India. Browse through the navigational links and learn more about their collection and services.

manage.gov.in: (http://www.manage.gov.in/Agrinet/libraries.htm)

Are you a reading buff? Click on this portal and introduce yourself to the libraries of India. This is a one-stop portal where you can get precise and detailed information on all the Indian libraries. Take a look at the different types of libraries in India. Check-out the regional and virtual libraries of India. Learn about the different library networks of India by visiting this site.

nationalarchives.nic.in: (nationalarchives.nic.in/library.html)

Welcome to the portal of the National Archives of India. The National Archives of India houses a library which has a comprehensive collection of books and journals. Take an in-depth look into its stocks and collection. Here you will get precise and detailed information on this famous library. Take a virtual tour of the library by browsing through the navigational links.

webjunction.org: (lists.webjunction.org/libweb/Asia_India.html)

Are you scouting for libraries? Simply click on this portal and expose yourself to the libraries of India. Here you will find a directory of the Indian libraries. Collect precise and detailed information on these libraries. The USP of the portal is its search-box --- look up for any topic you want by availing the search-box.

searchindia.com: (www.searchindia.com/search/Education/Libraries/index.shtml)

Are you an avid lover of books? Well then there is good news for you. This portal offers you a comprehensive list of the libraries of India. Check-out the libraries and collect detailed information on them. Browse through the navigational links on related topics. The portal is enabled with a search box --- so go ahead and narrow your search with the help of this box.

Continue your search with www.bestindiansites.com and get precise and comprehensive information on any topic.

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