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You often flip through magazines whenever you are free. Lifestyle Magazines offer a close look at health, family, socially challenging issues, beauty, fashion, entertainment. Magazines on Lifestyle are very informative and at the same time entertaining. You can make important decisions regarding your choice of life and how you lead it by getting influenced by Lifestyle Magazines. Given below are the sites on Lifestyle Magazines.

Popular Lifestyle Magazines

MensXpert.com (www.MensXpert.com/)

– This magazine site is solely about men and their lifestyles. You will get information about the latest gadgets available in market to the new trendy look sported by by male models. It offers information about travel and tourism, cars and bikes, recipes, movies review, music review etc.

msutras.com (www.msutras.com/)

– This is India's finest lifestyle magazine for men. As a man, you will be updated on the men's issue. Right from fitness to drinks to books to art, you will find everything.

soulcurrymagazine.com (www.soulcurrymagazine.com/)

- A magazine providing information about meditation for modern man, spirituality, relationship and lifestyle. You will have a great time browsing through this magazine.

lifepositive.com (www.lifepositive.com/)

– This site provides authentic information and guidance for holistic living as well as personal and spiritual growth. This magazine will bring positivity in your life.

verveonline.com (www.verveonline.com/)

- This is India’s premier women’s international magazine, reflecting the spirit of today’s woman with sections on life, people, style, spirituality and shopping. This magazine serves as a window for you to escape into a beautiful magical world of fashion and fantasy.

Naaree.com (www.Naaree.com/)

- This online magazine is dedicated to the new, empowered Indian woman providing information about women's potential through self-esteem, dignity, inner beauty, relationships, self improvement, woman interests and woman issues.

womansera.com (www.womansera.com/)

- It is a fashion and lifestyle magazine published in India. This magazine is popular among women. It deals with cookery, fashion, fiction, beauty and many more.

gurlz.net (www.gurlz.net/)

– If you want to know about the latest fashion trends, then Gurlz is perfect for you. It is a woman's magazine that caters to the needs of every modern girl. You will get everything from beauty, travel, diet, household tips to horoscope in this site.

asianamag.com (www.asianamag.com/)

- This magazine brings out the essence and elegance of Indian women. You can subscribe to this magazine to get the latest updates and information about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. It also features Indian and Asian fashion, wedding, clothes and bridal wear.

ellenow.com (www.ellenow.com/)

- Elle India is a Indian magazine covering Women's lifestyle. You will find everything from fashion to designer accessories.

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